A metallurgical plant in China explosion


Nanchang, Nov. 17 / Xinhua / — Last night, at a metallurgical plant Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province / East China / leak of liquid iron, which caused an explosion, resulting in 123 people were evacuated. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

In the evening, around 21:50 molten iron flowing from a blast furnace of the plant after the cooling unit burned at the intermediate node oven. Leakage of liquid iron at a temperature of over 1300 degrees, led to an explosion and fire nearby combustibles, said party secretary Liu Chang'an plant disaster.

After the incident, the scene was immediately launched

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Powerful solar flash disrupted communications in China


17.02.11.Samaya powerful solar flare in four years reached the Earth. China Meteorological Administration and the Xinhua News Agency reported on shortwave radio failures began in the south.

Astronomers and meteorologists believe that the effects of flash in the atmosphere over China will be felt over the next three days. According to the Solar Dynamics Laboratory NASA, outbreak occurred in the southern hemisphere of the Sun, the flow of solar particles is about 900 kilometers per second. Giant flare, which occurred yesterday, was preceded by a few lower class.

The last major incident involving the failure of the

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China has discovered a new virus


17.03.11.Kitayskie scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have discovered a previously unknown virus carried by ticks, which has killed 36 people in 6 provinces in September last year.

Infected people much fever, and deny certain bodies. The virus was detected in a 171-person for a 6 provinces in China, says Xinhua.



On the border with China earthquake

On the night of May 31, on the border with China was an earthquake of magnitude 4.2. This was reported on the website of the European Seismological Center (European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre).

According to seismologists, the earthquake occurred at 22.37 Astana time. The epicenter was located 190 kilometers to the north-east of the city of Aksu (China, Xinjiang). The earthquake was at a depth of one kilometer.

Recall, May 24, at the border of China and Kazakhstan there were two earthquakes. The first earthquake of magnitude 3.9 was recorded at 4:29 am Astana time in China near the eastern border

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China: more than 30 million people have been affected by drought

The consequences of the worst in the last 50 years of drought in China in more or less experienced about 35 million people, according to the government.

More than five million people lack drinking water, in addition, due to the reduction of hydro there is a shortage of electricity in the region.

Employees of the world's largest dam on the Yangtze River have warned that if in the next two weeks is not the rain, they are no longer able to discharge water from the river.

The effects of drought in the agricultural sector could have a

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Global food production could fall

Climate change in the coming decade, in which severe drought is expected in China and North America, could have a negative impact on food production, predicts the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

"Abrupt climate change will become more frequent in the future, especially the heat waves and heavy precipitation, — said the head of the WMO Omar Baddur in an interview Bloomberg. — These factors, together with a decrease in rainfall in some regions, including the Mediterranean and China have an impact on agriculture and crops. "

The most dramatic change in the weather, including the U.S., may reduce

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Typhoon «Songda» became supertyphoon

27 maya.V Thursday typhoon «Songda» supertyphoon gained momentum. The average wind speed near the center exceeded 200 km / h Eve supertyphoon passed northeastern Philippine Islands Lusson and is now shifting to the north east of Taiwan. China's weather service declared a storm warning on the powerful waves. As expected, May 27-28, in the East China Sea, in the northeast of the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait to the wave height can reach 3-5 meters.

Source: news.gismeteo.ru.

Drought in China recognized the strong half-century

Drought in China recognized the strong half-century

China is experiencing a severe drought in the past 50 years. There dry ponds and paddy fields, there is a risk disruptions the world's largest hydroelectric power station "Three Gorges" on the Yangtze River. This Wednesday, May 25, according to Agence France-Presse.

The cause of drought is extremely low precipitation in January and April 2011 in the Yangtze River basin. Rainfall on the longest and economically important river in China this year by an average of 40 percent below normal in the past 50 years.

Earlier suggestions that could contribute to the

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China fired plant


23.02.11.Na east China fired plant containers. According to Xinhua, the fire broke out at the enterprise in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province on Wednesday morning. Information about the victims have not yet been reported. It is currently known that firefighters continue to fight the fire.

To date, the rescuers managed to evacuate the plant in flames 10.

According to incoming reports, at the time of fire inside the building were at least 20 people, according to ITAR-TASS.


Extreme drought in southern China

From a lack of drinking water there are suffering more than 5 million people. China's largest river Yangtze shoaled so much that we had to stop shipping. In Poyang, the largest freshwater lake of the country, the water level dropped to its lowest level in the last 100 years.

Tremendous losses in agricultural output, half the rice fields in the surrounding area dried up, dying fish. Estimated to forecasters, rain in the region in the near future is expected. Among the probable causes of abnormal weather scientists call industrial emissions, which may impede precipitation.

Source: 1tv.ru.

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