JSC Klimov has signed an agreement to repair the previously supplied to China

Company "Klimov", part of the United Engine Corporation, has signed an agreement for the company on the ground China repair of previously supplied to that country aircraft engines.

"Agreement As for the maintenance and repair of engines, including TV3-117, EC-250, — said now the executive director of "Klimov"Alexander Vatagin. — This is the first step in the development of cooperation with Chinese partners. Agreement will allow to expand the volume of supply in the Russian aircraft China. We are ready to go further, including the creation of spare parts and devices on the ground China. "Amount of the contract

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In China, protesting against emissions. Video


17.10.11. At 9:00 pm on October 14 residents of the Fenghuang in Suzhou in eastern China blocked the entrance to the technology company Keshen. They are protesting against the emission of gaseous wastes at two plants operated by the company.

Residents say that these emissions pollute the environment in their area and negatively affect the health of children and the elderly.

[Jan, a resident of Fenghuang]

"These gas emissions enter the body through the nose, particularly affects children and the elderly. They begin to cough. "

To suppress the protest city government sent armed police. The demonstrators were

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Another collapse in the under construction metro Harbin. Photo

Karst holes


21.09.11.Utrom September 21 at metro construction in Nangal in the ground was a great failure.

He could be seen from passing buses. Was a small tube, although they can not be surprised residents of Harbin. Now, however, they became smaller, but still not as little as desired.

Around the failure immediately gathered many passers-by. Now place the failure blocked metal shields, so access to the scene blocked.

Thus here and build a subway in China. It was found that one of the trucks in the morning fell into the ground, which caused the appearance of

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Big dip in the road in China

Karst holes

The failure on the road in the city of Chongqing. Photo from epochtimes.com

3.01.11.Proval length of 70 meters and a depth of about 3 meters was formed in the middle of highway in Fuling Chongqing City on January 1, at 11:30 am local time. Luckily no one has ever suffered. According to the publication, "Chongqing Evening", according to witnesses, it all happened in about 20 seconds, crash are such that they thought of an earthquake.

The day before the incident on this stretch of road has cracks. Local residents reported this to management to monitor compliance

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In China, the Ministry of high-speed rail reduces speed trains


In China, the Ministry of high-speed rail slow down and reduced tariffs. Photo: epochtimes.com

18.04.11.Kitay: Minister of Railways Sheng Guanchzhu April 15 said that high-speed trains will slow down, and prices will be reduced. This is another sign of trouble, because high-speed rail — the pride of the country.

In a recent interview, "People's Daily" new Minister Sheng Guanchzhu reported reducing speeds and rates, stressing that there are three problems: long-term planning, high prices for transportation, debt accumulation.

On July 1, the velocity of high-speed trains will be reduced to 300 km / h, was previously a

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Forests in China are attacking insects — pests


Nanning, Aug. 11 / Xinhua / — In the first half of this year in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region / South China / forest area affected by the invasion of harmful organisms, reaching almost 315 thousand hectares.

As the representative of the Forestry Law GCHAR Tszitun, invading pests covered more than 120 counties of the autonomous region. Including in Guilin locusts struck the bamboo groves area of 1.2 thousand hectares. Off the coast of Guangxi mangrove trees affected by insect pests, increased by 458.06 percent compared to the same period last year and reached 1.15 thousand ha.


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The influx of foreign tourists in Russia was a record in the XXI century

The flow of tourists to Russia from abroad in 2011 rose by 9.5 percent, which was the best performance since 1999. On it informs "Interfax" referring to the data of the Russian Union of Travel Industry. Total foreign tourists have made in Russia 2 million 336,000 trips.

Rosstat data support the thesis that the entry flow into our country is increasing, mainly due to Asia. More specifically, China, revealed last year, the biggest increase — 48%. In the top ten entering this country reached the second position, relegating the U.S. to third. Overall, the top ten remained

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China. Landslide. Video


Photo from Vesti.ru

14.07.11.Yugo-western China covered strongest navodneniem.Prichina — rain showers that did not stop more than a day.

From the mountains go torrents, which carries with it dozens of cars. Damaged thousands of homes. Many areas were without electricity.

The issue of the transfer of additional forces rescuers. The element does not leave the region since the end of June. During this time, killing at least eight people, 170,000 had to be evacuated.

Source: The first channel

In Southwest China landslide washed away into the river in 1500 cylinders for liquefied gas


14.07.11.V night from 12

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Landslide in northwest China. Video


8.07.11.Trety day it rains in other provinces of China — Shaanxi. Flood victims there were 18 people, one person was missing and four were injured. All from the disaster affected about 100,000 people 25-counties of the province. Destroyed more than 2 million homes are damaged — over 7000. Suffered six thousand hectares of farmland. Economic damage to the elements, is estimated at 160 million yuan. The province has 12 monitoring groups, according to their reports of local governments shall take measures to combat the elements. Was launched a rapid response mechanism to natural disasters.

Zhao Zhisheng, deputy chief of

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Cows in Northwest China detected FMD virus


18.10.11.U cows in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region / North-West China / FMD virus is detected, reported today the Ministry of Agriculture of China.

Virus was found Oct. 8 in 26 cows in the county Hayyuan Zhongwei city. Results of testing showed that animals infected with foot and mouth disease virus type "O".

All infected and housed together with other 682 cows were properly eliminated. To date, the epidemic effectively localized.

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