China expands influence in the Asia-Pacific region

China, spreading its influence in the world from Central Asia and the Arab States to the Caribbean region, has not left unattended and the countries of Southeast Asia. In the United States worried that the Chinese are increasingly replacing them in the Asia-Pacific region. This region in the 20th century has been a battleground between the majestic powers, now everything is repeated, but instead of the Russian Federation and the Land of the Rising Sun is now the main opponent of the Anglo-Saxons — China. He skilfully, step by step, strengthening its position in Myanmar, Indonesia, East Timor, Bangladesh

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China has developed its military variant of the Su-30 — J-11BSM

According to a Canadian online magazine Kanwa Defense Review, China based on double layout trainer aircraft J-11BS («kitaizirovalis" version of the Su-30) made a more advanced modification J-11BSM, which is armed Russian airborne avionics, radars, electronic warfare systems and the ability to use modern forms of Chinese aircraft armament, which was not easily J-11BS/Su-30.

J-11BSM created to give the PLAAF ability to accomplish the strategic "offensive and defensive missions." Chinese Air Force are missing amount languid fighter bomber JH-7 "Flying Leopard", besides these aircraft do not possess the highest combat abilities. J-11BSM is the "best option" for increasing the

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China vs. U.S. — simulation of a military clash

After the disappearance of the Soviet Union from the political map, the main topic of debate for the people close to the military theme, was the question: who will overcome the confrontation between the United States and in China? However, the need to immediately recognize that these disputes are almost always sensual coloring in the spirit of "Uzho the hour — and presumptuous Pindos Chinese can fight!", The seemingly partly in revenge for the blame in the breakup of the Soviet Union the United States. But is it true these expectations? So whether China is strong? Let's deal on Wed.

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China vs. Russia. Victory will not for us

If against Russia in general will ever be accomplished large-scale military anger at the "classical" form, with a probability of 95% (not 99.99%), China will be the aggressor.

The tremendous overcrowding in the totality of this country with rapid economic growth make the most complicated set of problems for a very concise description, which requires a large separate article. The connection of these problems is such that the solution of one affects the other. China impartially viable in today's own borders. It must be even greater if not willing to be even smaller. He can not do without the

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China continues to arm

Modern China's military policy is aimed at providing the main government strategic tasks — creating a modernized power that will take a dominant position in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR).

Ambitions of the Middle Kingdom, most likely are not limiting the Favourites own position in the region — China wants to become equal to the political, economic influence and military power, the world's leading nations. The power of the Middle Kingdom is implementing this goal by mobilizing all possible resources: national and global.

The main direction of the overall tactical tasks is to create a massive armed force

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China sells more weapons to South-East Asia

According to the November issue of the journal Kanwa Asian Defence, China in recent years is showing tremendous activity in promoting their own weapons to the markets of Southeast Asia and headed for this noticeable success. Across the region, only the Philippines, Vietnam and Brunei are not the recipients of Chinese weapons. All the other countries of Southeast Asia at the present time are armed with Chinese standards. This situation has become a reality after June 2009, when China officially put into Malaysia 16 sets of MANPADS FN6 — and it was the first case where Kuala Lumpur directly

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China evenly absorbs the North

China is booming, but this growth and is nestled terrible danger if stopped, it is possible to fall under the weight of social and economic problems.

But for the upcoming growth requires external resources. Beijing seeps into Latin America, already competes with European and South American companies in the Black continent. Increasing impact has on the countries of South-East Asia, absorbs energy states of the Persian Gulf, coal and iron from Australia.

But most of all he was interested in the strategic direction of the north, there is virtually deserted posted, compared with China, Mongolia, Siberia and Kazakhstan. With Russia

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China is suspected of cyber attacks (The Telegraph, England)

China blame the hacker organization the operation, which lasted 5 years, and associated with the theft of municipal and industrial secrets in unparalleled scale. A prerequisite for the charges was the investigation carried out by one of the leading Internet companies, which revealed a severe breach of security at the international level.

More than 70 organizations, including the UN, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and defense companies from Britain and the United States, presumably victims of the attack, which implied "one of the states."

Specializing in Internet security company McAfee not laid directly responsible for China, but are

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China told the world about their own gallakticheskoy program there for the next 5 years

Despite the fact that China in 2007, destroyed the meteorological satellite anti-satellite missile, which has fulfilled its own resources, the country is aggressively seeking to convince the inhabitants of the planet, that it gallakticheskaya the program has only peaceful disposition.

It is clear that only recently (December 29), China, represented by the Municipal Council, has issued a so-referred to as the snow-white book, which reports to the basic plans for space exploration over the next 5 years. Among the main Fri gallakticheskoy Chinese utilities that are unmanned mission to the Moon (including the selection of the soil), the new

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China condemned the Pentagon progress report

Aug. 26 China reiterated its condemnation of the yearly report Pentagon's military potential of the country. The report said that China's military modernization could destabilize the region. Beijing praised the findings as exaggerated based on "unfounded suspicions."

"China expresses its strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition," said the representative of the Ministry of Defense of China. "It is quite natural that as technology advances China developing new types of weapons and upgrade existing, "he added.

The report expressed concern about the Pentagon's growing military might of China, including China's eagerness to provide the military an advantage over Taiwan, which Beijing considers

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