What fur?


Early June and I am standing — breath held — in a vast cavernous concrete space, whitewashed walls and racks of washboard-stiff mink skins stretching as far as the eye can see. They are lopped together with string, tails grazing the floor, tags identifying each lot — 20 female black cross mink, beside batches of 20 male blue iris.

There is a smell — cloying and sweet, which clings like a wet film of moisture

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The other Cold War

While everyone focused on the US-USSR power struggle, an even more bitter conflict was playing out between the USSR and China

On 2 March 1969, the Strategic Missile Forces went to high alert — their nuclear warheads ready to be loosed at targets 1,600 kilometres (1,000 miles) away in less than 15 minutes. On the banks of a frozen river, opposing soldiers of two nuclear powers bled to death in the snow, as a cold war that Kennedy didn’t fight and Reagan wouldn’t win turned hot.

This wasn’t East versus West; this was East versus Far East — a murderous

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Tales of Chinas Tridens

Britain played an important; but largely forgotten, role in the modernization of the Chinese civil aviation fleet in the 1960s and 1970s, after the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) put a toe in the water and purchased six Viscounts in 1963 and 1964. Its involvement with the Trident came about after Pakistan International Airlines’ decision to sell its four Trident 1Es in 1970 to China United Airlines, the civil transport division of the People’s Liberation Army, within four years of acquiring them.

The aircraft were successful, and CAAC quickly followed up in August 1971 with orders to Hawker Siddeley

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CHINA 1405-1433

The first of seven daring maritime journeys for the Chinese Treasure Fleet got underway in 1405. From this first expedition to the fleet’s final trip in 1431, these voyages — led by explorer Zheng He — would expand the influence of the Chinese empire throughout the world from Indonesia to Africa.

The fleet was commissioned in 1403 by Emperor Chengzu, who appointed the eunuch Zheng He as its leader. Zheng He was an imposing captain at 1.8 metres (six foot) tall who, after being taken prisoner at the age of ten, had gained the favour of the emperor


Pakistans Cradle of Fighter Pilots. Chinese Style

MIANWALI, IN THE Central Command District of the Pakistan Air Force with its eighty plus aircraft, is by far the largest all-Chinese equipped Air Base in the PAF, and possibly in the world, outside of China.

It has an array of types including the FT-5 (MiG-17) Trainer, the F-6 and FT-6 and, more recently it has received the new F-7P and F-7TP from China.

It is, therefore, not surprising that Mianwali is run entirely on the Chinese system ably commanded by it’s popular commander, Air Commodore Amer Ali Sharieff. The Base is situated some 10 miles (16km) south west of

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Chinese Swords

When it comes to the Far weapons in the first place comes to mind the image of a fearless and loyal samurai with a sparkling long curved sword in his hand. The thought of Chinese military officials have seen clever, put his hands in the sleeves of gowns, bent in a respectful bow and outlining plans tricky warfare.

The estate of warriors in ancient China enjoyed less esteem than the class of officials. The civil service has been much more prestigious than the military. Although it should be noted, possession of the sword was one of the criteria for

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Another dimension

In Los Angeles, a Chinese restaurant wades into fantasy

In the opening scene of Inception— Christopher Nolan’s 2010 sci-fi film starring Leonardo DiCaprio—a meeting takes place in a conference room bedecked with lanterns and a black-mirrored glass table.

“I came to the office the next day and asked my partner if he had seen the movie,” says Lee Maen, founder and partner of West Hollywood, California-based Innovative Dining Group (IDG). “‘Opening scene, right?’ he said. ‘That’s our restaurant.’”

“Our restaurant” is Chi Lin—the first Chinese concept in the group’s portfolio— in West Hollywood. Here, that mutual cinematic affinity translates to

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Allied Force — the pain intensified

Why do the Chinese claim that their embassy was bombed intentionally? Ronald Lewis examines the theories.

PERHAPS THE MOST significant issues that have arisen since the June of AFM was published, are the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade and the disheartening loss of civilian life in other mistaken or accidental attacks.

The Western media, and the public it serves, have been deeply affected by the loss of innocent lives, but often, what does not come through is that many of the casualties have been unavoidable. Worse yet, Serbian propaganda efforts have gone virtually unchallenged as web pages and

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China has shown a model of a new bomber

In recent years, China is constantly publish information on their new developments in fighter planes, bombers but far not honored the same attention. Only a few days back the Chinese military said the ongoing modernization of bombers Xian H-6 (copy of Russian Tu-16). A certain number of these aircraft received the latest equipment, refreshed propulsion, etc. The available information does not allow accurate assessment of the potential bombers refreshed H-6K, but throws in the eye age of the aircraft. Basic Tu-16 was created back in the fifties of the last century that the best way affects the ability of

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China has established an aircraft capable CALL «nervous breakdown enemy»?

What’s new prototype in the arsenal of Chinese sverhtehnologichny killing machines?. Perhaps this mental war plane capable of demoralizing the enemy directly to a nervous breakdown, which on July 17 reported Chinese English edition of Global Times, writes with a certain irony blogger Adam Minter (Adam Minter, the website provider monetary disk imaging Bloomberg).   Plane, known as Gaoxin VII (can be developed on the basis of the new basic patrol aircraft Y-8GX6/Gaoxin VI/Y-8Q, Curb modern electronic equipment and made based on a licensed copy of Russian transport aircraft An-12 — approx. ‘ VP «) may become diverted by the

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