Because of Chinas earthquake homeless has 80 thousand people

According to local authorities, in an earthquake of magnitude 4.8 were damaged 678 residential buildings. Homeless were 80.5 thousand. More than 64 thousand have been evacuated from the disaster zone.

Chinese authorities have reported sending the earthquake victims of tents, blankets and clothing, as well as rice. In addition, officials have promised to do everything possible to make the people of Yunnan Province were able to properly meet the Lunar New Year, which this year is celebrated in China on February 3

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China: the failures in the southern provinces in the north of the faults

August 16, 2011. Sinkhole depth of 15 meters was formed in Huangshi — urban district of Hubei Province (photos 1-3),

August 16, 2011. The failure of 7-8 meters in depth Boshan Road, Shanghai (photo 4),

August 12, 2011. Collapse of the embankment width of 20 meters in Xiaolanzhen Zhongshan, Guangdong Province (photo 5),

August 15, 2011. Cracks in the ground reached alarming levels in a village in Shanxi Province in northern China — they even absorb the house. Some families still do

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China: The world factory? / China: Global Factory? watch online

China captured the world market. Now 90% of all production in France and Europe at the cost of less than 20 euros made in China, whereas 30 years ago it was only 2%. Where did this paradox and China turned into a global manufacturer of products?

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China can not be afraid of another 10 years

In China, for the first time officially confirmed the construction of an aircraft carrier. Experts do not rule out that this is not the only aircraft carrier ship under construction in China. On what and how Chinese activity in the naval area may threaten the Russian Federation, in an interview with "Rosbaltu" said military expert, chief editor of the magazine "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko.

— Chief of General Staff of the Chinese Army for the first time officially confirmed that the construction of a Chinese aircraft carrier. Purchased from Ukraine carrying cruiser "Varyag" goes completion and modernization. Against the background

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China lacks the Mi-17

China ordered 55 Russian Mi-171E. This model is capable of carrying up to 37 passengers or four tons of cargo and armed with engines, particularly effective in "hot and high-altitude" criteria. The deal is particularly useful to the Chinese, who need equipment capable of operating in Tibet (where many areas are at an altitude of 4000 meters above sea level). China is very pleased with the Mi-17 and more than an old Mi-8, which takes place from the Mi-17.

In the past year, China has signed an agreement to license creation E-171 on its territory, but as before continuing

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China is not shining world domination

The crisis has reshuffled the political deck of the world, and the impact of the advanced countries, a little shaken. Especially in the economic sphere. Against the backdrop of Europe's debt crisis and domestic problems in the U.S. intrigued eyes of investors are increasingly flock to the East. About how serious these trends and what place in these processes is our homeland, "Utro" of discussion with the Deputy Director of the Institute of USA and Canada Victor Supyanom."Utro": Can we now talk about the fact that the main emphasis of global economic development moved to Asia?

Victor Supyan: The process

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China for the first time managed to land a fighter on an aircraft carrier

China conducted the first successful tests in their own stories aircraft carrier "Liaoning" by putting it on the deck fighter-Bomber Shenyang J-15. It is reported by "Xinhua", citing a source in the naval forces of the country.

Landing fighter was another test for the aircraft carrier, built on the basis of Russian aircraft carrier "Varyag". The ship was bought by China from Ukraine in unfinished form and finalized. September 25 2012 , he entered the system.

Command of the Chinese Navy plans to use the "Liaoning" for training, in parallel working on the creation of its own aircraft carrier.


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Sino-Russian enemy (El Pais, Spain)

There is quite appropriate to make guesses about the future of China and the confrontation of, on the one hand, and the United States, on the other

U.S. no longer need to peel the alarm about the dangers posed by "Al-Qaeda", as in the sight of all the increases far more severe hazard. This — the Sino-Russian or Russian-Chinese alliance that delivers a unified position not only in the United Nations Security Council (namely, the issue of the adoption of more stringent sanctions against the Syrian or Iranian regimes) and in the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO ).

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Chinese hazard does not exist

— How much will it cost meat in 2000?— I think about 50 yuan.(Funny story of the 70-ies of XX century)

I will say at this point is that the perceptible part of my constant readers would annoy deeply. Specifically: Chinese hazard exists. Siberia and China also does not capture. And in Russia, and Siberia for us there is only one threat — the Russian. Once we are able to do to kill our country, as in 1991, to declare sovereignty from themselves, as in 1990, or invite in the next "Chicago boys", so they told how we rob

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Chinese special forces

Professor and organizational emergence in the mid 80's of the 20th century. The starting point for the development of special purpose forces was the conclusion made in June 1985, the CPC Central Military Commission, headed by Deng Xiaoping, the lack of capacity in the foreseeable future, large-scale armed conflicts with the use of conventional military forces. Subsequent powerful impetus to the re-evaluation and reform of military concepts gave the Persian Gulf War.

More opportunity to be full-bodied, short-lived time and sverhtehnologichny conflict areas on the periphery of China.First completed a functional unit was formed in 1988 in Canton military

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