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United States and Japan is ready to repel a Chinese attack against the disputed Senkaku Islands

U.S. Department of Defense and the land of the rising sun decided to make a joint action plan to repel a Chinese attack on hypothetically Tokyo controlled Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu) Islands in the East China Sea, report to the Japanese media.   The program, namely, the development provides for operation in case of landing of the Chinese troops there. Also implies a certain ports, objects, medical and transport facilities, warehouses, etc., which will take advantage of the U.S. armed forces in the event of conflict over the Senkaku.   Drawing up such a joint action plan was reportedly intended

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Beijing Weather Service is not ready to notify about weather disasters through SMS

Beijing Weather Service does not have the technical capabilities to emergency alert the population of the Chinese capital of impending natural disasters through SMS-messages broadcast on Monday the Chinese media quoted the deputy head of the Beijing weather bureau Qu Xiaobo.

As a result of heavy rains, which continued in the Chinese capital from Saturday until Sunday morning in Beijing died, according to the latest data, 37 people. After the disaster in the Chinese blogosphere published opinions of some Beijing residents who believe that the victims would be less, if 20 million people of the city would be promptly notified

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Modifications of Chinese tanks

Modification of the MBT-2000IMT-2000 is the joint Sino-Pakistani development. Tank third generation. Purpose — main battle tank for the armed forces. The main base — tank-type 96. In the Pakistani Armed Forces has received the title of "Al-Khalid". IMT-2000 with an index of VT-1A — export model.

At the end of last year, China has shown the latest modification of the export version of the tank MBT-2000 «VT-1A." According to the developers, the tank MBT-2000 — one of the most advanced tanks in the world. Modification of the tank gave it a significant increase in mobility features. MTO got the

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Updating the bus fleet in Kazan

Today, the square in front of the racecourse was a large-scale presentation of the new city buses. In Kazan 60 "NEFAZ" and "Mazov" arrived a couple of weeks ago. They have even distributed along the routes.


The first "Nefazovskie" buses in Kazan bought five years ago. Since the manufacturer has made changes to their 200. On orders transporters. The engine became more powerful and more reliable roof hatches open button located in the cab. All buses are equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system. They also initially installed navigation system. Thus, buses purchased finished look. Passengers

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China successfully creates new helicopters

New photos, recently featured on the Chinese Internet portals allow to imagine that Beijing is making significant progress in developing its own military helicopter programs. Namely, in the last batch of pictures captured attack helicopter Z-19 Development of Harbin HAIC (Harbin Aircraft Industrial Corporation), presumably with nadvtulochnoy radar system. Approximately comparable to the European helicopter easier «Tiger» Z-19 can be equipped with anti-tank missiles and is usually equipped with a nasal ventral turret. Remains, but unclear whether mounted on the shaft of the rotor real radar radar, or it — the layout required to test the aerodynamics of the

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Chinese cities are not suitable for breathing …

Two-thirds of Chinese cities do not meet the new standards of allowable air pollution, on Friday reported that the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China.

Air pollution remains "a challenge for the country," especially after the government recently tightened environmental regulations, said Deputy Minister of Environmental Wu Xiaoqing.

Last Wednesday, the State Council adopted new air quality standards. They limit the presence of foreign particles in the air, the size of 2.5 microns or less.

China previously measured impurities in the air if they were less than 10 microns. However, smaller particles are considered more dangerous to health.

New Chinese

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China has shown a model of a new bomber

In recent years, China is constantly publish information on their new developments in fighter planes, bombers but far not honored the same attention. Only a few days back the Chinese military said the ongoing modernization of bombers Xian H-6 (copy of Russian Tu-16). A certain number of these aircraft received the latest equipment, refreshed propulsion, etc. The available information does not allow accurate assessment of the potential bombers refreshed H-6K, but throws in the eye age of the aircraft. Basic Tu-16 was created back in the fifties of the last century that the best way affects the ability of

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Powerful typhoon — Muyfa kills people

Dozens of flights canceled or delayed at airports in Shanghai with the approach to the East China metropolis typhoon "Muyfa." However, air harbor until accept and send planes. So, flights of "Aeroflot" in Moscow, according to airport until depart on schedule.

Meteorologists believe that atmospheric vortex moves over the sea along the coast to the north, without affecting the immediate area of the Yangtze Delta. But the influence of the typhoon will still be quite strong here: Sunday expected 11-point wind and precipitation annual rainfall in a single day. According to ITAR-TASS, the brunt of the disaster seems to have

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UAC and the Chinese Comac will develop a new long-haul aircraft.

IL 96

Russia, China to set up a joint venture that will develop a new long-haul passenger aircraft. This was in the May 31 issue newspaper "Vedomosti"with reference to the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Yuri Slusar. Now long-haul aircraft in the world producing mainly American concern, Boeing and the European Airbus.

According Slusar, the new aircraft will be developed on the basis of IL-96, designed in the late 1980s. In the joint venture, which will create a "United Aircraft Corporation" and the Chinese concern Comac, Russia will make intellectual property rights, and China — money. Aircraft will

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In the Himalayas, glaciers are melting

Abnormally high temperatures, in part associated with the general climate of the planet, are the cause of melting glaciers in the Chinese mountain ranges of Himalayas, carrying a threat to local residents, tourism and the economy — so says the report, published on 25 October. 77% of the 111 weather stations installed on the south-western China have recorded a significant increase in the average temperature over the last 50 years, the report, published in the British newspaper for Environmental Research — Environmental Research Letters.

At 14 monitoring stations, located at an altitude of 4 km, the growth temperature was 1.73

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