Nanmadol similar to China. Video


29.08.11.K south China approaching tropical storm "Nanmadol." There are already suffering its most vulnerable regions vliyanie.Iz power take out the population.

Currently "Nanmadol" determines weather island Tayvan.Tropicheskie downpours and strong winds disrupted the rhythm of life of local zhiteley.Evakuirovany thousands lyudey.Ozhidaetsya that in the next 48 hours, the storm weakened to a tropical depression.

Recall, last week, when typhoon "Nanmadol" swept through the Philippines.

Source: Channel PIC

Sinkhole in China. Photo

Karst holes

10.07.11.Proval soil depth of 3 meters and a diameter of about 20, was found on a highway in the Chinese province of Shenzhen on July 6 2011 in 7:00 utra.Zhiteli China seriously concerned about the increasing incidence of failures. Representatives of the authorities claim that the well will be embedded in the shortest possible time.

Recently, not only in China but also in other countries of the world have experienced similar phenomena, it depends on the geographical location and the impact of external factors, but there are holes in mysterious ways. Some of the holes with gravel poured,

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Land in the center of China has become a sieve

Night February 24, 2012 thousands of residents hit by the holes covered the land, which appeared in the village Yueyya — a suburb Yueyana central Hunan Province in China.

As reported, 693 cases of subsidence and failures have led to damage to homes, agricultural land and river beds and continues to threaten the life of the local population.

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A gas explosion at a coal mine in China


Xi'an, Oct. 16 / Xinhua / — All 11 miners who have been locked in an underground gas explosion in a coal mine "Tyanyuy" in Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province / Northwest China / died, said rescuers.

Their bodies were discovered and the operation is carried out on their lifts, added rescuers.

Gas explosion occurred today at about 11:30 am in the coal mine "Tyanyuy." At that time in the mine were 21 people, 10 of them were able to successfully rise to the surface, 11 were trapped underground.


Riding the Dragon: predictions feng shui masters for 2012

January 26, 2012 7:55

Want to know what to expect in 2012? Chinese feng shui master made their forecasts of major issues in the year of the dragon.

While Chinese communities around the world are preparing to meet the new year on Monday, astrologers and geomancy predict that the year of the dragon will bring natural disasters and financial volatility, especially for those suffering from the crisis in Europe.

"The world economy in the year of the dragon will be unstable, because the economy in Europe and the U.S. continue to feel the effects of a recession," said Hong

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94 people were victims of floods in China. Video


Last updated v

15.06.11.Neprekraschayuschiesya rains have caused severe flooding and landslides in the central and southern provinces of China. The level of local rivers rose by more than 5 meters.

More than fifty thousand people have fled their homes in search of refuge. Element killed more than a hundred chelovek.Po forecasters predicted heavy rains in some areas last until the end of the week.

Source: Channel PIC

12.06.11.Do 94 people has increased the death toll from heavy rains and floods in central China and the south of the country, 78 are missing. For the current week,

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Subsidence and karst holes in China

Subsidence has affected 50 cities

February 22. As reported on Monday, China Central Television for more than 50 cities in China are in a zone of extensive land subsidence.

Plot of land of about 79 thousand square kilometers fell by more than 200 millimeters, said Zhang Zuozen, Vice President of the China Geological Institute for environmental monitoring.

He also added that, mainly subsidence occurs in the Yangtze River Delta in the north and the plains, covering the north Chinese province of Shaanxi and northwestern Shaanxi province.

According to the report, damage to buildings, bridges, underground utilities and drainage

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6.3 earthquake on the coast of Fiji


According seysmosluzhby China, December 28, at 16:34 Beijing time, in the southern part of the Fiji Islands earthquake with magnitude 6.3 on the Richter scale. The epicenter of quake had coordinates: 23.3 degrees yuzhnoyshiroty and 179.7 degrees west longitude. The earthquake lies at a depth of 540 kilometers.

China Radio International

In China, again freezing rain


Beijing, Jan. 9 / Xinhua / — On the night of Sunday to the municipalities of Chongqing and Guizhou Province / Southwest China / hit new wave of cold air and freezing rain, making many roads formed ice. As reported by the Department of Transport prov. Guizhou, by taking precautions as of 10:00 today, a message on motorways are generally normal, due to icing of the sites has been blocked by the state highways and provincial level.

People's Government of Chongqing reported that as a result of snow and severe frost that hit the city on 1

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China has reduced the speed of trains


10.08.11.Gossovet China ordered Wednesday to perform safety checks on all high-speed railways of the country and reduce the speed of high-speed trains at 40-50 miles per hour compared to the design features, the Xinhua agency reported Minister of Railways of China Sheng Guangji.

"As for the speed on highways where construction provides speeds up to 350 kilometers per hour, it will be 300 km on highways with a speed of 250 kilometers per hour — 200 kilometers on highways with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour — 160 kilometers," — Guangji said, RIA "Novosti".

In April, China has

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