Ice jams on the river in China


5.01.11.Po at 8:00 today, the total length of sections of the Yellow River in Shandong Province / East China / caught in the grip of ice jams, reached 188.16 km. It is 5.5 km compared with Tuesday.

As it became known corr. Xinhua News Agency Headquarters in the provincial flood control in the basin. Yellow River, to date a total of 41 station p. Yellow River in Shandong Icy. Ice thickness was 0.2-5 cm

This winter, from December 16, some areas of the Yellow River on territoriiShanduna were covered with ice. According to the forecast, in the next dnitemperatura

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Riots occurred in a town in North Korea


24.02.11.Sotni people were involved in the riots in the city of Sinuiju / North Korea / on the border with China, the suppression of which were thrown into the army. The unrest that broke out last Friday, were provoked police raids on the local market, announced today a leading Seoul newspaper "Chosun Ilbo".

During this operation, one of the traders had been severely beaten. His family began to protest, and for the performance quickly joined by other people. When the riots began to assume a mass character, the authorities were forced to help the police to send military units.

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An explosion at a factory in China


An explosion at a steel factory in China (photo:

15.05.12.Vzryv roared at about 3:48 local time at a steel plant of Shaoguan Steel Co. Ltd in the municipality of Shaoguan, South China Guangdong province.

Detonation occurred at a time when workers of China MCC5 Group Corp. engaged in the installation of equipment.

According to reports from local authorities, eight people were killed on the spot and another died in hospital on Monday evening, May 14.

Also 6 people were injured, one of them is in critical condition. Cause of the explosion is not yet known, but experts

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NATO is preparing for a global war


24.10.11.Na international security conference in Munich in 2007, Vladimir Putin warned western leaders that the unprecedented aggressive expansion of NATO is pushing the world to the third world war.

This is a stern warning was made in the years before the NATO aggression against Libya and the undeclared war against Syria and Pakistan. After the deployment of American troops in Uganda, and military threats directed directly to Pakistan, the armed forces of NATO, Russia and China have never been as close to open and full-scale conflict as today.

A recent sobering report of the Russian FSB secret service describes

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Obama will bring down Syria military might of the U.S. after their own presidential election

For the first four years of Obama's world has undergone a rigorous transformation. The wave of revolutions in the Middle East, tightly brought the world to a large-scale military conflict. But because of the upcoming presidential elections in the United States, behind the scenes force of American policy in no hurry to press the button on the head of Obama. But Obama is re-elected, you can not hesitate, that the button is still powered.

In an interview with NewsBalt states recognizable Italian journalist and former MEP Dzhuletto Chiesa (Giulietto Chiesa), expressing its own forecast of political events on the

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9.01.12.Massovaya fish kill in the South China Xijiang River


10.01.12.Bolshoe number of dead fish found on Monday in the Xijiang River in South China Guangdong province. This was reported by local authorities.

On the morning of January 9 in the River Si length of about 3 km in Jiangmen City found a large mass of dead fish. After 15 hours of the same day the number of dead fish was considerably reduced. On Tuesday, the new detections of dead fish are not fixed.

Following a preliminary investigation, it was possible that the cause of mass death of fish are insufficient oxygen content in the water or cold water.

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The collapse of a coal mine in China, underground locked 12 people



BEIJING, Nov. 18. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Kargapol'tsev /. As a result of the collapse of a coal mine in China's underground locked 12. As reported today by the Xinhua News Agency, the accident occurred in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

On the causes of the incident is not reported. There is also no information about how many miners were working in the mine at the time of the collapse.

This is not the first serious accident at the mine in China over the past two weeks, reported by mainstream media. The largest of which occurred on

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Two strong earthquakes in China


1.11.11.Pervye tremors of magnitude 6.8 were recorded in the region of Xinjiang province on the border with Kyrgyzstan.

Information about the strong earthquake in northern China came from the U.S. Geological Survey Center early Tuesday morning. Fixed magnitude of fluctuations was 6.8. Primordial force fluctuations estimated at 6.0, but later increased the experts this milestone.

First tremors were observed in the north-west of the country, in China's Xinjiang province about 600 km from the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek.

— Tremors of a magnitude of 6.8 points were recorded at 4 am (MSK), at a depth of 33

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For half a century, China has destroyed more than 200 lakes


In China, disappearing lake. Photo from

12.12.11.Ekosistema lakes in China is on the brink of destruction. For the past 50 years due to human activities in China have disappeared 243 lakes.

These data are reported Iyuy Chen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the State Committee for the Management of Natural Sciences Foundation.

According to the academician, in the whole country for the past 50 years has dried up 4326 square meters. kilometers of lakes, 9,570 square meters were fading. kilometers, the total volume of water in lakes decreased by 51.6 billion cubic

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«Forced» China’s strength

Has long no one hesitation is that China is going to become the next superpower. Official Beijing has not made similar statements, but all of his actions or that others like you can draw some conclusions. Apart from the economic success of China also shows his achievements in the military-industrial sector. Only last 2012 contained information on several new projects that are no longer direct copying zabugornoy technology. These new models of military equipment in the most direct way expose Chinese superpower ambitions. The past year was a year in the history of China’s commissioning of the aircraft carrier

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