Making Chisels and Gouges

Making your own furniture is a sign that you’re a practical craftsman. How about taking it a step further by making your own tools for making your furniture? The process for making chisels and gouges isn’t as intimidating as it might seem. Two propane torches will do anything a coal forge can do, so you won’t need expensive special equipment.

To begin with, let’s talk about steel. The important ingredient in steel is carbon. More carbon in the steel means a longer edge life and a better ability to accept heat treatment. Low-carbon steel is used for any item that

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Loving these Sweethearts

In resurrecting the Sweetheart brand, there were high hopes for Stanley. But with the Premium planes, while the No.4 smoother was by and large a good plane if lacking finesse in a couple of areas, the block plane was a different kettie of lobsters, suffering from some pretty poor engineering throughout which the initial design stages as well as quality control should have picked up.

So now the vintage 750 socket chisels are back in the range, and I am a little apprehensive. Having been sent a set of eight to have a look at, ranging from 1/8in to 1/4in

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The birth of Pangu

Legend has it that before the land is separated from the sky, the universe was in the form of eggs, which was a mess. And in the egg itself is in its infancy and Pangu grew stronger.

Curled up in a ball shape, he slept 18 000 years old, so I did not know that he had to do next. After some time with him alone there were a huge ax and chisel. They crushed his side when he woke up, he felt a darkness that was sticky. If you

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