Home appliances offer a world of choice and a world of confusion! Here’s how to make the right selection to suit your needs and your budget

What makes us buy one particular manufacturer’s appliance over another’s? Are you a very savvy consumer; are you armed to the eye-teeth with information, or is it a case of buying what takes your fancy? When you buy a product there are many factors that influence your buying decision, including advertising on TV, printed media and home shows, retail showrooms, the Internet and personal recommendations. Of these, a personal recommendation from somebody who you

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The right floor is vital for the cohesion of any room – the best options will work with all colour schemes and moods

The choice of flooring literally ‘grounds’ any colour or decorating scheme, so it’s sensible to think about it as a long-term investment. The design and layout of the house dictates how we use and choose our flooring. Start at the front door – an area that gets used every day, so it’s crucial to get the flooring right in this busy, high-traffic space – and think about how the floor area flows from room to room. A





Even though the successful flagship, the main fuel, on which the Finnish giant continues to move forward — a budget phone. Here is another proof that the Nokia is virtually no competition. 501 minutes with the bright buildings reminiscent of Lumia, and while filling it and does not try to keep up with the top-end smartphones (3-inch touch screen (240×320), 3.2 megapixel camera module Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0,4 GB of internal memory, a slot microSD up to 32 GB), because after all, the price had not comparable. In addition, this phone is designed to operate with

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Bed and bedrooms.

Modern take on tradition.

Skills developed over the decades are used in Velda’s latest collection.

For more than 50 years Velda has produced beds using traditional skills, and still continues to recruit apprentices to maintain these skills. The combination of this and modern technology is seen in its latest Multisense mattress collection, says Adrian Eyre, Velda UK sales agent.

All six mattresses in the range have an Aegis anti-microbe or Aegis Premium anti-microbe and moisture regulation treatment.

Single or double layers of multi-low springs act like a second layer of fillings providing high levels of support while reducing pressure points.

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Your choice: more readable materials Thursday

First Angelica Boris planted 2nd Polish director drunkenness scale struck in Belarus 3rd Polish diplomats try to release detainees in Grodno Fourth-line conference with Alexander Milinkevich 5th No sound equipment scenario "Euro march" may change Editor’s choice of public this week Sergey SemenovPublished a book on Alexander Kozulin — "Detainee President Gomel region visited after EU states What conditions are expected Andrei Klimov in Mozyr colony? Foreign Ministry of Belarus, "reads the opening date of the Commission’s office until early" Poll "Freedom": go to the "European march"?

Garry Kasparov: Putin acts as Lukashenko

Congressman U.S. House of Representatives Tom Lentas knew personally Anna Politkovskaya:"Anna Politkovskaya — One of the most distinguished ladies I have met in my life. This unusual man was killed in his apartment building, and it is one of the many victims of power, which is becoming increasingly authoritarian. "Tom Lentas also in his speech gave the highest rating capabilities and courage Russian opposition politician Garry Kasparov’s favorite "Joint civilian front," which also participated in the forum. Garry Kasparov in Washington read about Anna Politkovskaya and the situation in Russia:"October 7th day we remember how catastrophic coincidences. None of us

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Secretary of State: Elections are far from international standards

"In our view, the election were very farthest from the international standards. Naturally, we took into account the report of the OSCE. But again, this is only a preparatory report. Of course, we want to work with Belarusian government, and we will find methods as it mattersbe. But again — this is just our initial assumption, b, we hope to say about it in detail for you later. "

Guardian: Severe fluctuation in sincerity Lukashenko

No representative of the opposition in Parliament has not passed — quotes New York Times words CEC secretary Nikolai Lozovik. The newspaper focuses on the international context of the election. Belarus — writes New York Times — Has closely economic and ethnic ties to Russia and Lukashenko is trying to play on the relationship between the Kremlin and the West to reduce its dependence on the Kremlin. "At the same time, the newspaper notes,  West seeks to lead Belarus from the Kremlin’s orbit. But European favorites have clearly realize that this will depend on the transparency of the elections. Sunday

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Your choice: more readable materials Tuesday

1st Minsk authorities allowed European March Second Kurapaty: broke the main cross, which once brought in the tract on the structure of the KGB (Slide-report) 3rd A.Milinkevich about democracy, about the opposition, about the radar Fourth Vaclav Havel: "I do not know who will be followed by the President of the Czech Republic, but Belarusian — Milinkevich" 5th Zenon Pozniak: Who raised his hand to the Cross of suffering will be punished Editor’s choice of public this week Sergey SemenovAnother landing Russian journalists in Belarus Will Belarus amnesty? Zenon Pozniak: Who raised his hand to the Cross of suffering will

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My will — not to play more in this game

Yazhevich: "This is my personal decision, and I was very surprised that fell calls — first from the election commission later headmistress beginning May threaten me all probable trouble, unless I do not take part in elections, and in 19 hours called chairman of the district education department and said that if "no" means doskorogo goodbye. "Tikhanovich: "They threatened that deprive you of?"Yazhevich: "I realized this so especially because earlier I was three years without a job — jobs were in our schools working people without a college education, and I have a higher education did not take a job

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