Earthquake in southern China has caused flood and landslides


After the earthquake in southern China the flood and mudslide. Photo:

17.03.11.Kak newspaper reported "Tsinghua", March 14, in the county Intszyan southern Chinese province of Yunnan, on building sites and fields of cracks width of about 10 cm from the ground is water with sand, making these areas has already begun, and the flood mudflows.

We remind you that on 10 March at 13 pm Beijing time (8:00. MSK), the county Intszyan Yunnan province in the south-west, seismological services earthquake was recorded 5.8 points.

Local residents accuse the authorities of the fact that they only pay attention

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China and the Myth invest in the Caribbean in order to reduce and prevent climate change

The Caribbean region includes about 7,000 large and small islands and reefs.

Guyana is ready to capitalize on … as soon as China will lend $ 1 billion in the Caribbean region for their economic development

September 14. Georgetown — Business Conference third one China-Caribbean Forum on Economic and Trade Cooperation in Trinidad and Tobago have shown promising results in terms of finance, proposed by China, to support the regional states, increased exports, agricultural development and cooperation in the field of education.

Among the countries of the Caribbean Community (Caricom from the English. Caribbean Community — Trade and Economic

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Explosion at chemical plant in China


Beijing. April 14. Interfax-China-at a chemical plant in the city of Daqing in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, an explosion occurred, local media reported on Thursday night.

According to preliminary data, the explosion killed at least nine people.

While information about the possibility of getting chemicals into the atmosphere there.

Nesat made it to China and Vietnam

September 30.

Deadly typhoon "Nesat" fell on Friday on the southern coast of China (formerly the Philippines disaster victims were 43 people).

China has tried to take steps to avoid the worst. From the island of Hainan have been evacuated about 300,000 people. In hazardous areas interrupted rail and air links, closed and ferry Hainan Strait, which separates the island from the mainland of China.

This typhoon — the most powerful of the 17 that hit at this year's People's Republic.

In Hong Kong, because of the element was closing. Not work shops and public institutions, without pubic

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In Primorye, from an unknown poison killed birds

The laboratory studies showed that the cause of their deaths on the border with China, the Northern Territory was the poisoning of unknown poison the Chinese side.

According to witnesses, citizens of China regularly throw cereals (probably rice) in the floodplain of the river border with China Sungacha. And grains are scattered on the shore as the PRC and on the side of Russia. This eventually leads to the death of wild waterfowl. Then the citizens of China is collecting carcasses of ducks, and sometimes the number of collected game reaches very large amounts — it fills the entire

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Freezing rain in China


1.01.11.V Chinese New Year's Day was marked by bad weather in multiple regions. About two thousand passengers stranded in Lhasa (the administrative center of the Tibet Autonomous Region): Because of a dust storm 12 flights were canceled.

Dust that is driving strong wind enveloped the entire North-West China, will move ITAR-TASS. Most flights canceled today in Chongqing and Chengdu (Sichuan Province).

And in the Southwest China, most recently — in Moscow and Moscow region, hit freezing rain. At the airport, Guiyang (Guizhou provincial capital) because they delayed 36 flights. In the 27 counties and cities in the province of

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Typhoon in the South China Sea

Over the South China Sea, off the coast of Vietnam, there is a tropical storm. This atmospheric vortex named Haytang (Haitang). According to experts the pressure at its center is 996 mb. Typhoon moves slowly to the north-east. Maximum winds near its center of up to 25 m / s. On the east coast of Vietnam were heavy rains, one day received more than 80 mm in Danang (Da nang) rainfall reached 96 mm (about 25% of the monthly average).

It is predicted that in the future will continue to grow typhoon, by Tuesday, the pressure at the center

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In China, e-passports will be introduced


Beijing, May 4 / Xinhua / — On May 15 of this year in China will be introduced e-passports. It became known yesterday corr. Xinhua News Agency at the Ministry of Public Security of China.

According to the responsible representative of the Ministry, a new type of passports containing an electronic chip that records the personal information of the holder, including name, date of birth, digital photo and fingerprints. Is manufactured using a large number of technologies and materials to protect them from fraud, which will help improve the security of the passport and its effective protection against fraud.

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The massive flooding in half a century occurred in the north-west of China.

The massive flooding in half a century occurred in the north-west of China. In Shaanxi province of the banks out of the river. The traffic in the region was paralyzed. Flood waters threaten to destroy the bridges. Evacuated from dangerous areas, more than 70 thousand people.

To struggle with the elements thrown thousands of rescuers and volunteers. They reinforce the dikes and dams. Despite all efforts, the water in Shaanxi were 10 cities. More than 30,000 houses completely flooded. Still about 70,000 were damaged.

Have become victims of the weather were 35 people. 17 of them were buried powerful

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Landslide in northwestern China has killed 10 people.

On Sunday, September 18, in the north-west China landslide killed nine and injured 22 people. As RIA "Novosti", gathering one hundred thousandth the mass gryazekamennoy occurred on Sunday in the Chinese province of Shaanxi. According to local news agency Xinhua, a landslide covered the brick factory and destroyed part of the ceramics factory, located near the capital of Shaanxi. In rescue work at the site was attended by over 700 people. However, search operations and analysis of blockages complicated three new landslide of more than 30,000 cubic meters gryazekamennoy mixture.In China this summer, heavy rains cause more floods and landslides.

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