The Chinese government bureaucrat, South American threat to Pakistan is a threat to China

China's large-scale military exercises carried out near Pakistan in response to a build-up of U.S. troops in the region. The Chinese government bureaucrat warned that no matter what the threat to Pakistan would be considered as smooth threat China.

Quoting message Central Television China, Junshijia reports that an unnamed government bureaucrat warned: "No matter what kind of threat in Pakistan is threat China, "in response to the growing hostility towards Pakistan by the U.S. and NATO in the aftermath of NATO bombing last week that killed up to 26 Pakistani fighter.

Pakistan responded to the airstrike own closing

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Chinese naval landing: where to plant?

At least some modernization of the armed forces of any country raises questions. By answering them, sometimes you can even predict with some accuracy, or to expose the country's defense doctrine. The main thing — true to analyze the available information. No exception, the new amphibious ships as part of the PLA Navy. Taking into account the attitude of some countries to China, is not hard to guess the reasons for concern, aimed at landing ships of the project 071. Moreover, they are the largest plavredstvami in the Chinese naval forces, which only spurred zabugorny enthusiasm.

Of course, Landing Ship

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Chinese icebreaker can go in the summer of the Northern Sea Route

According to RIA "Novosti" 5th Arctic expedition of China, scheduled for July-September 2012, may be the first time pass the NSR. This is reported to the agency "Xinhua", referring to the head of the Chinese Municipal oceanographic controls Liu Tsyguya.

Chinese explorers on the icebreaker "Syuelun" imply pass Northern Sea Route to inflict visit to Iceland and discussion there of bilateral cooperation in the field of Arctic research. The main task of the Chinese scientists — research sea water, sea ice conditions, and the atmosphere of the living world in the Arctic Ocean.

Tsyguya words contained in the message, "Xinhua":

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Chinese fighter of the 5th generation J-20

China, constantly fearful United States and several other countries in increasing their own military force, can be made a technological breakthrough, creating a promising fighter 5th generation. In January, 2011. China's triumph debuted the first demo prototype fighter aircraft 5th Generation, known under the symbol J-20, made and built on the 132-m aircraft plant in Chengdu (Sichuan province) under the control of specific brain aircraft was piloted by Yang Wei and Li Gang, a test pilot in the PLA Air Force.

Commenting on the first flight, the international journalistic community argues that plane, demonstrated in Chengdu, is just not

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Chinese 5th generation fighter

"We must hurry to do something that is not so important, so do not hurry what's important" Chinese Proverb /

Anxiety announcements come from China, where in January of last year made the first flight fighter 5th generation Chengdu J-20, designed by Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation. As of February 2012, there are two flying layout similar to the tail number (for privacy). Typically, the flight of the last generation fighter fell on the second day of the visit the South American Defence Secretary Robert Gates to China. January 9, 2011, Pentagon chief told reporters on the plane on the

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Chinese single machine gun Type 67

Machine guns, which were produced in China in the 30-60's (in addition to supplies from abroad), are copies zabugornyh models. For example, machine- gun Type 24 was slightly modified copy of the German MG08 Maxim heavy machine Type 63 and Type 57 — copies of the SGM and the Russian SU-43 on the respective machines.

In China, the first 70s started issuing machine gun Type 67, who had to change the obsolete machine guns and machine guns Type 58 infantry divisions. New gun creating a rifle cartridge of 7.62 mm Russian standard. Fire had to be conducted with the bipod

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Chinese dragon walks bukovkoy G

So far in our country the public and political forces were under the impression from what China together with Russia imposed a draft resolution on Syria veto power of the Chinese decided to "go bukovkoy G". Everyone expected that China will collapse on Western countries to searing criticism and would like to speak words of encouragement to the Syrian authorities and the authorities of Iran, where China is, by the way, buys 20% of its oil exports. Expected also because only recently the Chinese from the pages of his own party mouthpiece 'People's Daily' proposed RF make the Eurasian Union,

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Chinese dragon claws

More than forty years of mutually beneficial alliance between the U.S. and China is associated with the name of Henry Kissinger — a unique diplomat, who is not only prepared in 1971, an effective President Nixon's visit to China, and not once talked to Mao and Zhou Enlai on finding compromises in difficult for states period.

This is the time of the war in Vietnam and Korea, the conflict in the Russian-Chinese relations. Exchange led to the views of understanding and awareness of the position of the warring parties and the development of proposals for the care of

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Chinese giant — internal prepyadstviya. Part 2

All commoners have heard about the "Chinese miracle", the news channels often report to the victories of the PRC on economic fronts. China overtook Germany and Japan, and took second place in the strength of the economy, second only to the United States of America.

After the disaster in the Land of the Rising Sun is only strengthened the position of a number of professionals generally believe that in the coming term, to 2020, China 'will overtake' States.

But, in practice, the term "Chinese miracle" can be attributed only to the main towns of China — Beijing and Shanghai, as

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Chinese Automotive Industry

The secret to a successful business, including the trade of spare parts, almost everything is dependent on the combination of all the competitive aspects in favor of their own business. Because many businesses to get the highest benefit, seeking to acquire a wide range of quality auto parts at a low price. In this regard, many offices, specializing in the sale auto parts, make the delivery of specific China. This is the country makes it possible for the organization of wholesale supply of auto parts and get the most benefit. Why is that?

According to figures cited by the analytical

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