Authorities will register all candidates

Tsigankov: "Candidates for the House of Representatives moved 365 people. Worth recalling that during the 2004 election campaign he wasabout 692 challenger for candidates. What conclusions acceptable to do based on these figures and some of the facts of the first steps of the campaign? "Chausov: "Of course, the number of people willing to become deputies and obviously very much diminished. Certainly, the Belarusian authorities still failed to convince the public that these elections will be here something different from the elections of 2004, when the lists of prospective candidates were agreed and approved in advance. Strongly stood little entrepreneurs,

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German Social Democrats release Kozulin

German MPs once considered "very principled case back with Belarus" This is stated in Statement by the Deputy Coordinator of international Social-Democratic Party in the German Parliament Markus Meckel.According to well-known politician, a successful release of former presidential candidate in nearly all contributed to support a political prisoner by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier and other members of the EU. "This is a step forward, shows Meckel. Arrest Kozulin two years reverse substantiated by which means forcibly Lukashenko seeks to compel silence criticism of his own regime. "

"Reports of training scheduled for September parliamentary

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Weather and Sports — an important choice?

Monitoring covers 20 mass disk imaging, printing and electrical, municipal and-independent. The general conclusion made on behalf of a group of professionals Ales Antipenko: Municipal media is very shy and very lightweight scheme to cover election campaigns:"National Television (ONT) disk imaging weather gave twice as much attention than the electoral process. Same situation yavna and regional electric media: at the Gomel regional radio choice given to 3 times less time than sports, and 10 times less infy than about the weather ". In rassredotachivanii area between the various actors in the "Russian Belarus’ top pick is the President — it

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Human rights activist: Elections, predictable

According to human rights Valentin Stefanovich warehouses election commissions Only 0.07% of the representatives of the democratic forces, which casts oscillation transparency and accuracy of counting of votes. "Have to say that the information from commissions on voting will be closed to observers and no guarantee of fraud. Election predictable. Essentially process already could would suspend "- said the human rights activist Ales Bialiatski. Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak believes that the pressure on the nominees from the democratic forces in the Commission and candidate undermines the credibility of government promises to hold elections chestna. Hulak and read

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Those and Kozulin

On these issues in the program "Prague accent" argue the chief editor of the magazine "Arche" Valery Bulgakov, political scientist Yuri Chausov and publicist Alexander Fyaduta.We offer you the full text transmission.Drakakhrust"This Saturday at one point was released last presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin. Specifically this for a long time obstinately sought Belarusian democratic society and Western diplomacy, particularly so in a sense, become a prerequisite for the introduction of U.S. sanctions against the Belarusian concern" Belneftekhim " .Many experts says that for Lukashenko Kozulin in the bullpen — a matter of principle. And now — the release, while without any

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Gomel A.Rubchenya renounces role in elections

"Today, I am applying to the district Election Commission disclaimer participate in these elections. There is no sense in them to participate — they will not be transparent. For small exception, virtually none of the opposition is not in the precinct electoral commissions. Exactly: promoting people from power. Verify the authenticity of these elections will not work. In-2, fourteen years of Lukashenka’s rule in Parliament was not personal business representatives. Businessmen simply destroyed.Even if I personally went to the deputies, in our pocket parliament I was not able to achieve anything there. " Sovereign Rubchenya as independent candidate recommends Democratic

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Gomel: slam the door or protest?

It is 0, 006 per cent of the total number of members of precinct election commissions. Even in the regional center with 83 declared candidates in the commission of the primary level has not got a single representative of the democratic forces. Regional councils formed SLM outlook authorities simply not interested in representatives of the opposition, that have experience in the areas of technology and know all the intricacies of the organization of elections and counting.That such criteria is to make the democratic candidates for the parliamentary mandate? Reads a contender for the deputy mandate in the Gomel-Soviet electoral surrounded

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The opposition — behind the counting of votes

This is evidenced by preliminary data, which are now summed up in the CEC. 69,845 members in the midst of opposition commissions are only a few 10’s of people.Coordinator of the campaign "For free and fair elections" Viktor Kornienko states that the headquarters This time messages come from regions:"Get single proof yet. Know exactly about the 18 nominees included. But there are notable examples. In 4th Muhavetskom electoral environment in Brest, we applied for 21 or 22 people, and included only two-hoo. A BRYU said 18 people and included all 18. " CEC Chairman Lydia Yermoshina on request "Freedom" to

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Role or boycott — everything will Politsovet SLM

Half thousand representatives of the united democratic forces in the district commissions included 18 people.August 30 held advanced Soim BPF, which will determine the position of the organization. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the BPF Viktor Ivashkevich. Meanwhile politician shares his gaze to the fact what to do further:

"We must declare that the elections democratically unfair and the most important thing, that there is no control over the vote count. This means that the counting of votes will not be prepared in advance and write the number. In this regard, I believe that the SLM and the

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S. Kalyakin: Power again received an F

"Once again, the power to substantiate that its words and deeds crawl. And that change your strategy? This was understandable. A previously allowed? Either previously included in the commission?" — Asked rhetorically policies."Now there is a position on the SLM elections. On the step of forming the commissions received power again deuce. And what further will do united democratic force, they decide to August 31, "- said the emperor Kalyakin.He also shared his idea: "I am against the order to withdraw your candidacy. Vybytstse with campaign did not give the democratic forces, but only simplifies life power. Need to go

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