Or to celebrate the Year of the Rat upcoming kitaizatsyyay Belarus?

According to Eastern tradition letalichennya, on the night of February 7 comes Year of the Rat. As the Chinese New Year in Belarus?As told in the Chinese Embassy in Minsk, New year will be Only internal prazdnichkom embassy employees. This is due to the situation in China, where, because of a failure in the global electricity supply millions of people meet Year of the Rat in the dark, cold and without the goods that does not contribute to the solemn mood.It clarifies the attache Fan Ichuan, to the scale of the tragedy led snowfall that in some areas of the

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JAPAN warned China that would shoot down drones

September 17 Japanese broadcaster NHK said, citing the Ministry of Defense that the Defense Ministry Land of the Rising Sun for the first time confirmed that the Chinese would shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which «will appear in the country’s airspace or near it.» It is reported that on September 9, «an unidentified drone» appeared near the Diaoyu Islands (Japanese archipelago title — Senkaku) in the East China Sea to intercept fighters were raised. Then it was found that a Chinese drone. The station also said that the Ministry of Defence Land of the Rising Sun understands the differences

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Chinese aircraft carrier received dummy

Expert: Chinese aircraft carrier «Liaoning» Indian inferior «Vikramaditya» Fascinating information came from circles close to the exploration of the Navy. It concerns the commissioning of the PLA Navy aircraft carrier project 001 «Liaoning». All, as reported on the website «RG» at a ceremony commissioning of China’s first aircraft carrier, September 25 this year, corresponds to reality, not counting 1st — an aircraft carrier, as such, virtually none. And the celebration of the first persons to the role of China were purely political fashion temper. At the end of the last century, the Chinese have purchased an unfinished aircraft carrier

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Take-off point: the legendary space launch



The word "Baikonur" can be translated from Kazakh as "rich valley". This man-made oasis, who grew up in the middle of the desert, was the cradle of world space. Hence, we have launched the first ever satellite, launched Gagarin here, what to say — most of the significant events of the space age (sorry, the moon did not have time!) Associated with this place. Stillthirdall the world starts from the Baikonur. Now launch site, located on the territory of Kazakhstan, Russia rents for $ 115 million a year. Sometimes

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What is interesting to all ………..

But I will not say what it was about …

BOARD PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA number 1 … does not exist!

There is a fleet of SCC and there is a lot of planes and number one probably not. The plane picked up by problems. In Saratov fly easier Prague. That plane on which the President — … lettered all 🙂

Of course you can see in the news more often IL-96

Two of them (in store)

I'll start with the second one: it is on the internet bulk.


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New Year excitement

I told him that all are still dish for Valentine’s evening. This can be a cereal porridge, "prykinutaya" juice ("milk") with syamyan: flax, nuts, poppy, hemp, almond — who that is. And eat it after the appearance of the first star in the sky. This meatless meal has its own actual character removes man from passion, tends to reflect on the good and happiness … Grandson philosophically ironically replied: "I wish you happiness every day, and therefore it every morning and every evening jam …"In these boys, impatient and franderskih words has its own metaphorical sense. Man is born for

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Test of Russian LED bulbs SvetaLED

Recently, in my hands, quite by chance, got light SvataLED, the company "Svetlana-Optoelectronics"Which should be on the market in the early fall. This is analogous to incandescent power of 40 watts. Characteristics bulbs are impressive — 10 years warranty, 100,000 hours of work, only 6 watts of power consumption. Digging also will release a 60-watt equivalent and paws, but this so far failed to produce, however, some conclusions can be drawn on this lamp.

As a sample for comparison, I have gained market Savelovsky its Chinese competitor — a light bulb Ecola — 4.2W (35W equivalent incandescent bulbs, no more).

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Tank Destroyer Type 89/PTZ-89 (China)

In the 70s of the last century in the leading countries of the world there are several thoughts that have shaped the future development of tank building. New main tanks were equipped with strong armor and combined smoothbore guns. In addition, there were the first models of dynamic systems of protection. All it sought to increase the properties of anti-tank weapons, including artillery. At this time, China began work on a promising third-generation tank. Chinese engineers beheld all the new trends in the field of tank and intended to take them into their own next project. But these steps have

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Astrakhan Shipbuilding confidently out of the crisis and is gaining momentum

From the blog Governor of Astrakhan Region Alexander Zhilkina:

On Friday, the question shall be heard separately shipbuilding industry, which has been subject to, perhaps, the most severe impact of the financial crisis. Today, the situation is normalized. The increase in production in 2011 was 122%. Work all areas, except for the plant im.3 Second International. I think that in the summer and run it. In the section Ilyinka sudosborochnaya building a new playground in October will be commissioned.

Fully loaded with factory "Lotus", and a year ago, if you remember, he was standing. Of course, not easy

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In the U.S., a new anti-ship missiles

The company «Raytheon» considering upgrading missiles «Tomahawk» to the creation of the modern anti-ship missile (ASM), said the South American weekly magazine «Aviation Week and Space Technology.» Currently, the U.S. Navy otsenivyut need for competition to create ASM, which will be needed in the not to distant future, as a response to the creation of the Chinese DF-21 anti-ship missiles as a deterrent and the PLA Navy in the Pacific. But the Navy reviewed the level of ship missile threat from China urged U.S. lawmakers to examine more carefully the need to develop such weapons lately and the amount of

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