China captured the cold and snow

Chinese people are surprised the weather is changeable. A couple of days ago, the country was lost in a dense fog, and today there is white with snow.

As reported, in the northern regions of China have dropped heavy snowfall. Thousands of hectares of land became bright white. Because of the cold snap trees were covered with frost. These weather conditions have turned ordinary forest in China in a scene from a magical winter wonderland.

An explosion at a mine in China


At the time of the explosion in the mine were 11 miners. Photo: (c) Associated Press

15.08.11.V gas explosion at a coal mine in China has killed more than 10 people, the Associated Press reports citing local press.

According to local media reports, the incident occurred in Guizhou province in the southwest of the country last night. At the time of the explosion in the mine were 11 miners. One worker survived, but he suffered serious burns. Other details of the accident are still unknown. Is under investigation.

Recall that in July in a mine in eastern China

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In China, there was an earthquake. Destroyed nearly 300 homes

Last night, Dec. 1, in China, there was an earthquake magnitude of 5.2, resulting in destroyed 290 residential buildings, 1000 966 — damaged. As reported by Xinhua, the authorities evacuated 1.45 thousand.

The earthquake occurred in the county Shache County Xinjiang Kashi at 20:48 local time.

Tremors were felt in an area with a population of over 11,000 people, but the data on deaths and injuries on this point are not available.

Sent to affected areas food and essential items.

Recall that in late November, an earthquake of magnitude 5.4 occurred in the northern part of

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Nitrogen deposition Pacific is growing rapidly

An international team of scientists from the U.S. and South Korea conducted a study to determine the level of contamination of the Pacific Ocean with nitrates. The obtained data on the concentrations of phosphorus and nitrogen at different depths Yellow, Japan and the East China Sea, suggest that pollution Pacific continues to this day. Scientists point out that the rapid growth of pollution Pacific began in the 80s of the last century, when there was a rapid increase in population and industrial growth in the region, especially in China. In the oceans of the world at that time got

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In northwest China earthquake of magnitude 5.0


BEIJING, October 16. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Theodore Fats /. 5.0-magnitude earthquake occurred today in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China. Reported by the Chinese Earthquake Administration.

Earthquakes have been recorded at 21:44 local time / 17:44 MSK /. Information on casualties or damage were reported.

Source: Euronews


Typhoon in China evacuated more than 1.5 million people

China is on the typhoon hit "Haykuey" forced the east coast of the country to carry out a mass evacuation of the population — at the moment of Zhejiang province has removed about 1.54 million people. Brunt of the disaster left without electricity around 400,000 homes, according to ITAR-TASS.

In the midst of the typhoon was the city of Ningbo, where the flood arose cut off by a few hundred people. Now the area is working to save lives.

In addition, the region has severely disrupted transport links in certain areas suspended high-speed trains, airports canceled hundreds of flights,

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Brand new evil empire for the United States (Der Spiegel, Germany)

Americans move their warships in the Pacific Ocean and try to reach the location of India as a new partner, and China cooperates with Afghanistan: Washington and Beijing are fighting in Asia for a dominant position. At the same time, Barack Obama is more aggressive than in the time George W. Bush.

Since taking office, President Barack Obama's foreign policy, as the policy of the U.S. security than ever focused on Beijing. Turned out the messiah in Machiavelli, president of the United States not only continues its predecessor's Asian policy of George W. Bush, who has focused on the ascent

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China: Hainan rains and floods

Flooding in China

October 9, 2011. At the end of the outgoing week, former tropical storm "Nalgae" (19th this year), hit by torrential rains in the south of China and Vietnam, where it fell to about 100 mm.

Especially got the southern province of China — Hainan, where for three days does not stop torrential rain, which in turn caused severe floods. In Haikou water level in some places up to 1.5 meters.

The coastal zone has a storm. Therefore, local authorities were forced to evacuate more than 113 thousand people in the bay have

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The first snow has covered China

October 5. Frozen roads. Transport works intermittently.

Province Yushu was not ready for a drastic change in the weather. But for the residents and tourists in the snow fun. They take pictures, play winter games. By the way, the snow shocked inhabitants of the north-western China is not the first time. Last year, the white shroud covered with a herd of camels.

Source: ONT.BY

Cold atmospheric front fall on southern China, bringing heavy downpours

September 18.Powerful cold atmospheric front fall within the next three days in parts of China, located to the south of the Yangtze River,

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A landslide in southwest China. Photo


CHENGDU, fevralya.Tri 28 people died in a landslide in the district of Mission, Sichuan Province in southwest China. To date, three others remain missing, reports "Xinhua" referring to the local fire service.

On the eve of about 6:40 in the mining company "Zhonghe" Mia came to the county landslide that covered the homes of two families, resulting in six people are still missing. At the moment is intense search for the missing.

News Photo from



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