China. Expedition combustible ice in the South Sea of Korea.

28.05.2012 China sent to the northern part of the South China Sea, the first ship «Haiyang-6" ("Ocean-6"), prepared for the integrated study of "combustible ice"(Gas hydrate).

This was reported in the management of the Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey of the Ministry of Land and Resources of China, the correspondent UKRINFORM.

"The purpose of the expedition — the acceleration of commercial production steps" combustible ice. " In case you have created all the conditions for the extraction of the samples, the following year to the next is scheduled to begin drilling

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China. UFO alien in the park!

Incredible video shot the young people in the park Fushin (China). On it they filmed a UFO, but rather a flying saucer, from which came the stranger!


China. Life ring, or a portal to other worlds?

In China, in the midst of building a huge metal ring in the center of Fushun City in Liaoning Province. The height of the building will be 157 meters, and many have already dubbed him the portal to other worlds. This structure is called the "Ring of Life".

Maybe this is just another example of the construction of objects that are passionate about an epidemic in China, like the whole ghost towns, consisting of thousands of buildings awaiting settlement.

On the creation of the ring structure has been

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China. 15 days into the sky.

In 2011, the in China only 15 days engineers havewas given to build a 30-story hotel360 hours of continuous operation in the city of Changsha, Hunan Province has been fully built hotel, according to the construction company Broad Group building can withstand a 9-magnitude earthquake. Want to see how this happened?

Thus in this building has been realized "6-fold economy of materials, 5-fold energy saving, environmentally friendly 20-fold." It is worth noting that even the Chinese themselves, who are used to the rapid pace of construction in the country, stunned

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China. Bred rose chameleon

China has been bred Rose, able to change color like a chameleon. Unfortunately, the video is not even in English because there is no detailed information yet. But to appreciate this wonderful flower you can.

China. Rose is a chameleon


China is preparing for war?

Many analysts believe that things in the world is much worse than talk about them. It is believed that The third world war is very real in the coming years. Actions and certain facts clearly show that many states are preparing for something. So China, according to international experts, buys more food, than in past years, as well as strengthening its metro line, as if preparing for a nuclear attack …

As reported by Joe Miller (economist and politician, Alaska, United States), it was reported that China is currently suffering

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Mysterious signs found in the mountains of China

February 17, 2012 18:41

In China, in caves, located high in the mountains were found strange signs, shaped like discs, made of granite with a hole in the middle. They, like the track, affixed to which many scientists have tried to decipher the world for twenty years. But, after much effort, Professor Tsum Umnuy able to read the inscription, which shocked scientists the whole Academy of Beijing. It spoke of aircraft, 12,000 years ago. People were afraid of their people, ham and sat in the shelter, and then deciding that the aliens (drop) came with good intentions, and went

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Taiwan deploys anti-Chinese anti-missile system

Taipei — May 28 Local media said that Taiwan for the first time launched cruise missiles capable of hitting major military base on the southeastern coast of mainland China.

Taiwanese "Hsiung feng"2E (Brave Wind) 480 km radius of the acts set in a batch create and put into service, said the Liberty Times, citing unnamed military the source. A project codenamed "Chichun" (Hawk Dive), the military spent about $ 1.02 billion. U.S. Department of Defense declined to comment on the information.

Taiwanese experts believe that the disposal of the military People — Liberation Army China has more than 1,600

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The hole swallowed a house and pond in Central China

Relatives of the missing have organized excavations in the hope of finding it. Photo from

China. Early in the morning of 14 July villagers Bayshen central Hubei province found that disappeared from the face of the earth house and pond with all the water and fish, and in their place a huge gaping hole. The house was one person, who is now considered to be missing. As reported by the publication "Wuhan Morning", now the fish pond, which covered an area of 2.1 hectares, remained bare place, there is not even a single fish. At the place

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China shocked the two powerful explosion at the mine and the mill. Killed 26 people

In China, a gas explosion at a coal mine killed 26 people. Reported by China Central Television.

The accident occurred in the evening of Tuesday, December 7, at a coal mine in the county Myanchi, 300 kilometers from the provincial capital of Henan — Zhengzhou City.

Previously, the agency Xinhua announced that the at the time of the explosion in the mine were 33 people, 20 of them managed to escape, while the remaining 13 were killed.

However, according to recent reports, the victims of the explosion was 26 people. At the time of the accident in the mine

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