China is experiencing a severe drought

China has established a strong over the past half-century drought. The most catastrophic situation is observed in the eastern province of Shandong. In some areas of the province such low rainfall was about 200 years. "China Daily" reported virtually no precipitation since October last year.


Earthquake in China damaged 600 homes

Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 occurred in southern China on Tuesday, resulting in damage to more than 600 buildings, in varying degrees, affected tens of thousands of people, according to Xinhua, citing data from the local authorities. The earthquake occurred in the county Intszyan Yunnan. The epicenter was at a depth pushes 10 kilometers.

According to information from the region, the underground hit completely destroyed one house and led to the damage of another 677 buildings. As a result, on Tuesday night from the affected region were urgently evacuated to 64.5 thousand.

In the disaster area aimed humanitarian

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The first batch of the Altai flour shipped to China

Wheat flour produced Rebrihinskim grain processing combine in the Altai region first appearance on the market of China. The company, part of the company's "PAVA" expanding its exports its products, high quality is appreciated by Russian and foreign manufacturers of bakery products.

In late April of this year, grain processing plant shipped its first ever batch weighing flour trade mark "Altai-Father" and first grade flour brand "PAVA" to the People's Republic of China. Delivery has been made under a contract entered into with a major Chinese trading company licensed to import wheat flour and the quota for the

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In China, there was a powerful earthquake

4.8 magnitude earthquake recorded in southern Chinese province of Yunnan. This is reported by the local media.Earthquakes have been recorded at 15:11 (10:11 MSK) in the county Intszyan. Epicenter was at a depth strike ten kilometers. An hour later, the tremors have been recorded on the Chinese island of Taiwan. Magnitude of the underground hit, the epicenter of which is located in Hualien County at a depth of seven kilometers, reached 5.3. Information on casualties or damage were reported.Note that the strong recent earthquake in southwest China in May 2008. The epicenter was located in the province of Sichuan, killing

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In north-west China zemletyasenie magnitude 5.2


BEIJING, June 26. In northwest China earthquake with magnitude 5.2. As noted by the radio "Freedom", the victims or destruction of information yet. According to some reports, tremors were registered in the same region of Tibet, where more than a year ago, an earthquake of magnitude 7.1 killed 2 thousand 700 people.

Recall, June 20, in the district of Tenchun Baoshan Yunnan earthquake magnitude 5.2, which resulted in damage to varying degrees 9741 house, including 94 houses collapsed. As a result, injured six people. As reported by "Rosbalt", in the earthquake-affected areas delivered 405 tents and 400 blankets provided

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Stork death in China



13.11.12.Pechalnye news came from China. For many birds migrating from eastern Siberia, not only flight, but life itself ends long before they have time to reach the wintering grounds.

Measures to increase the security, including a ban on hunting licenses, reduced the shooting, but no bird deaths. Poachers have been used for decades quieter, but no less effective methods and, above all, poison baits and spider net. A significant proportion of birds caught in ways that are neohotnichi and rare species.

November 11, 2012 at Beydagang reservoir, located in the province of Tianjin to the south-east

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Sinkhole in Central China

Karst holes

Giant crater obrazovavshaesya resulting subsidence February 14, 2011. Photo: icpress

Large-scale sinkhole occurred early Monday morning on February 14 in the mountains near the city of Ezhou, Hubei Province in central China resulting crater 5200 square meters. Events This did not cause severe damage and loss of life, according to a local newspaper, Chutianjinbao.

Subsidence occurred in a place where being mining and that probably led to a crater 80 meters long, 65 meters wide and 40 meters deep experts said in the report.

Police cordoned off the area adjacent to the failure within 100 meters from

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China will lose 18,000 sq km of land due to global warming

Global warming and sea level surrounding China would flood coastal areas of the country with total area of 18,000 square kilometers by 2030, according to Chinese media, referring to the study of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the State Meteorological Administration of China and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The average temperature in the land of China has increased by 1.38 degrees Celsius from 1951 to 2009, according to a study. During the same period, the area of glaciers has decreased by 10%. Warming continues, according to the authors of the study, by 2030, the

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5.1 earthquake in Xinjiang


1.01.11.Po post seysmosluzhby China, January 1 at 9:56 am Beijing time on the county Teaching Ketszylesu-Kirghiz Autonomous Region of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region / North-West China / zemletryaseniemagnitudoy was 5.1 on the Richter scale.

The epicenter of quake had the following coordinates: 39.4 degrees north latitude and 75.2 degrees east longitude. The earthquake lies at a depth of about 10 kilometers.

China Radio International

The drought came to the central and eastern provinces of China

Eastern province of Anhui and central Hubei experiencing extremely dry weather conditions. Hundreds of people in these parts of China are experiencing a shortage of drinking water, let alone water for other purposes. From May 2012 to the north of Anhui fell only 26 mm of rainfall, which is the lowest in the history of the province. Along the banks of a dry river Vohe on line 3 km long left over a thousand boats, had been actively engaged in fishing. The drought has left more than two thousand people out of work and food. According to forecasts, the situation

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