Managing the electoral headquarters of the opposition candidate was fired from his job

Circumstances have not been explained. Ivan Bedka from the early 80’s he worked as an orderly in CRH Slonim.Bedka: "Today was handed a notice that terminates a contract with me for a year until retirement. No reason given. A treaty owed end in 31.10. By my views, prerequisite was my political activity, role in the election campaign. I was a head of an alternative candidate, wrote in one of the polling stations, where he was observer 4 act of electoral violations. There’s absolutely rigged elections. I’m going to file a complaint to the court, because there is a law whereby

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Lebedko the election: We have strong candidates

Party Chairman Anatoly Lebedko said Radio Liberty: "We are coming to this case impartially. We have a strong candidate in the capital, Minsk and Gomel regions, in Brest, Grodno. But in Mogilev and Vitebsk in part on our competitiveness worse. Take counsel, that there You can do any of our comrades of the United Democratic Forces support. " Participants of the meeting told how in their regions prepare for Euro Public and marches. These activities, in their opinion, should be strong components campaign. Under current legislation in the next elections House of Representatives must pass during the second half of

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Candidates burned their identity

Now in Minsk on Independence Square in front of the Central Election candidates from the list of Euro staged a protest. In the first half of a day or in the structure of the Central Election Commission, met representatives of the European coalition. Favourite coalition Statkevich presented candidates from the list of the Euro Vasily Vavrenyuk Brest and Victor KantsavenkaRechitsy of that in the presence of a huge number of journalists burned their identity. Statkevich act explained to the candidates:"They are very outraged by how the this company: administrative resources, forcing a premature voting and so that observers hitherto not

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While the fight is for previously set zero

HOW opposition becomes the deputy? Discussion on the looseJaroslav Bernikovich offered Bernikovich invited the Chairman of the executive committee to withdraw from elections


I believe that the removal of the volunteer’s own candidacy would assist the governor in the eyes of voters remain honest man "- says Yaroslav Bernikovich.D.Melyantsov: "And the boycott, and the role in the elections lead to legitimize the regime"


If the opposition boycotting the election, it allows authorities to falsify the areas because elections will be uncontested. Then, most likely, the report of OSCE observers will be positive, and this will lead to

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BPF candidates can not withdraw from elections

Soim BPF meeting September 20 restated its previous decision to remove candidates from the party with the election of the House of Representatives. Recall, August 30 was the Sejm decision, that candidates from the BPF should certainly not later than September 23 to apply to the district election commissions statements of withdrawal from campaign. Under the current decision candidates have the right complete role in the elections. So makarom, willing to continue the fight for deputy chair, can not get out of the election campaign, reports BelaPAN. For rewording 21 members voted Sojma, suparts — 10, one party member abstained.

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Polling figures

Drakakhrust: "On Friday, the candidates from the United civilian parties that are on the metropolitan area held a press conference at which he announced that withdraw their candidacy from the race. Intended to withdraw his candidacy and Anatoly Lebedko but did not do so, because it is co-chairman of the UDF, which community decision to withdraw candidates have not yet perceived. Minsk UCP candidates motivated their decision impossibility print campaign leaflets. It should be noted that shortly before the UCP and her favorite did not speak for the fact that withdraw from the election campaign. And by the way the

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Grodno: first warning candidate BPF

Posters with the content "BPF Party for social guarantees", the "European choice Belarus"" In a free market "were posted in the town. Vadim Saranchukou believes that the County Commission does not had rights, when she brought him a warning because, in his opinion, the party at any time of free to advertise their ideas. Vadim is Saranchukou a candidate Grodno Zanemanskaya constituency number 49. He is the Managing municipal organization BPF "Revival".

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Is it possible to disrupt the elections?

15 candidates, representing the Party of the BPF, challenge the decision of the party Sojma to withdraw from the election campaign. What caused this decision management BNF? How can the opposition delegitymizavats elections? Feasible or calls for withdrawal from the election of all the opposition candidates?Participants: Deputy Chairman of BPF Viktor Ivashkevich Chairman of Minsk and Mogilev branch of the BPF Grigory Kostusev of Shklow. Why BPF management decided to withdraw from the election campaign?Valery Karbalevich: "What is closer to the election date, the sharper among the opposition is a discussion about the upcoming election campaign strategy. September 30 Diet

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Recognize the elections the opposition?

In the subsequent week, the CEC will make out complaints of non-registration of candidates. Democratic opposition decides to September 21, will it take its own candidates from the elections. But at the moment its representatives argue that elections are not democratic.CEC chairman Lidia Yermoshina said that sounded until the final number, because the CEC receives complaints about the non-registration of candidates: "CEC will have the opportunity to show their loyalty to the care or the following week, when he begins to consider the applications. We first be fair, and in-2, we will act according to the law. " Comparable with

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Would change the presidential elections in Turkmenistan?

Equation with six minutes this result unknownThe right to vote in presidential elections has almost half the 5 million population. The last presidential election there were about 15 years ago (June 1992), when the former President Saparmurat Niyazov was the only candidate and won 99.5% of votes.In today’s election involved six candidates. They are all they say about certain destinations configurations, but promise to continue in the main policy Turkmenbashi — "head of the Turkmen". So calledand Niyazov, Turkmenistan whose policies turned into one of the more isolated countries in the world.October 29, 2006 Turkmenbashi (center) at a ceremony celebrating

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