The Chinese government bureaucrat, South American threat to Pakistan is a threat to China

China's large-scale military exercises carried out near Pakistan in response to a build-up of U.S. troops in the region. The Chinese government bureaucrat warned that no matter what the threat to Pakistan would be considered as smooth threat China.

Quoting message Central Television China, Junshijia reports that an unnamed government bureaucrat warned: "No matter what kind of threat in Pakistan is threat China, "in response to the growing hostility towards Pakistan by the U.S. and NATO in the aftermath of NATO bombing last week that killed up to 26 Pakistani fighter.

Pakistan responded to the airstrike own closing

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Chinese subtext Iranian conflict

More tense situation around Iran, which threatens the global community is not only a new round of global economic crisis, and the advent of large-scale regional military conflict, the chances of having to grow up in a third world war, constantly finding inspiration analysts explain such rapid course of events.

In the middle of this kind of research especially exciting version of the hidden purpose of confrontation. Many create memories that the U.S. still plans to bring the case to its logical conclusion, prompting Iran to the overlap of Hormuz duct. It is not difficult to calculate exactly how the

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The Chinese response to the South American plans

First, in 2012 the world vyznat that the South American government decided to change his defensive value, and to confirm their intentions, released a curious edition, telling that the troops in Africa, Europe and even the Middle East need to be reduced, but the military presence in the Asia's time to immediately increase.

The global community here started talking about the fact that Americans, what is called, all had their eyes on China, and that China should by all means to answer the latest U.S. strategy in order not to be clamped in a vise.

But the mentality of

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Chinese clone of the Russian fighter fell on houses

In China, crashed military fighter "Jian-7"China is practically a" clone "of the Russian MiG-21. Dropping battle car, owned by the Air Force China, for homes in the town of Shantou of Guangdong Province in the south, a fire broke out, in which very little affected four people, reports agency Xinhua.

As the Central Television China, pilot managed to eject, he survived. Four people on the ground were injured, three of them were hospitalized. Injured 26-year-old ladies are assessed as rather languid.

In the photo posted on the portal, shows how the pieces of the aircraft are close to

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Chinese dragon walks bukovkoy G

So far in our country the public and political forces were under the impression from what China together with Russia imposed a draft resolution on Syria veto power of the Chinese decided to "go bukovkoy G". Everyone expected that China will collapse on Western countries to searing criticism and would like to speak words of encouragement to the Syrian authorities and the authorities of Iran, where China is, by the way, buys 20% of its oil exports. Expected also because only recently the Chinese from the pages of his own party mouthpiece 'People's Daily' proposed RF make the Eurasian Union,

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Chinese dragon claws

More than forty years of mutually beneficial alliance between the U.S. and China is associated with the name of Henry Kissinger — a unique diplomat, who is not only prepared in 1971, an effective President Nixon's visit to China, and not once talked to Mao and Zhou Enlai on finding compromises in difficult for states period.

This is the time of the war in Vietnam and Korea, the conflict in the Russian-Chinese relations. Exchange led to the views of understanding and awareness of the position of the warring parties and the development of proposals for the care of

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Chinese giant — internal prepyadstviya

China not only has a lot of problems outside the strategic dispositions — dependent on the transport of natural resources and food, the aggressive environment on the western, eastern and southern borders, the vulnerability of sea lanes through which the bulk of the resources, the number of unstable neighboring states, territorial disputes with its neighbors , and internal tasks. Some of them because of the disease that can, in cardiac growth, lead to a social explosion and disintegration of power.

In 2010, China passed the Census major problems of society. She called in Chinese society heated debate, to identify the

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Chinese Automotive Industry

The secret to a successful business, including the trade of spare parts, almost everything is dependent on the combination of all the competitive aspects in favor of their own business. Because many businesses to get the highest benefit, seeking to acquire a wide range of quality auto parts at a low price. In this regard, many offices, specializing in the sale auto parts, make the delivery of specific China. This is the country makes it possible for the organization of wholesale supply of auto parts and get the most benefit. Why is that?

According to figures cited by the analytical

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In Russia stopped the activities of organized criminal groups

In Russia stopped the activities of organized criminal groups steal Russian forest for their accomplices in China

In Leningrad, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk regions carried out large-scale operation to decriminalize the forest industry,

As the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, suppressed the activity of international organized groups that specialized in the illegal procurement and supply of large quantities of timber and timber products to China.

Over 12 months the operatives of the Main department of economic security and anti-corruption (GUEBiPK) Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs engaged

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Chinese tanks on the move

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World of Tanks accept the latest line of rail cars in the 8.2 update

November 8, 2012 — Company Wargaming, a leading developer and publisher of online games, the reports of the impending invasion of the best examples of Chinese tank development to virtual & #! 1077; vast MMO-action World of Tanks. Chinese tanks, the release of which is planned for a future update 8.2 will make a worthy konkurentnst iron machines Britain, USA, Germany, France and the Russian Union.

Chinese School tank development has incorporated advanced engineering overseas designers,

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