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Chinese authorities in the outgoing week announced a huge part of the East China Sea own defense identification zone. U.S. reaction to China’s neighbors and the decision was so harsh and rigid that Beijing faced a difficult choice between public humiliation and no need for armed conflict. Announcement coastal waters area identification (GI) PVO is not the Chinese know-how. Such zones have own coast identified two 10-ka states possessing the ability to look over their observance, including the U.S. and Japan. At the theoretical level, no matter which country has the right to claim from the aircraft approaching its coast

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Beijing 2008: T-shirt, cap and sunglasses

And to close the gap specifically in gold is unlikely to get even the U.S. team, which almost all efforts swimmer Michael Phelps (he fulfilled his promise to get 8 gold medals), tight neck breathes Chinese.In general, at very highest organization of the Olympic Games can only wonder of local volunteers who can read nothing of the same name Phelps, but they smile with delight when he heard, for example, about his own famous gymnast couple 1980s or today’s Li Nina gold winner in exercises on the stallion Xiao Qin. What is called, each mill on his wheel pulls water.

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Beijing: Chinese slowed down slightly

However, already at this point to say that the Chinese are unlikely to get to catch up. Prior to implementation of the plan on 40 gold medals he is still "a baker’s dozen." Although gold mine owners Olympics is getting harder …Coaches some states have expressed complaints about the refereeing and very often visits top athletes representatives of the Global Anti-Doping Association. Envoys organization that fights for the purity of the Olympic series, are in the main Chinese.Yet impact "factor owners" to move to the Games Every funny day decreases. First "echoing" can be considered a situation where the Chinese

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Who are you, the mascot?

This means that someone’s time to pack your bags. How can leave without strannopriimets Beijing Olympic symbols, dolls and other toys mascots where bright vysvechvaetstsa title «Beijing-2008"?Immediately it should be noted a significant difference in these games from other fundamental international launches: Beijing true souvenirs can be purchased exclusively in specialty stores. Now peace and quiet to protect the games characters 5-wards: Beibei, Jing Jing, Huan Huan, Ying-Ying and, no, no. They represent fish (sign of happiness), a huge panda, the Olympic fire, Tibetan saiga and swallow. If you put them together in accordance with the Chinese calendar, you get

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The Chinese are already appearing arrows

On the evening avtorkavy Chinese with 14 medals (9-3-2) a strong lead. One of the trump cards of Chinese athletes — shooting in including and archery. In shooting disciplines have already hosts 5 awards.Such prerequisites of success are obvious. Chinese themselves say experts trained in these disciplines is conducted over the years. Usually not in urban tsirah and away from the eyes of men somewhere in the highlands to the Clean Air Act. My interlocutor argued that China’s shooting championship not only not inferior to international competition, and maybe even exceeds them. Usually the domestic championship attracts thousands of shooters.

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Beijing sky became wet

More several days reversing the dream of "wet" the sky could be practically unattainable. Even here there is a perception that the rain in Beijing is a day or two or three a year. And here — pouring. Forecasters promised that the weather still remain … True, disgrace office of heaven can not be an obstacle to the conquest Awards XXIX Games athletes, especially the Chinese, who in a very short period could already 6 times get rich. Although at present the group race in the midst of the ladies, accompanied shower, Chinese and Korean cyclist counties majestically Chinese walls

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Chinese live Olympics

When excessive moisture and the highest temperature — funny day column pointer temperature surpasses 37 degrees — to serve the entire program that local time ended at midnight, it was a real test — the sweat was pouring from all the river. Maybe because, despite the high demand for tickets for the opening ceremony, a certain number of seats in the stadium "Bird’s Nest" was empty. In general, what wonder: of 91 thousand spectators, which includes the arena, someone could have it and do not get, though organizers did a show for the fans BEAC mode — personal inspection was

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Games for the Chinese wall

The smallness of more than a month back, so prasliznuts past censors, Chinese bloggers reporting on the protests in Guizhou Province, began to write his texts backwards. Such as the last method complicated puzzle staff supervisors responsible for thought in the Chinese Web.China censors sverhtehnologichny machine (it is the huge barrier) can track the machine useless thoughts and their carriers. In late June, in the town of Nanjing in east China with 4 years bullpen sentenced EIA Lina — this man published their messages on dissident website guilty and was recognized that "the people gathered to trigger social unrest."According

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Specialists — Belarusians about the chances at the Olympics

V.Barabanshchykava "Chinese as programmed bots"In 2000 in Sydney Olga Barabanschikova paired with Natalia Zveravay made their way to the semifinals of tennis tournaments and finished 4-bubbled. This year, says Olga Barabanschikova, medalevyya Belarusian tennis odds are very high. Unlike guys:"We must hope for the best. Pity that we have not developed a pair of Peace — top. I think the couple would be more likely. Well, in the midst of the ladies are very good performance of our two couples as" loner "- Azarenka. I know that Govortsova vs. Williams plays first wheel, so that’s not the best toss. tennis

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R. Knish: At the Olympics makes sense only gold

But do not hide their own ambitions and others — Americans, Russians, Australians also believe that perform well. On medalevyya chances states and the headquarters of the Belarusian team.Coach USSR Olympic team at the Olympics in 1968, 1972 and 1976 Ranald Knish, teacher of one of the most recognizable Belarusian gymnasts Olga Korbut, Beijing Olympics such form:"The Chinese are the undisputed winners. Amerikosy Russians can be defined somewhere else. But that total victory will be Chinese, I do not doubt niskolechko. Not enough, it seems to me, after the Chinese Olympics later will benefit all other Olympic Games. Wrestling will

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