The OSCE horseback, CEC remains

Will be sent to Minsk OSCE observers? As principal for the Belarusian administration has the West’s recognition of the parliamentary elections? These questions are answered political analyst Vitaly Silitski.Tsigankov: "Their findings ODIHR experts will present Management Office and the OSCE. And only then it will be decided — or to send international observers to the Belarusian elections, and if sent, in what format they will work. Can I have already read at the moment, will be sent to Minsk OSCE observers and what would be the format of the mission, taking into account the voltage nearest time between the OSCE

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Network that BT splyalo

June 9 on the First National Channel of the Belarusian television began showing the new propaganda movie "Network." Moviemakers have made a request to study the electoral process, but first — their impact on the representatives of the Western democracies. Organization, which, through a network of branches Tipo trying to arrange the "orange revolution" in various countries, including Belarus, named National Democratic Institute, which is based in the U.S.. According to the creators of the film, this institution Tipo associated with the CIA and certain Belarusian activists — his agents of influence. A number of commentators among them controversial Russian

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If we already have everything so well, why not return the Russian deposits?

Pochetaemye listeners! Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 375293912224. Call and write! Share news, its attitude to events in Belarus and abroad. We are also waiting for feedback on the work of Radio Liberty.Activist Junior Front Ivan Shyla Salihorsk for opposition political activities expelled from school before the final exam. Secretary General of the Assembly of student representative Estonia Anastasia Dobretsova invited youth to continue their education in Estonia. Expression this topic:Man: "I graduated from high school 28 years ago. And while the songs were popular "School Waltz" and "In the

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First OSCE observers arrive now

Techno expert mission analyzes electoral law for the election, the situation in the media, meets with representatives of the authorities, political parties and civilian society. The visit of the expert group will last until June 12.To ensure normal operation of the main group of observers inviting them must sent no later than 2 months before the election a day or, in other words, about the end of July.

How to travel abroad Liabedzka got to Warsaw?

On the initiative of "Eastern Partnership", which specifically applies to Belarus, said first together ministers of foreign affairs of Poland — Radoslaw Sikorski and Sweden — Carl Bildt. This document is still in draft form and it made some remarks, addenda and advice. Only whereupon parafiruyuts its foreign ministers in Brussels Affairs each of the 27 EU states. And Poland and Sweden act as uttered at a press conference, the "locomotives of this initiative." UDF leaders received the draft in Warsaw a day or three back. And now they have submitted their first proposal. Vintsuk Vyachorka — first deputy chairman

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In opposition took money and credit cards

The activist was detained by KGB. Their appearance in the midst of a day or on an empty street recalled Dmitry Szymanski Detective: "10 Minutes, I stood in one place, rather deserted and was expecting a taxi. Suddenly jumped from nowhere these people. Certainly, they are watching me."KGB took Dmitry Szymanski Department investigations of money the State Control Committee, where he seized two bank cards and 1,700 bucks. Investigator on the spot decided to bring them to the examination: "Tipo phony." Also activist claimed submit an income tax return for the last 5 years. This must be done within 10

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Will something in opposition to influence the CEC?

In an interview with BelaPAN said CEC secretary Nikolai Lozovik. Neuzh something the government wants to allow society to control the electoral process? Maybe it that the House of Representatives will be skipped opposition politicians? On these questions responsible publicist Alexander KlaskouskiTsigankov: "As far as this step is essential power? Can we say that this decision at least in some degree can affect the democratic electoral process is more or public-relations move for the first foreign "consumer"?Klaskouski: "In 1-x, no sensation is not here, because it is a repetition of what happened the parliamentary elections of 2004. Then there was

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Will the opposition in the election with 2 columns?

By Statkevich, the list of currently 61 people, which includes representatives of the People’s Hulk, Freedom and Progress Party, the Belarusian Christian Democracy, "Young Front" and others. Does this mean that the opposition will go to the parliamentary elections with 2 columns? Indeed if there is a division in the opposition to the followers and supporters of European integration? These and other questions are answered columnist "Belarusians and Market" Pavljuk BykovskiiTsigankov: "As dramatic looks the possibility that Democrats will go to the parliamentary elections with 2 columns? Or in this case is not so important to show unity (as, for

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Georgian authorities they say about their own landslide victory

"Even I was amazed at the highest level of support that we received during these parliamentary elections"- Said yesterday the President Misha Saakashvili after, became known preliminary results of the counting of votes. According to these calculations "United National Movement" — party supporters of the president, has received more than 61% of the vote, almost constitutional most. For a united opposition voted about 15% of voters from 12 parties and blocs participating in the elections, the five percent barrier also overcame opposition Christian Democratic Movement (about 8% of the vote) and Labour Party (7%).It should be noted that all the

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Georgian citizens elect parliament

This second special elections in Georgia This year. After mass opposition protests in November last year President Misha Saakashvili on his own initiative reduced own presidential term and proclaimed presidential election on January 5, 2008 On the same day in a special referendum, citizens of Georgia voted to hold early parliamentary elections May 21, 2008According to the professionals and public opinion polls, in the new Georgian parliament should get United National Movement President Saakashvili and 9 combined coalition of opposition parties. Five per cent electoral threshold can also overcome two more opposition — the Republican Party and the newly established

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