Sinkhole in the village Tanlo Nanning. Photo

Karst holes

Sinkhole in China

Nanning, June 8 / Xinhua / — On Thursday night, in a village settlement Tanlo, administratively subordinate Sisyantan District of Nanning City — the administrative center of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region / GCHAR, South China /, where the incident took place a few days ago subsidence, were recorded five new subsidence ground.

As a result, more than 300 local high school students were evacuated to another school or to temporarily remain at home.

Recall that the first case of subsidence occurred on 1 June during penetration well in one of the secondary schools

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China as «lobbyists» the F-35 in the ATP

  Latin American media reports that although the company developed «Lockheed Martin» fighter fifth generation F-35 faces with different neuvvyazkami, but in the Asia-Pacific region this warplane enjoys increasing demand, reports This explains the enthusiasm growing military power of China. South American Defense News magazine referred to China as «the greatest trader of the F-35 in Asia.» Worried about Beijing’s military ambitions in Australia, Japan, Singapore, Korea and Taiwan are planning to buy this type of fighter. China continues to tests based fighter J-15. It is reported that by the end of 2013 there were more than 100 landings

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In July, China’s lightning killed 60 people


Beijing, July 31 / Xinhua / — According to information from the Department of Disaster Management Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, July 1, in most parts of China due to hail, gales, storms and other disasters are injured and killed, as well as damage to property . According to statistics from the Chinese Commission to reduce losses from disasters, to 15:00 on July 31 in 27 provinces / autonomous regions and municipalities, /, 179 cities / regions, autonomous districts, aimag /, 680 counties / cities, districts, khoshun / parts Xinjiang Production units PLA compounds in the disaster area

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In southern China was panic in the water-pollution


26.01.12.Zhiteli Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southern China because of contamination of river water actively buying drinking water in the stores, said on Thursday the Chinese media.

Scientists have found that the level of pollution in the river Longjiang significantly exceeds the permitted limit as a result of falling into the water of toxic substances — cadmium.

However, according to local authorities, "the water is safe," since last week's fire off some amount of chemicals to neutralize the cadmium.

Contamination found on 15 January, killing some fish. But on Wednesday, the check was recorded elevated levels of cadmium in

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In China, the electronic passport. Video


15.05.12.S today in China began issuing passports to the new generation. According to the Ministry of Public Security of China, the documents contain a new type of electronic chip that will store the personal information of the owner, including the name, date of birth, digital photo and fingerprints.

As noted in the department, vysokotehnologiny manufacturing process will protect the passport from forgery. The data on the citizen will be available to read just the special services. According to statistics, in the mid 90's of the last century in China annually issued an average of about one million

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17.07.12.Mor fish Nanhu Lake in China. Photo


17.07.12.Mnozhestvo dead fish were found along the shore of Lake Nanhu morning of July 15 in the central city of Wuhan, Hubei Province. Experts attribute this to the heavy rains and high temperatures. According to the Chinese edition of "Chutyan Dushibao" dead fish, including many large specimens weighing more than 5 pounds, stretched tight band along the length of the lake for a few hundred meters.

According to the expert from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Liu Huanchzhana, this was the result of heavy Doges, collapsed recently in central China, as well as high temperature, resulting in water significantly

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Hurricane destroyed hundreds of homes in Southwest China


Guiyang, Nov. 7 / Xinhua / — According to local authorities, in recent days in the province of Guizhou / Southwest China / hurricane wind and hail destroyed 1,500 houses, 300 people quickly evacuated.

The disaster, which began on November 4, affected 33 thousand residents in four counties near the city of Zunyi. According to the provincial administration, the damage caused to 1900 hectares of fields, direct economic loss of power is estimated at 1.4 million yuan / U.S. $ 220,472 /.

Reports of casualties have been reported yet.

At the weather station reported that after the hurricane and

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Five of the top ten economies abandoned dollar

The U.S. dollar is rapidly losing its status as the world's reserve currency. Five of the top ten economies in the world, along with several others no longer use the dollar as an intermediary currency for trade, reportsMixedNews.


This trend is for the dollar and for all of the United States as a whole big risk.

Australia, being the 12 largest economies in the world, has joined the growing list of countries who have agreed to abandon the dollar in bilateral trade with China. China, being the second largest economy in

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An explosion at a chemical plant in north China


Hohhot, April 14 / Xinhua / — Today, around 17:00 at a chemical plant in the city Fengzhen autonomous region of Inner Mongolia / Northern China / there was a fire, which subsequently caused an explosion, resulting in a leak of a large number of highly flammable gas.

At the time of the transfer of this information in an emergency rescue operation continued, already saved from the factory building was destroyed by explosion and three workers were evacuated to safe places of living near a chemical plant inhabitants. Currently, information on the loss of life and injuries were reported,

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Center of brainwashing in China. Video


4.11.11.V China Center "brainwashing" dissenters placed directly in an ancient Buddhist temple. Authorities use Sanshen temple in Sichuan Province as a place of detention for the purpose of so-called "re-education" of Falun Gong, or Falun Dafa. Reported by the Information Centre of the spiritual movement that the Chinese government persecuted since 1999. The temple is located in the suburb of Pengzhou, about 50 km from the city of Chengdu.

[Erping Zhang, Falun Dafa Information Center]: "Over the last 12 years to thousands of locations throughout China have been transformed under the temporary place of detention where Falun Gong

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