South and East China are preparing for the arrival of tropical storm

A tropical cyclone over the city Kiongay, Hainan Province. June 17, 2012.At least two Chinese provinces will soon take over the kick in the fifth tropical storm this year, called Talim. It is expected that the development of a tropical cyclone storm will affect the eastern and southern parts of China. At the moment it is 740 km from the district Zhaoan, Fudzyan province, and 160 kilometers from Venchang, the southernmost point of Hainan Province.

Wind speed within the storm reaches 64 km / h Rain exceptional strength already recorded in many districts Fudzyana, located just across the Taiwan Strait,

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Climate change: much worse than it looks

According to a new analysis, China's carbon dioxide emissions could be almost 20% higher than expected. This means that humanity is marching to global climate change more rapidly than previously thought. If the assumption is proved more obvious facts that China overtook the U.S. in terms of air pollution by greenhouse gases, producing a quarter of the excess CO2 in the world. China Central Television building in Beijing, surrounded by smog. Experts doubt relate to the data provided by China's energy consumption. When comparing data on energy use at the national level and in each province separately, from 1997

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In failure. Photographic

But the places that you see in the pictures under the cut, failed over too. This is — a selection of photos of holes that can asunder right under your feet (or wheels) and absorb all. Fortunately, the majority of failures in this post caused only material damage, although some still carried with them, and human life.

(41 photos total)

1. A huge sinkhole in Guatemala. In this newly formed crater suddenly missing three. (REUTERS / Stringer)

2. Cars fell into an underground cave system on the road in the southern Italian city of Gallipoli. There were

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China: The Life and is deeply buried




At least two kinds of microorganisms, fed with iron ions, and methane, live at a depth of two thousand feet underground. This surprising discovery recently released Chinese and American researchers collaborating on a project on deep drilling in Jiangsu Province in the east of China.

According to

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China landslide destroyed a whole village

China landslide destroyed an entire village. A piece of land with stones in minutes separated from the large hill and slid right on the houses. According to preliminary reports, the victims do not. But five hundred residents now homeless. Displacement caused prolonged downpours. After a natural disaster in the region, disrupted electricity and damaged roads.

Source: Details TV


China: the release of waste water into the rivers led to the death of fish


20.04.11.Vybros waste water has caused the death of large numbers of fish near the city of Nanjing in eastern China. Raw sewage got into nearby rivers due to the closure of the plant in water purification, which caused the deaths of thousands of fish in the waters of Jiangsu Province, said local authorities. Water treatment plant that cleans more than 100 000 tons of water a day, suspended its work on Thursday last week, due to a breakdown of the main pump. That is what led to the ingress of contaminated water into the river. Settled hot weather aggravated

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Landslide in Chinas Yunnan province

In the south-western region of China landslide occurred, cover one of the primary schools in the village Geniez province of Yunnan. As a result of the disaster killed 18 students of the school. By landslides remained as a classroom in which children were engaged, and two commercial buildings, next to him.

In addition to students among the dead was a resident of the village. Victims could be three people more, but one of the families living in the village, managed to escape on their own. All the surviving villagers urgently evacuated to safety. As it turned out, the children

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A marked reduction in the area of the longest valley glacier on Mount Tsilyanshan in western China

In recent years, a noticeable reduction in the area long valley glacier called 12th Laohugou glacier on Mount Tsilyanshan, located at the junction of the provinces of Qinghai and Gansu / Northwest China /. These are the results of recent studies conducted by Chinese glaciologists.

Laohugou — the largest valley glacier Nan. Photo:

Employees of the Research Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering of cold and arid areas of the country at the Academy of Sciences of China and glacial station Tsilyanshan on researches concluded that the melting of the glacier Laohugou closely linked to climate change.

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Each region of China — its a disaster

Residents of several Chinese provinces experienced the vagaries of nature. In the north-west of the country in mid-May unexpectedly returned winter.

The temperature dropped to minus 8 degrees, some areas at the mercy of the snowstorm. The green fields of wheat powder with snow, and the streets turned into a skating rink. From the roofs of houses overhang 20-centimeter icicles, and the trees were covered with ice. Is not it easier situation in the eastern region, which showered the size of a walnut.

Emergency lasted only a minute, but in that time have been broken glass hail

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China mudslide washed away homes and roads. Video. Photo


4.07.11.V southwestern China's Sichuan province torn by landslides. Destroyed part of the central element of the region's highways. From nearby villages were evacuated people.

As reported, eight people were missing after a mudslide covered one of there the dormitories. And in southern China has flooded several mines. Three miners were killed. Another two dozen miners were under the rubble. They are trying to save.

According to China's Xinhua News Agency, due to prolonged rains on many roads Wenchuan County Aba because of mudslides interrupted traffic. 7000 cars stuck on the roads.

July 2 in many

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