China is preparing for war with Russia

China accelerated pace builds roads on the border with Russia. Celestial Communications useful for transporting troops frisky in the event of an armed conflict with Russia. Our country, according to experts, is not able to resist suffering from overpopulation and other southern might lose Far East and Siberia.

In Jiayin County, Heilongjiang Province is actively laying 2-highways — 114-km section of the Heihe — Jiayin and a 103-kilometer highway Suybin — Jiayin. This writes the "Free Press". The opening movement of the entire length of highways is planned on October 1 this year. Also, near the border with Russia

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China is preparing to conduct combat operations in the Himalayas

China conducted exercises with the use of aircraft, tanks and artillery in Tibet before the Beijing threw back the fighters, and paved the road to the border with India. The territorial dispute as before overshadows the case with 2 between the Asian giants.

During the maneuvers, which took place at an altitude of 4700 meters, the first time used real ammunition, the newspaper said the People's Liberation Army China "Tsefansiungpao." From her post, it was a big operation. It was attended by military aircraft, tanks, helicopters and even electrical units of the war.

Although the area where the battle

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China prepares anti-satellite weapon. U.S. very concerned about

South American media in October last year said China prepares test the latest anti-satellite missile Dong Ning-2 (DN-2) With a kinetic interceptor, but test has been postponed.

January 4th South American organization "Union of Concerned Scientists," wrote in his blog that the recent China says the launch of the rocket. The Pentagon expressed "very great concern" probable test of anti-satellite weapons.

In January 2007 China conducted the first test of anti-satellite missile, culminating liquidation worn-out weather satellite at an altitude of 558 km. Thousands of fragments of this unit so far in orbit, presenting a danger to gallakticheskih

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China prepares carrier fleet

In late July, the Ministry of National Defense of China officially announced that the recent start of the first test of its own aircraft carrier. This 300-meter ship, who is at present in the port of Dalian, was created on the basis of the empty body aircraft carrier "Varyag" Project 1143.6 purchased from Ukraine in 1998. At the time of the transaction China announced that it will use the hull as a floating casino, but in 2005 work began on its restoration. First own aircraft carrier, the Chinese military will use for research and training purposes.

Own programm to

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China is ready to build aircraft carriers — the head of state of the shipbuilding

China is ready to build more aircraft carriers. This was stated by now the head of the China State Shipbuilding Company Hu Wenming. Specifically at its shipyard held retrofit purchased from Ukraine heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Varyag", which entered into service the Chinese navy under the name "Liaoning".

"China — only one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, which has no aircraft carriers, made entirely on their own, "- told the press Hu Wenming. According to him, his company is ready build more "air bases on the sea."

Chinese municipal shipbuilding company — Second in the world

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China has expressed strong protest

The Chinese side expresses its strong protest against the publication of the U.S. Department of Defense report on the development of the armed forces of the PRC-2010, which "ignores the reality of an impartial, condemns the common defense and army building China, inflates the so referred to as "military threat" mainland China against Taiwan and the Chinese side blames the fact that it stopped the exchanges of military delegations and thereby made an obstacle to the development of cooperation between the armies of the 2-states. "This statement was made on August 18 the official dealer of the Ministry of Defence

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China is arming, America fears

I. Asian rod

New horrors the U.S. before the Chinese war machine appeared in 2011 — at a time when the government of China announced the planned defense spending.

First, in January 2012, Barack Obama said that the economical cuts in military spending does not affect the country's ability to withstand konkurentnst U.S. strategic adversaries. Quote"Among the strategic enemy of the United States Obama singled out Iran and China. Concerning the last president saw that in the long term, Beijing will have an increasing impact on the economy and the scope of the U.S. military. " But the words

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China once again interested in the purchase of Russian weapons

China has issued a request for the purchase of Russian weapons, report "Vedomosti", citing unnamed sources in the Ministry of Defence and the "Rosoboronexport".

China has taken this decision after a visit to China, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. Application has been made, namely, 117S engines that are used in the new Su-35, and anti-aircraft missile systems S-400.

Russian side is ready to implement the China 117S engines. But the S-400 will be able to get the PRC in 2017. This is explained by the fact that such complexes are planning to provide first Russian armed forces.


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China ordered the U.S. to shut up on the issue of the disputed territories

Chinese media have accused Washington of "development issues" in connection with the State Department criticized Beijing's policy in respect of the disputed territories in the South China Sea, reported Agence France-Presse. State Department on Friday, August 3, said that China's "increasing tension" in the region.

Washington's statement followed by a China announced the development of the town Sansha at the disputed peninsula Woody (other names — Yongxing and Fulam), which also claimed by the Philippines and Vietnam.

In response, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC on August 4 asked the United States to respect the sovereignty and

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China in Syria

Not so long ago in Syria Rebels captured a Chinese Type 120 radar used in the current time by Syrian soldiers. This radar usually part of the anti-missile system HQ-9. China may sell HQ-9 in Iran, which in turn passed radar Type 120 Syria (as is already the case with many other Chinese military hardware). There is an indication of the complex HQ-9 has been found in Syria, but it can be well sheltered. In general, China is implementing to those who can pay.

Radar Type 120 is transported and used in accordance with languid truck. This radar can

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