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Two weeks, when the main thing — not the role, and the victory

Let’s forget for two weeks mocking phrase "The main thing — not to win a role." Maybe it is suitable for competition in summer camps. In today’s world, where as once wrote Chingiz Aitmatov, the number of goals determines the merits of the political system, sports victory — it all: state pride, crazed crowds on the streets, millions in fees and medals on his chest heroes.In XX century the dignity of their own species brought in sports arenas, the two superpowers — the USSR and the USA. The balance of power in the world has changed, and now the main

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Silk Road to be

June 21 JSC Russian Railways Company and Kazakhstan, China and Germany signed an agreement establishing a joint logistics company for the carriage of goods between China and Europe.

"The recently signed a special agreement with the Chinese province, Kazakhstan and German companies regarding the establishment of a unified logistics company, which will carry cargo from China to Europe and vice versa," — said the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin at SPIEF.

The representative of the Russian Railways said the agency "Prime" that the logistic company entered the Chinese companies, "daughter" of Russian Railways — "Russian Railways

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Housing difficulties Mogilev solve Yuhua

This anticipates a day or signed on a letter of intent on cooperation with the Chinese construction company "Yuhua". According to the protocol, the Chinese are taken once a year to hand over 100 thousand square meters of housing. Or cheaper housing in Mogilev with the arrival of Chinese in the local real estate market? Do take into account all Mogilev authorities first such cooperation?Construction company "Yuhua" according to officials — one of the largest in the Chinese province of Henan. She is ready to dispatch in Mogilev 500 own builders and ensures that once a year will pass 100

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China told the United States to «shut up» on the issue of disputed territories

Chinese media have accused Washington of «development issues» in connection with the State Department criticized Beijing’s policy in respect of the disputed territories in the South China Sea, reported Agence France-Presse. The State Department on Friday, August 3, said that China’s «increasing tension» in this region. Washington’s statement followed the way China has announced the development of the town Sansha on the disputed peninsula Woody (other names — Yongxing and Fulham), which also claimed by the Philippines and Vietnam. In response, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC on August 4 asked the U.S. to respect the sovereignty

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U.S. and China: Cold War

I. Victim differences In early August between the U.S. and China began a new round growing every month cool war — mutual exchange geopolitical «courtesies». 3rd day of the State Department commented officially announced the completion of construction of China town Sansha (July 24) on the peninsula Woody, otherwise referred to as Yongxing or Fulham. Hegemonic America did not like not only the emergence of a new Chinese town of Woody, and placement of military garrison there, and also plans to build a fishing base. While the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan only verbally claimed the tiny plot

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FGC Sea gave China the first landing craft air cushion

April 12 in Feodosia representatives of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" and the Chinese Navy signed a certificate of acceptance landing hovercraft project 958. On the Ukrainian side the document was signed by General Director of "Ukrspecexport" Dmitry Peregoudov. At the time of acceptance of the ship Chinese side highly appreciated the quality of work performed by Ukrainian enterprises.

The ship was built by JSC "Feodosia shipbuilding company" Sea ", which is part of the SC" Ukroboronprom "for the needs of the Chinese Navy. At present, the company continues to construct the second ship of the project 958

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China is trying to show Japan who has the right to the islands in the East China Sea

It would seem that what is necessary to contrive a severe diplomatic dispute over a few rocky patches of land that are lost in the open sea. Is it about the Diaoyu Islands (Senkaku), which are now the objects of acute political conflict between Japan and China. The dispute over the islands, perhaps, Beijing and Tokyo contrive not even started, if not the same waters that the islands or faster islands adjacent. Only here the sea is rich in fish and other seafood, and mineral resources — hydrocarbons. And if the abundance of seafood in local and long known

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Speculation over Chinese fighter j-20

After activation rumors study souped Chinese stealth fighter with a presumptive index J-21 (export designation F-60), in the aviation forums, namely portal, a wave of speculation that it’s still the same for airplane why is formed and who is. Reporting as if full-scale research aircraft introduced in 2007. Some feel as if this fighter is formed for the Pakistan Air Force equipment, other submission hold, as if his main deck option would be for military aircraft armament Chinese aircraft carriers. One analyst believes that the fighter is able to make the first flight in September of this year.

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Chinese J-20 may become famous as the «Zero»: JAPANESE JOURNAL

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Tank Destroyer Type 89/PTZ-89 (China)

In the 70s of the last century in the leading countries of the world there are several thoughts that have shaped the future development of tank building. New main tanks were equipped with strong armor and combined smoothbore guns. In addition, there were the first models of dynamic systems of protection. All it sought to increase the properties of anti-tank weapons, including artillery. At this time, China began work on a promising third-generation tank. Chinese engineers beheld all the new trends in the field of tank and intended to take them into their own next project. But these steps have

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