N.Palazhanka: Why impale people?

"Young Front organizes his campaign — a campaign of boycott these elections, campaign, which will be held under the slogan" Belarus, your voice has been stolen, and it can only defend the square. Junior Front prepares people to enter the street, so there specifically to show that We have a lot, "- said Nastya.Youth activist discusses whether it makes sense to participate in campaign"Many said: we are given a chance, we need to use it. Some go to the polls to get a mandate. We all remember the expression Lukashenko that several members of the opposition get into parliament. This

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Kalyakin: the company will be tough

"The most important thing at least some of the political campaign — a struggle for the thoughts and souls of men. Therefore even if No election is appreciative of the work "- said Kalyakin, answering the question whether it makes sense to participate in parliamentary elections."Will we get mandates — is a secondary issue," — says the politician and predicts the results of the campaign: "I think that mandates will not."Coupled with the fact PKB chapter reads: "If This year and be allowed to mandate people — it will be people from the same list. In another no sense. In

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Elections — in war as in war

"This election campaign will be different from the previous one. When was the predecessor company was not created one list, there are at the moment and the list of our representatives, we will put forward in election commissions. Another difference: on the list of candidates from one to smoke than on the candidates alone. They represent a great danger to the regime and power than singles — I call them ducks that are sitting alone for yourself "- Said Anatoly Lewkowicz."Try to make separate lists shown to be ineffective. Say Statkevich declares its own list. Where is this list? Him

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Elections started

"By law, the election campaign starts with the publication of the presidential decree" — recalled Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik."As a decree be written, which means that the main subject — the voter — can make their plans and start the campaign in accordance with the electoral law," — he added."The electoral law defines stages of the election campaign. Most first — CEC should make electoral neighborhood to find the boundaries. Possessing such a document, a citizen can plan on which surrounded him to run, and what actions to solve, that his plans were realized," —

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M.Batsyan: Pope may be invited to the presidential election

"I worked in Poland, met with Polish bishop Hrapekam and he suggested this idea that when the Pope will be adjacent to the Polish Province, Belarus, why he would not stop in the neighboring region of Belarus. At least for a couple of hours. I then sent this information center in Minsk. But, unfortunately, it is not found a response. "Currently Belarusian management Pope’s visit would be beneficial, says Botian. He even predicts that such a visit in Minsk want to organize a follow-up presidential elections in Belarus."We were in general no one comes for a visit. Belarusian management would

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Yu.Belenky: the need to legitimize the Chamber

CCP BPF boycotting the election in House of Representatives."People who are from time to time refer to themselves as members of the opposition, will help implement the plan. They alternately work on all businesses, says mode. They will nominate their own candidates and to encourage people to come to so called Elections "- criticizes the emperor Belenky participants campaign. "Lukashenko, speaking with a message, said: we need to legalize House of Representatives, Means there is quite a strong need to give the status of legitimacy to this authority. This can testify, that prepares a maybe a referendum on unification with

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A.Starikevich: They are preparing for presidential elections

According Starikevich, as a result of innovation, the government can make it very difficult access to specific Internet publications."And the most dangerous thing that the rules in the bill, virtually absent. It will be governed by the Council of Ministers, a sub-legal act. And the greatest infamy made specifically through these regulations.’ll See, of course, as a draft resolution of the Council of Ministers under development. But I do not expect anything decent, even more so, has already been said about the Chinese experience, registration of online media. Because I think that it will move in that direction. In general,

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Proceeded to election monitoring

Monitoring will be conducted by members of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee and individual human rights. They organize surveillance in the vicinity of 100 to 100 at each tenth of them will be put up to 3 monitors. According to the results of each step will be to prepare the report. Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Aleh Gulak said that human rights defenders are going to analyze the dynamics of how to conduct these elections Belarus is comparable to past. Monitoring election situation has already begun.

Care background that we we see, that the series "Network"

"We are concerned that

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Yu Azaronak — godfather political vaudeville

Azaronak later became the founder of a number of other promotional films on the exposure of "anti-state stunastsi" Belarusian opposition. In 1996, he produced a documentary film "behind the scenes" — the "secret mechanisms of the Belarusian opposition." Recently the 2001 presidential election, state television showed his series "Secret springs politics." In one of the subjects was accused favorite UCP Anatol Liabedzka, Tipo who brought from Poland huge amount of money, not headed for party needs, and in your own home budget.Through some time after the elections in 2003, Yuri appeared on post Azaronak Press Secretary General Prosecutor’s Office. In

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Why BT launches propaganda films?

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