Torrential rains in China


BEIJING, June 6 — RIA Novosti. Heavy rain that succeeded lasted in some parts of China several months of drought have caused floods in Guizhou Province in southwest China's missing among the 14 people, according to Xinhua news agency, referring to the local authorities of 14.00 (10.00 MSK ) Monday. Affected by the disaster, a total of about 130,000 residents 29 towns and townships provinces affected were left without communications, electricity and transport. Element 140 buildings destroyed, damaged crops on an area of about 4 hectares. Direct economic losses exceeded 160 million yuan (25 million dollars).

The county level

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Severe frost has paralyzed northern China

North China paralyzed extreme cold. The air temperature reached a record figure — minus 45 degrees.

As reported, residents of northern China just does not dare to go. The country does not operate schools and most shops.

Stopped public transport. Because of the almost zero visibility drivers do not risk going to the road.

Flood victims were 94 people in China. Video


BEIJING, June 11 — RIA Novosti, Oleg Ostroukhov. Thirteen Chinese provinces hit by floods in recent days, as of June 11, the victims were 94 people, 78 people were missing, said Saturday the agency Zhongguo sinven referring to the Chinese service of flood and drought.

Under the influence of the mass of cold air on 9-10 June, heavy rains were in the basin of the Yangtze River and Huai River. The level of precipitation at a number of the province of Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has exceeded 200 millimeters. Heavy rainfall led to

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Large forest fire in China


BEIJING, April 1 — RIA Novosti, Oleg Ostroukhov. Chinese firefighters have about a day can not extinguish wildfires on an area of 10 square kilometers in the mountains near Changxing Island in Dalian City in northeast China, passed on Friday, local media reported. The fire was discovered at about 14.00 local time (10.00 MSK) on Thursday, the causes of fire are still unknown.

Firefighting prevent high wind. To extinguish the fire involved the military.

Changxing Island is the fifth largest island in China and the largest north of the Yangtze River. On Changxing in 2010 zone was established economic

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SU-35 DOES NOT WARRANT PLA Air Force air superiority — Chinese Professor

  In his interview with Taiwan’s Central News Agency Canadian military analyst Andrew Chang (Andrei Chang) answered the question really whether buying Su-35 fighters in the interests of the PLA Air Force, reports February 16. According to him, during the Singapore Airshow CEO Russian United Aircraft Company Misha Pogosyan said that Our homeland is unlikely to support China in its efforts again to copy the modern Russian fighters. Copying foreign fighter will not bring any significant progress in the development of the Chinese aviation industry, much less the Su-35 is not a new fighter. China itself should create a

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In China, the 100-meter frozen waterfall

Residents of the province of Zhe-jiang in China witnessed a rare natural phenomenon. Waterfall, a height of about 100 meters, completely frozen.

According, amazing scenery attracts many tourists who enjoy taking pictures on the background of an ice waterfall.

Specifies that, in the region cold snap in early January — the norm. It was at this period is the coldest days of the year. Usually decrease in temperature is accompanied by heavy rains and winds.


12 people were killed by the collapse of the underground garage in China


Photo: EPA

9.10.11.Chast ceiling collapsed in an underground garage in the north-east of China, 12 people were killed, the agency Xinhua citing rescuers.

The incident took place last night in the city of Dalian, Liaoning Province. Cause of the collapse is not yet known. According to the agency, in the garage were building. All during the collapse of the ceiling under the ground there were 17 workers, four lifeguards rescued. Search for another still ongoing, according to RIA Novosti.

Source: Voice of Russia

Permafrost kills Tibet

Scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences calls attention to how climate change ovechaet on permafrost in the west of the country phenomenon has become an unexpected turn.

Beijing, January 10. Chinese scientists have found that the amount of water supplied to the major river — the Yangtze — at its source on the Tibetan plateau, has fallen for 40 years at 15%, which is contrary to the data on the increase on the same 15% level of the melting of glaciers and the increasing number of storm rainfall during the same period.

This is the conclusion of environmental

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Snowfalls in China demolish houses


22.01.11.Na southwest China hit snow and freezing rain, which caused chaos on the roads and power outages.

In Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region under the weight of wet snow hit 332 home, the authorities were forced to evacuate more than six thousand people.

Only in the Guangxi Zhuang region suffered almost three million inhabitants. Icing caused a break 15 lines, for the same reason closed Highway 132.

In neighboring Hunan province due to bad weather affected some 10 million people, 73 thousand people were evacuated. In many places, mobile phones stopped working. In Hubei Province registered Heavy snowfall over the

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The largest lake in China decreased in 2 times


January 10. The water level in the largest freshwater lake in China fell to the lowest in 60 years, as reported by Chinese state media. This decline is detrimental to the local environment and affects the water supply more than 120 thousand people.

To date, the size of Poyang Lake, which is located in the eastern province of Jiangxi, is less than half of the former. The depth of the reservoir dropped to 8 meters. The news agency "Xinhua" reported that the result of the level of water in the rivers feeding the lake, and the reason for

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