Qigong and cope with AIDS




The other day visited Riga very curious visitor — a professor at Beijing Research Institute of special abilities at the Academy of Sciences of China, member of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, a professor of the Beijing joint Sino-Western Hospital, qigong master.

His name Sui

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Friction 2-global economic giants

Luring the enemy on their own terrain suitable.Then he cut off communications bandwidth and escape routes.To escape, he will be obliged to fight with you and with the terrain.20 eighth Chinese stratagems

Although in the near future the relative power of China in the world has increased significantly, main objectives of Chinese foreign policy and defense not changed since the days of cool war deconstructive limit the impact of foreign countries, to avoid the loss of territory, and continue economic growth.

China has become one of the few countries in which there are significant national interests in every part of

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Cryogenmash developing a new LNG equipment and supplies products to China

As part of the contract with Chongqing Huarui Petroleum &Chemical Stock Co., Ltd (Chongqing, China) Russian joint venture will develop and manufacture the three blocks of natural gas liquefaction OP-3 LNG capacity of 3 tons per hour each. On the basis of these blocks in Shanxi Province of China (PRC) will be put into operation a natural gas liquefaction plant with total capacity of 9 tons of LNG per hour. In addition to manufacturing equipment Kriogenmash specialists will provide services on chief three blocks OP-3.0, manual pre-commissioning and training of staff.

Cryogenmash China has already put in nine blocks

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To chemical companies in China leaked twenty tons of toxic substances

At a chemical plant in eastern China has leaked about 20 tons of the toxic substance. According to ITAR-TASS referring to Xinhua, the accident occurred today in the afternoon at the company's "Hailan" located in the industrial area of Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

It is a toxic chemical called hydrofluoric acid. After detecting leakage employees and residents located in the area homes were immediately evacuated. Information on injuries were reported. At the accident site has special services, police and fire brigades. Operation is to eliminate the effects of leakage, the causes of which have not yet been established.

Hydrofluoric acid

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Technology captured in Iran Sentinel could fall into the hands of China

Access to downed in Iran South American reconnaissance UAV RQ-170 Sentinel, which is used in the design of technology "Stealth", will give China a huge capacity to absorb the hidden way to the back of the U.S. technology engineering.

In the near future are very actively discusses the rumors that China may eventually gain access to the "Sentinel". If this becomes a reality, China will be able to master the key technology that will be applied to them in the aerospace industry. Namely, it may relate to the development of countermeasures can detect and South American stealth drone aircraft flying

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Siberian tiger was trapped in China

MOSCOW, November 3 — RIA Novosti. Siberian male tiger died in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, suffocated in poaching wire loop, said on Thursday the Amur branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia, with reference to Chinese colleagues.

"The discovery of a dead tiger, unfortunately, did not a surprise to us, the death of the animal was predictable. Working a year ago in the neighboring province (Jilin), on each route, we found a number of loops that hoofed animals that live there, there was no chance of survival … landed in the trap adult male may well have come

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Russian land to foreigners buying black

Photo: rb.ru

Chinese, Italian, Swedish and Danish companies control for millions of acres of arable Russian

Different kinds of natural disasters are increasingly affect countries that are considered the world's main producers and consumers of food at the same time. The most frightening in this regard was in 2010 when drought, floods and other natural disasters assailed simultaneously in China, India, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Australia, Pakistan. It is no accident, it was then president of the World Bank, Robert Zeelik, warned that "the world for the first time in recent memory, separate from the chaos is only

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Corporation Bogdan certified cars JAC

"Bogdan" Corporation, one of the leading Ukrainian automakers, has completed certification in Ukraine five models of Chinese cars JAC, which in September will be sold in the trading network of the corporation, and determined approximate prices for them.


According to the agency "Interfax-Ukraine" press secretary Sergei Krasulya Corporation, the estimated price of a compact hatchback A-Class J2 with an engine capacity of 999 cc. cm (Euro 4) was 69,999 th in complete standart and 73.999 thousand USD in complete luxury.

The flagship model line — J5 sedan with a gasoline engine of

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Minus Russia plus China America

Conflicting news on the current topic of China and Russia in the last days were filled with media. Some analysts, including the professorial ranks, convinced that after 20 years, China will become so massive that our motherland and the United States will create a strategic alliance against him. Other experts, including from the IMF are convinced that China and Our homeland has exhausted its model of economic growth. Still others believe that Chinese and Russian trend — just growth. Fourth convinced not America, and China and Russia are already doing an alliance whose purpose — to keep under control the

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Pacific Fleet ships arrived in China for joint naval exercises

VLADIVOSTOK, April 21. Troop ships of the Pacific Fleet (PF), bound by a joint Russian-Chinese exercises "Sea interaction-2012" on Saturday arrived in the Chinese port of Qingdao.

Large-scale exercises "Sea interaction-2012" will be held from 22 to 29 April in the Yellow Sea. They will be attended by more than 20 ships and support vessels of Russia and China.

Detachment of Pacific Fleet in the large anti-submarine ships (BOD) "Marshal Shaposhnikov", "Admiral Vinogradov" and "Admiral Tributs" tanker "Pechenga" and two tugs led by the guided-missile cruiser "Varyag" on Saturday, moored in the Chinese port of Qingdao. Each

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