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Russian regions presented opportunities in China

In the city of Sanya on Hainan Island are planning to build a theme park "East Sochi", which will have to comply with town planning style of Sochi, in particular, is mandatory to have sports facilities. This was announced Deputy Head of the Federal Tourism Agency Dmitry Amunts, ending in Beijing Russian Tourism Road Show 2013. Also in Beijing held a tourism exhibition BITE 2013. Russian regions presented their capabilities at the stand of the country, also worked the joint stand of Siberia and the Far East.


Dmitry Amunts explained that within three months

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Russian experts refute the Chinese military threat (Huanqiu Shibao, China)

In which was published on August 16, the newspaper "Huanqiu Shibao" reported that the inserted deputy manager of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis Alexander Khramchikhin article growing military power of China is portrayed as a threat to Russian Far East. Hramchihin states that the right of the high-spirited development of China's defense industry, a dramatic increase combat effectiveness of the Chinese army. In the border areas of China already has a huge group an advantage in force, which may cause a military conflict between the two countries-name. Hramchihin also encourages Russian Government to maintain an inflated care and

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Russian border guards fired in the Sea of Japan, China ship

Border patrol ship "Dzerzhinsky" after long chase and shooting detained in Sea of Japan, China ship, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the representative of the Northeast Border Guard Service RF. In China holds the schooner was found 22.5 tons of squid. Documents on ship and products available.

According to the source, under the flag of the ship was in China's exclusive economic zone RF, but did not respond to requests for border guards. "Dzerzhinsky" had to start prosecuting the schooner. After a three-hour chase Russian military fired warning fire from the artillery unit. But the Chinese vessel braked

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Vladivostok began Sino-Russian naval exercises Sea interaction in 2013

Detachment of Navy ships in the Chinese destroyer "Shenyang", "Shijiazhuang", "Wuhan" and "Lanzhou" frigate "Yantai" and "Yancheng" and comprehensive supply ship "Hundzhu" under the flag of the deputy commander of the North Sea Fleet of the Chinese Navy Rear Admiral Ian Tszunfeya 5 July arrived in the city of Vladivostok.


33 Ship berth quay in Vladivostok Chinese sailors met representatives of the command of Pacific Fleet, the diplomatic corps of China, honor guard and orchestra Pacific Fleet headquarters and the Chinese diaspora of Vladivostok.

As stressed in his welcoming speech, the deputy

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Russian Federation violates the sovereignty of China?

On the days of China made RF a clear reference to the fact that Moscow must respect the sovereignty of China. It would seem that in the near future if and read about violations of sovereignty, it is certainly not China which itself very strongly to "reclaim" certain areas of Siberia and the Far East. So what's all the same are suddenly emerged to claim the Middle Kingdom Russian Federation, and specifically where Moscow had infringed the sovereignty of the People's Republic of China?

In the past year, illumine Russian company "Gazprom" has entered into business negotiations with Vietnam

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Chinese diet cloned sheep

The Chinese brought sheep to the "correct" zhirami.Uchenye from China could raise sheep on means of genetic engineering. In general animal genome was inserted portion of the gene responsible for the formation of fat in the animal body, the most suitable for human nutrition.

The gene was taken from the roundworm. Lamb, who was born as a result of the experiment, dubbed Pen — Pen. Klitschko became the acronym of the names of the scientists who produced and genetic changes. For the experiment have been searching for a suitable place. We examine the territory of neighboring villages, special attention

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Kiev residents attacked strange huge beetles

Kiev in shock — in their homes are faced with strange large insects. They are bigger and cockroaches jump. According to STB, apartments Kiev insects like whether on Chinese crickets, or spiders, crawl out of the vents.

Entomologist, which seemed strange bug, concluded that it is not a spider, not a cockroach and Chinese grasshopper.

It turned out that the strange insect — is a greenhouse grasshopper.

Class of insects. A number of Orthoptera. Family grasshoppers. Into the Wild is called cave, in the city — a hothouse. Its habitat — tropical Asia and the Far East.

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The development of the Chinese Air Force

Air Force of People's Liberation Army (PLA) took third place in the world in terms of after the Air Force of the United States of America and Russia. Despite the fact that the number of China's air force is quite impressive, though, is lagging behind in the development of the PLA in comparison with aviation powers. In this regard, the Chinese administration has made great efforts associated with the modernization of its own air force would replace the numerous, but the older aircraft with modern machines.

Over the past fifteen years, China has reduced its own military fleet due

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Mystery picture lotus pop from the river bed

July 31, 2012 9:33

According to reports from Sichuan, recent footage, which shows the mysterious appearance of the water lotus image captured in the Chinese countryside, cause a lot of conjecture. This phenomenon has attracted the attention of tourists who come to see a rare unusual.

There you can see how the surface of still water from the river bed rises pale pinkish-white spots in the shape of a lotus prazitelno similar colors and gradually grow to a certain size.

Surprising that in the middle of the structure, resembling a flower, rainbow appears oily film, which, however, disappears with

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Mystery mummy Xin Chzhuy

July 25, 2012 16:39

China, hill Navanduy in Hunan. Here, in 1992, the Chinese army conducted a large-scale military exercises. In one of the hills of sappers dug a tunnel and suddenly came across a mysterious construction.

At a depth of 12-timetrovoy the tomb as an inverted pyramid. It found 4 sarcophagus, neatly nested. One of them was lying wrapped in a silk mummy woman. Her body was like nothing else on the ancient Egyptian or Peruvian mummy. It was inhibited completely unusual. Mummy was swimming in 80 liters of yellowish fluid. 5 minutes after the discovery of a

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