Gomel: SLM conditions outlined own role in elections

As said chairman of the regional branch of the UCP Vasily Polyakov, glad decided not to participate in elections unless registered as candidates all nominees, or if power is turned back to the precinct committee of representatives of all the proposed SLM.Solution adjusted to accommodate the Commission’s refusal Homel Central Electoral Area number 33 to register activities of the group democratic activist Pyotr Kuznetsov, as failure of the local authorities to include in DECs 5 representatives SLM.At this point in the Gomel region signatures for nomination of candidates for deputies collect activity group 16 democratic candidates.In the district election commissions

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Collectors of signatures: People do not believe in elections

Independent contender for the candidate in the Grodno district number 49 Zanemanskaya Sergei Kuzminok knows that when you have to ask to sign a bureaucrat or police officers, so they immediately respond that sign for applicants from power.Kuzminok"Very bad thing people do not believe in elections, shall be removed to subscribe to believe that all the same for all of us do. And that, he says, we will choose, will not change anything. "UCP member, Yury Istomin, collected signatures in Novogrudskaya constituency number 50 members seventh group activity opponent spread among the people rumored that you can only subscribe to

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V.Korneenko: database strategy — still huge town

Accomplished the registration of groups of possible candidates, began collecting signatures in support of the nomination of candidates and members of precinct election commissions. And all this is happening against the backdrop of pressure on the opposition of the contestants.Activities of 454 groups registered four 20 third Screenings compared to the previous elections — twice less. Loss of opposition politicians too small. Co-chairman of the United Democratic Forces Anatoly Lewkowicz says that he is pleased with this result:"All the same, we have 100 of the Group. We have more than 3000 members of these groups. In other words it is

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Obama beat McCain

To win, you had to enlist the support of least 270 voters.Obama rival, Senator John McCain conceded defeat and congratulated Obama on his victory.McCain: "A couple of minutes I had the honor to reverse call Senator Barack Obama to congratulate him on his election as president of the country that we both love"Barack Obama spoke to supporters in Chicago:Obama: "Now, thanks to the fact that we did today, in today’s election, at this defining moment — change came to America. "Polling stations closed and 8 pm Minsk time.The inauguration of the new president on 20 January 2009.

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Undemocratic elections already yavna

Views on politics, the electoral process — this first dialogue between the government and opposition, between the government and society. If that is no dialogue, the role of elections in advance with known end — stupidity: "Opposition MPs in the House of Representatives should be. But every healthy democracy should answer the question: there will appoint Lukashenko real democracy? I have not seen a 1st favorite democratic movement, even in the midst of the most obsessed fans of the campaign, who said yes, Lukashenko will hold democratic elections. An example Kalyakin reads: Lukashenko appoint the one you want — feeble,

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The buffet in the canteens (video)

War is war, and the lunch routine. Shilovsky conscript soldiers of the garrison had food for the first time under the new system: in army canteens now "buffet". The diet has changed slightly — rabbit and oysters soldiers, of course, do not submit. But it became more vegetables and soup, meat and side dishes to choose from now. Raise whether olives morale?

Since the soldiers of the garrison Shilovsky special lunch today. In the soldiers' canteen today firmly established "buffet". From the usual buckwheat, potatoes, meat and pasta. But now dishes to choose from. In addition,

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ODIHR observers headed by an old friend

Belarusian authorities have agreed with this candidate. Sovereign Ahrens already received Belarusian entry visa. Salting Ahrens already has experience in Belarus. Specifically, he headed goal ODIHR observers, who worked on the presidential election in 2006. Then the mission concluded that the elections did not meet OSCE standards.CEC Chairman Lidia Yermoshina said now, "Freedom", she met with the monarch as Ahrens with the old familiar:"I am delighted with this decision. Sovereign Ahrens I pretty. It — smart, intelligent and sincere person. Despite the fact that he does not give me descent (based on the beliefs of those findings, which he later

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CEC without observers uncomfortable

"There are two main missions of the OSCE and the CIS", — said chairman of the CEC Lidia Yermoshina.Yarmoshina named approximate number of observers — 700 people — "more reasonable" in comparison with 1235 observers, who worked on presidential elections 2006. "In a small country such as Belarus, more than 1,000 observers — an obvious bust" — explained clerk.CEC Chairman in an interview with Interfax Named functions invitation of international observers, "not just international standards, and a way of life." "We ourselves feel uncomfortable if no observers" — she explained."All that has been accumulated for the opposition these years, all

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Spoke at the rally — selected hunting rifle …

Many of our students in their own letters to the "Freedom" written on the topic of elections to the House of Representatives, which will be held in Belarus in late September. Campaign began: passes nomination of candidates. Opposition activists for all that often face harassment and discrimination by the authorities.The fact justified the expectations of the democratic opposition in the September elections, says in his own letter to the brand-new "Freedom" Ales Martinovic from Baranovichi. He writes:"I foresee that these elections will repeat the same thing in the election eight years ago, when the House of Representatives were the so-called"

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Kolos: stay civilized values

"I would recommend to take a firm stance and fundamentally against the values upon which the European and of global civilization in general. This — freedom, justice, transparency, fair elections, morality … That’s what we all need to protect. And without just what we are absent. "

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