TMK completed the delivery of large-diameter pipes for the project Central Asia — China

Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK), one of the world's largest producers of pipes for the oil and gas industry, in full, in accordance with the contract has supplied pipes for the international gas pipeline project "Central Asia — China."

The contract TMK in the period January to September 2013 has shipped more than 100 tons of welded longitudinal tubes 1,219 mm, a wall thickness of 17.5 mm with a three-layer polyethylene external and internal surface coatings. The product Volga Pipe Plant in accordance with API Spec 5L American Petroleum Institute. Pipes are delivered to the Republic of

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Now it works for us. Part 1

Russian companies are actively acquire foreign assets. The goal of our business — quickly adopt modern technology, expand the product line, develop new markets and use the best brains to grow your business.


Foreign expansion of Russian companies have not only limited to a single output products to foreign markets. Our entrepreneurs are buying and production facilities, R &D-center, open subsidiaries logistics companies and so on.

What motivates Russian industrial enterprises engaged in shopping outside the country? How to buy assets abroad contributes to the development of their business? And what problems they have at

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U.S. urged Russia and China to use its influence to curb North Korea

MOSCOW, April 2 — RIA Novosti.U.S. calls on Russia and China to take a more active part in deterring North Korea, said at a news conference, White House spokesman Jay Carney, as quoted by Agence France-Presse.

"It's no secret that China has a potential impact on North Korea," — said Carney at a press conference on the situation around North Korea and its stated intention to resume operation of the nuclear reactor at Yongbyon. "We have called and again urge China to try to influence the DPRK. Moreover, we encourage and Russia," — said Carney.

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U.S. peace-loving Russian: Information War against Russia

For that year, the Western occult organizations are preparing to consciousness inhabitants of aggression against Russia. Australian Think Tank — "Institute for Economics and Peace" — released annual ranking of peacefulness.

According to it, Russia ranked 7th from the bottom — 147th. Such reports are no longer a rarity: in 2007, rated calm of Global Peace Index, prepared by analysts of his Economist Intelligence Unit, the Russian Federation from 121 countries took the "honorable" 118th, in the same group with Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria, Israel, Iran has even been called peace-loving Russia — 96th place.

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U.S. closed access to its market technologies from China

The U.S. Congress passed a new law prohibiting the purchase of any process equipment in China. Beijing criticized Washington's initiative and assured that such measures will benefit the development of bilateral relations.

The new ban will affect first of all the departments of Justice and Commerce, as well as affect NASA. These institutions are no longer able to buy the Chinese information technology equipment without the approval of the federal government. Thus, the new initiative does not explicitly restrict buying IT systems in China, but greatly complicates the process, explain the American media.

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Paul Craig Roberts: Distraught Washington

In the XXI century, two hundred year propaganda that the American people control their government fell apart completely. Bush and Obama regimes clearly given to understand that the American people can not even influence the government, not to mention his control. For Washington, the people no more than dust in the wind.

Polls show that 65% of the U.S. population against the invasion of Syria. Despite this clear pointer to the popular will, the Obama regime fanning anti-Syrian propaganda to further equip sent to overthrow the secular Syrian government mercenaries and Washington to create a

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The new world order: the game on an equal

Columnist for "The Guardian" Seamus Milne believes that the first news about the end of the so-called New World Order came in 2008. "In August, — writes the progressive British journalist — U.S. customer was crushed Georgia in a brief but bloody war, after its army was attacked by Russian troops in the disputed territory of South Ossetia."

The fighting ended, and George W. Bush warned Russia: do not, they say, to recognize South Ossetia. But Russia has recognized.

Here the author sees the first turning point of the geopolitical level. Russia and the independent decision was made against

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November 13 British military Weekly Jane’s Defence Weekly published pictures of «unusually large» artillery systems that are on the local test center armor and artillery stationed in the desert to the north-west of the town of Baotou (Inner Mongolia province Suyyuan, China). Satellite image shows two guns mounted on concrete surfaces (one length of 33.5 m, the second 24 m). First pictures appeared between September 2010 and December 2011, satellite imagery confirmed that in July 2013 the guns continued to be on this site. Perhaps these guns are used for testing high-speed extra high-range missiles. China historically showed enthusiasm for


Tangle of contradictions in the nuclear triumvirate

Our homeland, the United States and China are different strategic stability in the world Eugene Druzin On the background of the financial and economic problems plaguing the West and echoed in Asia, Africa and Latin America, the tumultuous events in the Middle East Bolshennom global media attention attracts almost one permanent problem, which is still the main factor in preventing a hypothetical global catastrophe. Weekly «VBC» tried to figure out the available on this day specifics of mutual nuclear deterrence, also features views on the prospects for the reduction of strategic offensive arms (START) 3 powers — their main

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Belarus hopes for Chinese loans?

At the airport, handed reporters a written appeal of the Chinese premier. It notes that the visit "will be an additional incentive for the development of China-Belarus relations." China — one of the main trade partners of Belarus. According to the latest least This year it occupies the fifth place in the» on the volume of trade. For 8 months, this figure reached the almost 800 million dollars. Chinese imports from Belarus more potash samzvaly, machines and devices. Belarusians bought in China in the main equipment, components and materials, consumer products. Last visit of Chinese control such level in Belarus

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