China found ancient phoenix




While Russian scientists are satisfied with the pompous academic (or not) the conference about the findings in Kostroma, the land of the human skull, "similar to Ivan Susanin", their Chinese counterparts found in the north of the Celestial fossils of ancient birds.

Bird, of course, very sorry,

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For the first time in the history of the country’s strategic nuclear deterrent force China’s sea-based approach the attainment of initial operational capability, according to a further report to the Commission of the U.S. Congress on China Defense News reported on November 11. At the end of this year is expected to rapidly deploy new solid-JL-2 SLBMs with a range of 4000 miles (7400 km), which will allow China to deliver nuclear strikes on the U.S. mainland. Missiles will be deployed on the 2-3-built Type 094 SSBN «Jin». By 2020, the PLA Navy may adopt another two strategic submarines of


By tomorrow the history of Eurasia

China's largest railway junction — the city of Zhengzhou / Henan Province, Central China / July 18 officially opened a direct line of cross-border container freight to Europe.

The new line connects Zhengzhou to the German city of Hamburg, passing through the territory of China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany. Its total length is 10,214 kilometers. The travel time along the whole line is 16-18 days, 15 days faster than send goods from Zhengzhou to Europe by sea. On the road freight twice passed customs control, the train passes twice on a new track.

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Strategic helplessness China

China is growing rapidly, he reincarnated into the second power in the world economic power, is rapidly increasing its own military capabilities, some analysts believe that by 2020, the Chinese armed forces will be able to solve the puzzles of the global, not just regional importance.

But China has a huge number of strategically fundamental weaknesses, recalling in this regard the third Reich Hitler. On many items 3rd Reich and China are similar.

— The need for "living space", Hitler's Germany and China today have evolved extensively, absorbing external resources and creating industrial products, which are sold abroad. China,

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Drought in southern China continues

The absolute worst drought in China over the last hundred years. In the region of rivers and lakes dry up.

According to preliminary calculations, the drought plaguing the Chinese province of Yinan, Guchzhou and Sichuan, and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was the cause of the plight of a million inhabitants. In Guangxi seriously affected include 200,000 Chinese people, more than 70 thousand head of cattle. In poor condition 31 000 hectares of agricultural land and the harvest in 2012 in these provinces, which drive up food prices. Especially noticeable drought in the west and south of Guangxi. There, the average

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Landslide in northwestern China crushed workers

7 people were buried under the earth in a landslide that occurred today in Xinyuan County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region / Northwest China /.

As it became known to the Government or-Kazakh Autonomous District, the landslide came down today at about 2:00 at the work site of one of the exploration companies. As a result, 11 people were in tents, are blocked. 4 of them managed to escape, the other 7 were captured elements.

Intensively conducted search and rescue operation.

China is able to launch a nuclear strike across the U.S.

China goes to qualitatively new level in world politics. In late October the Chinese media, of course, with the filing of the authorities, spread information that Celestial has sufficient military power in order to launch a nuclear strike on the country specifically the United States. For ordinary Yankees this message became a sensation, his discussions are on television and on the pages of newspapers noble. But why China publicly announced their own opportunities to use nuclear weapon against the United States? After all, for U.S. intelligence is probably not a secret. And why did it Celestial indirectly, through their national

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The mysterious complex in the desert of China

At the end of last month former CIA analyst Allen Thomson online news space industry came to a note about a new construction site for a tracking orbit located near the small town of Kashgar in the south-west of China. Intrigued, he went on to Google Earth, to see her there. Rummaged around for a while, but found nothing. And then stumbled on something strange.

Thompson served in the CIA from 1972 to 1985 and as a consultant to the National Intelligence Council until 1996 and made a bit of

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In China, there was a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.0

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.0 occurred in China, in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, located in the north-west of the country, on the morning of Tuesday, November 1, according to Chinese media.

China Seismological Service recorded the first tremor in the morning on October 31 at 8 hours 21 minutes.

The epicenter was located about 100 km east of the city Yining, and its center lies at a depth of 27 km. No casualties, casualties or damage no information.

Isinbayeva won gold at the stage of the Diamond League in China

Two-time Olympic champion pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva Russian has won his first competition in 2013 — at the stage of the Diamond League in Shanghai (China).

 On Saturday, Isinbayeva at the second attempt took height 4.70 meters. Second place with a score of 4.60 meters took American Mary Sakser. The top three winners closed the German Silke Spiegelburg, which overcome the height of 4.55 meters.

Russia's Anastasia Savchenko was sixth (4.40), and Alexandra Kiryashova all three attempts were unsuccessful.

Isinbayeva, who won a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in London, decided to

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