A.Milinkevich: I believe that elections should be premature

Alexander Milinkevich met with public activists Braslavsky, Gluboksky, Postavski and Sharkovshchina areas last Saturday. On Sunday, he held another meeting — with representatives of Vitebsk, Polotsk, Novopolotsk, Orsha, and Chashniksky Gorodoksky areas. The issues discussed in the different regions, were virtually the same: it was the attitude to the role in the upcoming Congress of Democratic Forces, also about the purpose and objectives of the movement "For Freedom!"Meeting in the village Hiermanavičy Sharkovshchina Region, which was attended by supporters Milinkevich with the western part of the Vitebsk region, said the activist of the deepest Jaroslav Bernikovich:"It has been a" round

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Estonia first in the world elected by the parliament through a web

Not people for the web, and the web for the peopleExtended by the stereotype, Estonians — people cool and reserved, as befits the real inhabitants of Northern Europe.But there is one area where all the passion and manifest character — Web.Most of the inhabitants of Estonia already and currently leads the Web their banking business, paying taxes and utility bills.Public access to the web — the ordinary case, not only in big cities, and in remote villages. Government has long been a meeting place without papers.Just another Internet serviceAll of this — part of a long government strategy, which aims

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Lukashenko: the West is in no hurry to respond to certain steps

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko now said that despite the "sincere desire" to restore Belarus business with the West and the United States nor the European Union nor the United States "do not hurry with adequate measures" in response to "certain steps" in Minsk.Lukashenko said that the situation was "activates the sample of certain forces to destabilize the situation" in Belarus. Belarusian president explained, refers to domestic or foreign destabilizing force.Lukashenko again assured Belarus will hold parliamentary elections on September 28 "completely honest."We remind our readers that This week Helga Schmidt, Managing the political department of the General Secretariat of

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Representative of Brussels on Saturday met with opposition

Hugues Mingarelli started his visit to Minsk with a meeting with the Minister Foreign Affairs Belarus Sergei Martynov, which lasted an hour. After that, the European Commission representative spoke with Deputy Minister Valery Voronetsky. Note sovereign Voronetsky long time worked in the Belarusian embassy in Brussels, where the European Commission is located. More, according to an employee of the European Commission office in Minsk Janis Aizsalnieks, meetings with officials planned. Meanwhile have not ruled out that the European Commission representative will visit the administration Alexander Lukashenko and the CEC.For what purpose is visiting Minsk Hugo Mingarelli?

Whereupon step Belarus in

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It would be arrogance, that all opposition went further

Tsigankov: Why the government was not afraid to not register the 22 opposition candidates, and among them — iconic face of opposition?Klaskouski: In 1-x, there is still the ability to appeal, and I do not exclude that one or two of these "cut-down" can be returned. This gives authorities the opportunity to say — look what we just sorted out .. In-2-x, the government does reveransy to a certain limit. It would already be "arrogance" that all opposition went on. Even mental power it can not go. Strategy used because the "little foul" — the ability to not give a

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Youth Followers call to boycott

Proclamation signed Illya Bohdan, youth BPF Zmitser Dashkevich, "Young Front" Vladimir Lemesh, plainclothes campaign "For Freedom", and Paul Yukhnevich, «Jeans for Freedom!""Not done none of the Euro Union. Met none demand of the opposition. Instead expected democratization we look only increased repression.Of course, the parliamentary elections, which are scheduled for September 28, will be neither free nor democratic. We expect another farce, and the role of the opposition it will be applied only to legitimize the regime, "- said in the appeal. "We call people of Belarus not to participate in the electoral farce September 28, and go to the

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I.Shega: We have acted to forestall

Prerequisite of success he believes the strategy adopted — be proactive probable orders of power. The interviewee noted:"Before signing up, we wrote on behalf of the active group complaint to the CEC. Said that the chairman of the district committee and its secretary — specific subordinate challenger from power. We substantiated that there is hesitation about what will be surrounded by a transparent and truthful elections, as stated Lukashenko. In Slonim came CEC representative, sorted out the situation. All this, I think, worked, knocked at the control commission card with it. "

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With 12 received only 4

Registered in Minsk Tatiana Mironova, Baranovichi — Oleg Pasko, Buda-Koshelevo — Victor Kantseenku, Soligorsk — Victor Yavmeenku. Eight candidates denied largely because of invalid signatures."Sergey Koval representatives of special services was forced to abandon the role in the election, although he gave a thousand signatures "- said one of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Ales Makaeu.Ales Makaeva also registered Tipo because of false information in the declaration.

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Oil and gas war has not affected the rating Lukashenko?

What actions for Belarus were the most important in 2006? In most cases, respondents mentioned the Belarusian-Russian oil and gas war (70% of respondents). Presidential elections mentioned 63%. 3 rd place — mass protests after the presidential election (18%).Some results of the survey commented independent sociologist Oleg ManaliMana: "With regard to the union of the country — is a reduction of pro-Russian sentiment. C On the other hand, it does not gain praevrapeyskih crosses in, but goes into the significant strengthening of isolationist sentiment in the Belarusian society. Which is not much worse than the pro-Russian position. "Reporter: "In this

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About boycott

Debate about whether the opposition to participate in elections to the very end, erupted in a democratic environment with the latest power. In this case the boycott supporters are more sensual character. Say, since the elections undemocratic, why participate in a farce, let’s take off mode spite of all the candidates and such makarom undermine the legitimacy of these elections. This position is quite clear from several circumstances.In 1-x, remove all candidates all the same will not work. Start of the election campaign showed that maneuverability opposition — not in the best condition. The opposition in elections involving two associations

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