An explosion at a mine in China


15.04.11.Po least seven people were killed in Friday's gas explosion at a mine in Yunnan province in southwest China. This was reported by local authorities. The explosion at about 14:30 local time (10:30 MSK) at the coal mine "Meishan" in the village near the city of Syuanvey Hayday. Other details of the incident are not yet known.


China threatens devastating earthquake


15.01.11.V China in the foreseeable future can an earthquake of magnitude 7 or higher. A forecast of the main "predictor" China Seismological Center Sun Shihuna published metropolitan Beijing Times.

In the last two weeks in different locations in China were recorded for three 5-magnitude earthquake January 1 in Xinjiang force 5.1 earthquake, January 8, Jilin force 5.6 points and January 12 in the Yellow Sea magnitude 5 points, according UKRINFORM.

Since the devastating earthquake in Yushu County, April 14, 2010 in China almost always result in an abnormal seismic activity.

"Usually after a major earthquake occur 3.4 repetitive force

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6.6 Earthquake in China


Beijing, June 30 / Xinhua / — On Saturday at 05:07 Beijing Time in northwest Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region / North-West China / there was an earthquake of magnitude 6.6 points. This was reported by the Chinese Center seismological networks.

The epicenter was located at coordinates 43.4 degrees north latitude and 84.8 degrees east longitude, in a mountainous area on the border between the counties of Xinyuan / Or-Kazakh Autonomous District and / Hejing / Bayangol-Mongolia Autonomous Region /.

Strong tremors were feeling in Urumqi / administrative center of Xinjiang

Source: Russian.News.Cn

Chinese environmentalists are sounding the alarm. Video


26.11.11.Ekologi China alarmed — the level of air pollution in the country with catastrophic mark. Chinese authorities are trying to control the process by fines. Three-quarters of China's electricity produced by burning coal. At the same time in the atmosphere sulfur dioxide. Read more in our plot.

Source: Channel PIC


Chinese rivers burst their banks, is dead


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BEIJING, Sept. 20. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Kirillov /. About 71 thousand people have been evacuated in Shaanxi Province in northwest China because of the strong over the past half-century flood, according to Chinese media today.

Its banks went Weihe River and its tributaries. Disasters caused by heavy rains — the rise of water levels and landslides — have resulted in the deaths of Shaanxi 35 people, 17 of which were buried under a landslide at a factory on the outskirts of the provincial capital — the city of Xi'an. Another 15 people reported missing.


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China: the release of waste water into the rivers led to the death of fish


20.04.11.Vybros waste water has caused the death of large numbers of fish near the city of Nanjing in eastern China. Raw sewage got into nearby rivers due to the closure of the plant in water purification, which caused the deaths of thousands of fish in the waters of Jiangsu Province, said local authorities. Water treatment plant that cleans more than 100 000 tons of water a day, suspended its work on Thursday last week, due to a breakdown of the main pump. That is what led to the ingress of contaminated water into the river. Settled hot weather aggravated

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Typhoon Muyfa hit the neighborhood of Shanghai. Video


8.08.11.Tayfun "Muyfa" runs through eastern China from south to north. This is the ninth typhoon YTD. East coast of China is dominated by storm.

The first victims of typhoon "Muyfa" became sailors. On Saturday night off the coast of Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province barge sank. On board were seven. Six were rescued, search for the missing crew members continues. In addition, the storm caught in the sea near Zhoushan fishing seiners 28 other provinces. They came to the aid of three powerful rescue ship. Now, all ships have been evacuated to safe places.

On Sunday morning, the typhoon hit

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The volume of exports of weapons to China fall

The order book of "Rosoboronexport" increases. With all of this leading position on the import of Russian military equipment and weapons occupy new countries. Namely, China lost the leading position in India. In addition, China has not even got into the top five. Leading importers at the moment are India, Venezuela, Algeria, Vietnam and Syria.

The real market opening guns Russian production for China and other countries came in 1990, when sales were exhibited the most modern standards, systems and systems of different weapons that are hidden and the Soviet Union were therefore prohibited for export. China was among

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Experts: China is rapidly increasing costs of establishing drones

  Analysts say that China is rapidly increasing military spending, achieving impressive success in regard to technology creation and use of unmanned aerial vehicles. In the U.S., some have worried that the U.S. dominance in this market will soon throw a stern challenge. During the last air show in the coastal town of Zhuhai in southern China was represented by a new generation of UAVs. Experts have noted that these devices were larger and sverhtehnologichny than in the past. Many of them looked like a copy of the American vehicles. Some evidence suggests that Washington is concerned about Chinese drones.

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Production of IL-76 and IL-78 transferred from Tashkent to Russia

Manufacture of transport aircraft Il-76 aerial tankers and Il-78 will be transferred from Tashkent to Russia, where it will set up the appropriate manufacturing center. On this, as reported by "Interfax", said the Director of the Department of the military-industrial complex of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Igor caravan. According to him, the aircraft issued by the Russian company will, in particular, delivered to China under a contract from 2005.

Significant delays in the supply of IL-76 and IL-78 are connected to China, according to Karavayeva, so that the base of the

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