China buys Russian submarines and fighter

During his visit to Moscow, President Xi Jinping was signed two framework agreements for the supply of Beijing 24 multi-role fighters Su-35 and four NNS Project 1650 "Cupid" (export version of Project 677 "Lada").

"This was the first in 10 years in China, purchasing Russian major weapons systems," — the Chinese media. According to the website TV channel CCTV, the submarine will be delivered in a "2 +2", which provides for the transfer of the two finished NNS and construction of two submarines under license from the transfer of technology (the depth of the transmission project is

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China ordered a Motor-Sich 250 engines for aircraft L-15


China plans to begin mass production of training aircraft L-15 engine with the Ukrainian AI-225-25F engine with afterburner combustion. It is reported that China has ordered 250 turbofans of this type. The basic model of AI-222 is a prototype fusion.

AI-222 developed by the design office of SE "Ivchenko-Progress" (Kiev, Ukraine) and is currently being used by Russian Yak-130. These motors are also mounted on three of the four prototypes of L-15. It was decided that China will use on production machines afterburning modification of AI-222-25F.

AI-222-25F engine at full afterburner thrust is 4200 kg.

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China wants a new Russian helicopter Mi-34C1

The Chinese side expressed interest in Russia's new modernized light helicopter Mi-34C1. As reported on Tuesday, the deputy director of marketing holding company "Helicopters of Russia" Victor Egorov, the company has already received requests for this rotary-wing aircraft.

In an interview with Itar-Tass on open air show "Eyshn Aerospace 2011", he said that in China is growing demand for light helicopters, which can be used for corporate and private transport. "China has enough rich people, especially in the south of the country to make such purchases," — said Yegorov.

A modified Mi-34C1 will be produced

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China has completed certification of A-27M

Moscow. January 31. Airports — Interstate Aviation Committee and the aviation authorities of China have signed an agreement to complete validation (recognition of the Russian type certificate) light multipurpose aircraft A-27M development Samara Ltd. "Aircraft Corporation" Avantage "informed" AviaPort "said deputy general director of marketing Vladimir Zykov. He said the plane A-27M has been certified by the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee in 2008 and that same year received with a certificate of noise on the ground. The problem in China was to confirm previously obtained characteristics and indicators and their compliance with the airworthiness requirements of

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China holds an expensive blow

«China Takes An Expensive Hit» — an editorial in the publication «Strategy Page», USA, on 11.10.2011

Sales of Russian jet aircraft engines AL-31 in China will exceed one thousand units thanks to several new orders in 2011. All this is due to the fact that China is seeking to expand its fleet of modern jet fighters (model J-10 and J-11). He also wants the pilots climbed into the air as often as possible to develop and maintain their combat skills. But the engines of long work wear quickly. Oh, and one more reason for new orders from Russia are

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China has chosen the quality of Rosatom


Today in force general contract for the construction of two units of Tianwan NPP in China. This was the outcome of the meeting held in Moscow on the Russian-Chinese subcommittee on nuclear issues, where they signed the relevant protocol. Thus, another important step in the development of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of nuclear energy.

The event was a milestone not only for the "atomic scientists." The signing of the agreement as a whole is of great foreign policy importance. In fact, China has chosen Russia as the most reliable partner for the implementation of joint

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China invests in new plant project

Russia's second largest gas producer, the company "Novatek", with China's CNPC signed an agreement to sell 20% stake in the project "Yamal LNG". The signing of a landmark agreement was preceded by a meeting of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, the chairman of China.

Amount of the transaction between the "Novatek" and CNPC were not disclosed. A preliminary agreement on the participation of Chinese companies in the Yamal project was signed during the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. The document suggested that CNPC and "Novatek" must sign all binding documents before October 1 of this year.

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China, through its press voiced its position on Syria

Countries opposed to military intervention in Syria should unite and prevent military aggression of the West. If the intervention does take place, should openly support the resistance of Damascus. It is reported by the Chinese edition in English The Global Times.

The authors believe that China "must clearly express its position on the situation in Syria." They also stress that the Syrian crisis "can strengthen trust China with some other countries."

Similar position is held by the newspaper China Daily. In one of its publications said that "without a sound legal framework, military

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U.S. decided not to sell the state does not recognize the new China fighter

Washington rejected the request for the supply of Taipei in Taiwan 66 F-16 fighter modification of C / D. As an island state candidates were invited to enjoy U.S. assistance in the modernization of already existing Taiwanese Air Force military boards. Observers believe that the deal breakers had a hand in China.

United States refused to sell Taiwan 66 F-16s C / D. Washington announced his decision to Taipei a few days back at a meeting of defense ministers 2-countries.

"We are very disappointed in the United States," — Defence News quoted the words of the representative of

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U.S. gained big brother

According to IMF estimates, in 2010 the U.S. GDP was 14.6 trillion. dollars, and China — 5.7 trillion. bucks. But many economists have long since concluded that the formal estimates of GDP based on Baksova terms of the economic value of products and services in the so-called global prices, poorly reflect the current state of things and can be misleading.

A more accurate picture of the scale one way or the other economy can be given, using PPP — purchasing power parity opportunities. PPP — the ratio between with 2 or more units of currency, currencies of different countries,

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