In China, the snow fell. Video


Snowfall in China

15.07.11.V Sichuan province to replace heavy downpour came snegopad.V mountain fell about 30 inches of precipitation.

Transport paralyzed cars stand for hours in traffic jams. Only tourists storm was in radost.Oni photographed against a white canvas, because the snow in the middle of July is very rare for this area.

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In China, more than a hundred children fell ill with viral encephalitis


BEIJING, June 1. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Kirillov /. More than a hundred children were ill in East China in May viral encephalitis.

As reported by the Chinese media, only in Fujian Province were found about two hundred suspected cases of this disease, of which viral encephalitis so far diagnosed in 115 patients. Doctors found that the infectious agent — intestinal virus type ECHO30. Now all children are treated in the infectious diseases hospital. Their stable state.

The local health department states that all children aged under 12. Approximately half of the patients are there in a village Hutou. AMI-TASS

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Landslide in China covered the house, where the working


Landslide destroyed the structure, which could be working career Photo: AP

9.05.11.Kitayskie rescuers searching for people who may be victims of a landslide in the village Lotszyan Quanzhou County in the southwest of the country.

According to China Central Television, mudslide came down on May 9 in the area of the existing quarry near the city of Guilin. Landslide has covered four of the structure, which could be of the order of 20 working career.

On the scene are the search and rescue operations, according to RIA Novosti.

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China to hit a powerful hail


Guiyang, April 17 / Xinhua / — 158 thousand inhabitants Anshun prov. Guizhou / Southwest China / suffered from hail that hit some townships and villages Anshun in the evening on April 15 to the morning of 16 th.

As it became known corr. Xinhua News Agency in the city government, the disaster affected 8,270 hectares selskohozugody. Destroyed more than 6,000 homes. Direct economic losses are estimated at 80.9 million yuan.

In China, from heavy hail hit about 280 thousand people. Element struck the province of Hubei. Hailstones the size of a quail egg damaged thousands of homes and

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In China, a child was born with two heads


The girl with two heads. Sichuan Province. May 2011. Photo:

7.05.11.Devochka with two heads born on May 5 in a hospital in the village of Xining, Sichuan Province. According to experts, this is the first such case in China.

According to the publication "Megalopolis western China," two-headed girl was born by Caesarean section in the morning on May 5. Birth weight was 4.05 kg.

In February this year, in the sixth month of pregnancy, mom girl, 35-year-old Bao Tsyaoin, was examined by ultrasound in the city hospital, where she was told that her womb one living fetus.

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Desertification in China. Video


Land desertification in China. Drought in Yunnan Province. 2010. Photo: AFP

6.01.11.Po latest results of the monitoring of soil in China, found that almost half of the land in the country was subjected to desertification and opeschanivaniyu, in some areas, the situation in recent years has deteriorated.

Deputy Head of the State Forestry Administration Zhu Leke January 4 reported that they spent a quarter-scale research and obtained data on the extent of desertification and land opeschanivaniya between early 2005 and late 2009.

According to the results of monitoring, desertification underwent 2,623,700 square meters. miles of land, and opeschanivaniyu

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Region of China, is not fit for


Production areas of rare earth metals in China are heavily polluted. Photo: Getty Images

4.01.11.Gorod Baotou is a Chinese "capital of rare earth minerals", there is 80% of the world's rare earth metals. However, the price of this, as the rest of the production in China — a strong pollution. Areas around the development are no longer suitable for human life.


Village near the city of Baotou surrounded by a dense ring of plants. In addition to tailings deposits, the area is also suffering from a large steel waste corporation.

As the local people, many villages have

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In China 5.6 earthquake


Changchun, Jan. 8 / Xinhua / — Today at 07:34 Hunchun in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Region, Jilin Province / Northeast China / An earthquake measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale. At 8:30 reported casualties and no injuries were reported.

According to the China Seismological Service, the epicenter of quake was 43 degrees with the coordinates. sh. and 131.1 degrees c. on the earthquake source lies at a depth of 560 km.

China chemical plant exploded


China chemical plant exploded, injuring two workers. Photo:

28.02.11Na chemical plant "Lean" in Letsina, February 26, about 17 hours of the explosion.

As the site of "Wenzhou", according to a local resident, Jenny, many local residents heard a loud explosion, some rushed to the factory, but because of the strong chemical smell, could not approach him.

Soon, firefighters arrived, but were unable to save the plant, the explosion injured two workers. According to the results of the preliminary investigation, the explosion occurred in the shop with a steam boiler explosion in the atmosphere has been

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Drought in eastern China


Drought in Shandong province could become the strongest in 100 years. Photo from

2.01.11.Uzhe more than two months in east China's Shandong Province, a significant decrease in rainfall, which caused a severe drought in the region, which has suffered from more than 240 thousand people.


As reported by the official Chinese media since September 23, in the province has dropped only 9 mm of precipitation, which is 86% less than the same period last year. According to the latest data of the authorities in the province have already dried up 338 small reservoirs, partially dried

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