The main topics of the week on Freedom

"Public relations payoff received opposition"Samples throw suspicion on former and current opposition activists came to nothing. Society showed solidarity with the unjustly detained in the blast case on July 4. Either put up the authorities and opposition lessons from these events?Will the choice of the election?Lasts nominations to the House of Representatives. The next step of the election campaign coincided with government pressure on the opposition. At headquarters, "Young Front" was searched. SLM may withdraw from the election of its own candidates in those precincts where their representatives were not included in the composition of election commissions.In Serbia arrested Radovan

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Let 1st elected. Subsequent time, maybe 3

Most of the Belarusian participants of the conference talk about the difficulties of the situation in the Belarusian society before the election, stated pressure on non-governmental organizations, who wish to to monitor the election campaign, on the detention of opposition activists in connection with the explosion on July 4, closed formation of election commissions. Representatives of the European Union expressed hope discreet about the fact that the authorities will hold elections more democratic than 4 years back.

Belarusian participantsThe representative of Sweden, recently appointed salting this country Belarus Stefan Eriksson namely said that the forthcoming parliamentary elections will remain under

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MP: wish that Americans respect our choice

"As a man, a citizen with reverence to the choice of the South American nation. Because I’d like to follow U.S. president also finally had the same sense of responsibility and respect towards Belarusian people. I totally curious who there will be elected. Let them do this determined. However, with On the other hand, I would like to be treated with reverence Americans and to our choice — as the management of the country and the ways of our development. "

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Smorgon: activist BSDP sketched paint door

From the words of Mrs. Veshtort, entrance door to the apartment she sketched of dark paint cans. Approximately 16.30 she came home — nothing was at 17.00 phoned her neighbor, who saw that the doors are painted. Ms. Veshtort states that lived in the apartment 18 years, but never anything like this in their porch had happened. Moreover, with her neighbors great human affairs. Who was able to do with the words of Ira Veshtort unclear. But she says that yesterday applied for registration active group for a role in parliamentary elections. Ms. Veshtort going to run for parliament. She

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ODIHR observers can lead salting Ahrens

Specifically, his name is mentioned on the sidelines of an international conference in the election, which ends today in Vienna.Salting Gert Heinrich Ahrens already has experience in Belarus. Specifically, he headed goal ODIHR observers, who worked on presidential elections in 2006. Then the mission of the Bureau concluded that the election did not meet OSCE standards.Ministry Foreign Affairs Belarus has already sent an official invitation to ODIHR observers to come to Belarus. According to the chairman of the CEC Lydia Yermoshina, international observers appear in Minsk on August 11-12. Incidentally, the very Lidia Yermoshina could not go to a conference

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The main topics of the week

Another five on the loose Investigators in the case of 4 July explosion detain and interrogate people unrealistic fault. Later they were released without any result, and an apology. And seek out new ones.Precinct bypass all apartments in Minsk The police are conducting a massive survey of people where they were at the time of the explosion. In some even take fingerprints and conduct searches. As to whether such measures?Viktor Lukashenko increases impact? Alexander Lukashenko proclaimed Yuri Zhadobin, who was previously chairman of the committee of state security, municipal secretary of the Security Council. The new head of the presidential

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Shushkevich not pulled by the district commission

Participants of the meeting of the presidium of the political council of the United Democratic Forces dubbed results creation commissions offensive to the opposition. Coordinator of the campaign "For Free and Fair Elections" Viktor Kornienko recalled that SLM requirements were the lowest — a representative of the opposition to each commission. Nominees from one list SLM received 110 surroundings only 35 seats, but only from the opposition structures — 42. Reads Viktor Kornienko:"Not included former parliamentarians — Semdyanovu, Golubeva, Borshevsky and others. Not included former ministers pine and Kozlowski. This list is not ranked and last Head of State Stanislav

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Why did the authorities do not give 50 seats in all election commissions?

Pochetaemye listeners! Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: + 375 293 912 224. Call and write! Share news, its attitude to events in Belarus and abroad. We are also waiting for feedback on the work of Radio Liberty.In Belarus, there is a preparation of elections and the House of Representatives. Expressions listeners on this topic:Man: "Your correspondents often interviewing favorites opposition concerning future elections. And any of them does not rule out a boycott of the elections. I think, no matter how democratic they are, the opposition all the same declare

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My advice to Obama

November 4 U.S. presidential elections took place krainy.Senatar Democrat Barack Obama elected the 44th president of the United States of America. Obama won 338 votes in the electoral college, representing all U.S. states.A.Belyatsky: stronger certain actionsL.Ermoshina: does not exist for the Yankees colors Buraukin: try to understand the aspirations of BelarusiansYa.Maksimyuk: My advice — do nothingZdanowicz recommends U.S. president to visit BelarusAndrei Tur advises the U.S. to abandon the sanctionsYu.Drakohrust: my advice — do not really listen to advice Gaiduchevici: Obama wish of successYa.Basin: "We need active cooperation with the U.S." V.Silitsky United States are investing in the future of

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Either empty MEP in Belarus?

Belarusian delegation handed over to members of the Socialist Group invitation to visit Belarus to support the democratic process during elections. Web-site MEP Socialists favorite group, Martin Schulz said that "to come to Belarus will difficult, but we will put pressure on the authorities, that they have allowed us to gather on site. "According to Schultz, in the case of fair elections to be able to support the fraternal parties — it more than normally. Accepted the invitation and group vice president Jan Marius Wiersma. He said that his appeal for a visa already on the road to the embassy.

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