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Media learned about the conditions of sale of the Su-35 to China

Our motherland China is ready to implement a batch of 48 functional Su-35 fighters in four billion dollars, if China guarantees the failure of copying Russian aircraft. This writes «Kommersant» citing sources in the Russian military-industrial complex.

According to the source publication, the parties actually agreed to the number of aircraft for delivery and their prices, but the «price negotiation process may change.» If the deal is concluded, it will be in the history naikrupneyshim cooperation between Russia and China in the field of defense industry and the

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Chinese fake two-dollar can fall antimissile $ 12 MLN — Director, Agency for U.S. missile defense

U.S. federal bureaucrats announced the withdrawal from sale of network filters made in China, which became a prerequisite unfrequented fires, one of which caused injury to the home in the amount of 916 thousand dollars, reports October 7. In the U.S., sold about 15 million line filters of Schneider Electric.   Also reported substandard food and toys coming from China. Checks showed that the fishery products imported from China, contained in the wastewater, and then purified using unsafe drugs and chemical substances, many of which are prohibited. Control Commission U.S. Consumer Product Safety said that by the end of

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For the opposition, made a trap

Pupils Belarus started the new academic year. On this occasion, the expression listener "Freedom":Lady: "I congratulate you on the first of September. This satisfaction for parents and grandparents. But who is this silly fiction to introduce the Chinese language in Belarus? No one will go there to live. Language in their languid and it is very unreasonable. British, German, Spanish, Czech and other Western languages can be. A Chinese — no. "Chairman of the Company commented expression whiteRussian language Oleg Bunnies:"One of the difficult languages in the world — is the Russian language. I think that you need to enter

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Chinese class and will open in Grodno

Medic Philology Ivan Lepeshavu 82 years old, he has taught at the Institute of Grodno Yanka Kupala, preparing books, printed in the press to be independent. As for Belarusian language, he — a man encyclopedia. Belarusians hammered with youth in the head that is closest to their mother — Russian language, but it’s not true, says Professor closest — Ukrainian and read passages: the Belarusian more similarities with the Ukrainian than Russian. Authorities sent not so long ago with a group of Polish priests Grodno region and nuns. Unofficially read: not to take over the church polonization. And that reflects

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China is developing long-range stealth bomber

Since 2008 1st Aviation Institute of China Aircraft Company (AVIC) is developing distant stealth bomber first generation for the PLA Air Force, said in a report of the municipal agency China Aviation News. Writes about it now Senior Colonel Guohay Wu (Wu Guohui) from the Beijing State Institute of Defence said China Aviation News, that the stealth bomber has two advantages over ballistic missiles. In 1-x, ballistic missiles can be launched only once, while a stealth bomber can soar more than once. In-2, in case of cancellation of the order ballistic missiles can not return to the base,

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Where can I learn the Belarusian language?

Belarusian Language Society after independence for 10 years conducted research white free coursesRussian language for adults. But Three years TBM has been reversed this charity. TBM Chairman Oleg Trusov believes that adults are able to take over the language themselves or engage with tutors. There are currently no courses in Academy.True, funny and freeBut there were enthusiasts, students of Philology, Julia and Natasha Philology students and journalism faculty of BSU, which is located on the Web abvesku: "Who wants to read and know the right language — invite. Completely free." Agreed with the room — workshop on» association "Etna" Cultural

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China is able to launch a nuclear strike across the U.S.

China goes to qualitatively new level in world politics. In late October the Chinese media, of course, with the filing of the authorities, spread information that Celestial has sufficient military power in order to launch a nuclear strike on the country specifically the United States. For ordinary Yankees this message became a sensation, his discussions are on television and on the pages of newspapers noble. But why China publicly announced their own opportunities to use nuclear weapon against the United States? After all, for U.S. intelligence is probably not a secret. And why did it Celestial indirectly, through their national

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Chinese authorities in the outgoing week announced a huge part of the East China Sea own defense identification zone. U.S. reaction to China’s neighbors and the decision was so harsh and rigid that Beijing faced a difficult choice between public humiliation and no need for armed conflict. Announcement coastal waters area identification (GI) PVO is not the Chinese know-how. Such zones have own coast identified two 10-ka states possessing the ability to look over their observance, including the U.S. and Japan. At the theoretical level, no matter which country has the right to claim from the aircraft approaching its coast

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Chinese cuisine Olympians already pall?

I can not say for sure, or cherished Olympiad hosts foreign visitors dishes of their state cuisine. But what "victims" of Chinese secrets are ordinary tourists — the fact. It is certainly not about the dogs, which, incidentally, in the districts of Beijing can meet quite often. Sabachatsina as before in the ban. On the days of the Beijing supermarketse happened to meet a fan out of Kiev. Company Ukrainians alive their intentions to open a discussion purchase everyday goods for dinner — sausages, olives, pickled garlic. They expressed great doubts about the appropriateness of Chinese goods in the Slavic

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Contest ends — all on shopping

One of such places — Hongqiao Market, which is districts in the Temple of Heaven — one of the landmarks of the Chinese capital. There really is a market case and you can actually zatavarytstsa enough high-quality and low-cost industrial products, such as jackets, shirts or sneakers, purchased at a cheap cost of various toys — mikramulyazh majestically Chinese wall, a variety of fans, magnets on the fridge, tea and coffee pot still many-to-many little things that symbolize belonging to China.Not so long ago there could meet South American tennis player Lindsay Devenport. On the wall of a 4-storey building

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