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China — tests of ballistic missiles Tszyuylan-2

According to the American newspaper "The Washington Times", which refers to Internet sources, the Chinese military had hidden test launches of ballistic missiles, submarine-based — SLBM JL-2. This missile — one of the 3 ballistic missiles China distant act. The other two — perhaps intercontinental-range ballistic missiles «DF-41" and «DF-31."

It is not so long ago, South American expert on the Chinese military said the weapons R.Fisher online edition of «Inside the Ring», that he come online in the announcement of the first days of the new year Test Run 6 missile JL-2 SLBMs with the waters of the

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Kyrgyzstan — the birthplace of Santa Claus or-Union health resort?

This year, the republics of the former Soviet Union celebrate the long-awaited independence from Russia. Over the past 20 years, one country was able to start a sustainable economic development, declaring at least at the official level, its allied commitment RF, other, more "democratic" regimes that are torn to the West, not tired of repeating how hard life of the citizens of the Union, although it must be recognized that, in real terms, and they are living in the last few years more or less well. Still others did not know how to correctly dispose of so suddenly fell down

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The lake Fushian Hu Yunnan province found ancient, unexplored pyramids


Author of the text: Leonid Gavrilov


About six months ago in the Undersea Research Centre "Prodiving.CN" and the NGO "Laboratory K" asked the Chinese experts in the field of underwater archeology. According to their data instrument measurements — sonar, sonar and results topometry at the bottom of the lake could presumably located the sunken city.

However, take a dip in the high altitude, low temperature conditions of the lake, and a large depth was difficult. Therefore, a visit was

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Cyber espionage in action

It would seem that the era Shtirlitsa into oblivion, and no longer those soulful looks askance at Russian spies zabugorny decaying capitalism. Not a lot of TV screens are increasingly we announce the failure of the Russian agents abroad. Our "men in black" do not delay, it would seem, only lazy people, with many Western newspapers almost relish the scenes of how Russian trying to steal secrets overseas use the methods described in the textbooks yet thirty years old. Bullied Western journalists on what spies from Russia is trying to transmit information of interest to them with radio transmitters or

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Chinese airport was shut down because of UFO sightings. Video


Because of the invasion of UFOs Chinese airport was paralyzed. Flights to Beijing and Shanghai have been postponed. The video shows the frames UFO invasion occurred. It's incredible. It seems that mankind is on the threshold of the approaching contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. I am sure that a few days later, the same situation is repeated in many other countries around the world. Attention! It has already begun. Airport in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, was closed after the UFO hung over him.

According to the press representative of

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In the Middle Kingdom, it turns out, sometimes the aliens abduct people


SHANGHAI, Nov. 14. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS /. While the Chinese launch navigation satellites, astronauts are sent to near space, dream of flying to the moon, the Celestial may already master aliens. It's hard to believe, but judging by the publication of the Chinese newspaper "China Daily", in China, which for three decades, was able to make an economic miracle that anything can happen. Hero of the unbelievable stories became simple Chinese peasant Meng Zhaoguo from the northeastern province of Heilongjiang. He says that at one time had been abducted flown to Earth by

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As the war began in Korea, continues to this day

Korea expert Konstantin Asmolov: "In the minds of several generations of post-war stay mentally installation on the opposition."

Naikrupneyshy over the past half a century military incident between the DPRK and the Republic of Korea, said that war on the Korean peninsula to this day is not over. An armistice was signed in 1953, suspended the armed struggle only virtually. Without a peace treaty, the two Koreas, until now are in a state of war. "MK" has asked to tell about the causes and consequences of the Korean War, the 1st of the great Russian professionals Korea.

— The

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Tibetan cemetery aliens

The story began in the summer of 1962, when the pages of the German magazine «Das Vegetarishe Universum» («Vegetarian Universe") published an anonymous article about the discovery in 1937-1938 — years in the mountains on the border of Tibet and China plates with strange writing.

Tablets was 716 and they looked like gramophone disc diameter of about 30 centimeters and a thickness of 8 mm (hole in the center and a double spiral groove with small characters going to the outer edge), carved out of solid granite. Note passed relatively unnoticed, but then it was

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As China poses to Russia itself (, Belgium)

During my last visit to China, I asked the Chinese thinkers and researchers, as they are for themselves and what they think about Europe, about the Russian Federation, on the Putin-Medvedev and dynamics of the post-Soviet space.

Almost all of them spoke very positively against Russia. Despite the lack of trust between Beijing and Moscow, things seem to be the best, than at least some other time in modern history — the economic and commercial exchanges grow (up 43% in 2010, reaching 55 billion dollars), and the border between China and Russia is one The measured of the borders of

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As China has an impact on the position of the Russian Federation

D. Hay, who previously held the post of Secretary of State, stated that the one who understands China, who holds the key to world politics.

Specifically, the typical conditions of China's development are important drivers of foreign policy and economic cooperation with global powers, the Middle Kingdom:

— shortage of natural resources;— the presence of the enormous human potential;— available labor force;— skillful public-private management of the economy and obmyslennaya vkladyvatelnaya policy; — planned development of high technology;— the growing export potential;— market leadership in its own region;— accelerated rise of military power;— languid environmental conditions.

The rise

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