Interview Lukashenko Reuters: Why must expect the worst?

Alexander Lukashenko gave an interview to "Reuters". How can otkommentirovat his intention to run for a fourth term as president? Or will the opposition in the House of Representatives? Explains how bad things Lukashenko Belarus and the West?Fourth term as president?Valery Karbalevich"In an interview with Lukashenko agency" Reuters ", perhaps more enthusiasm aroused thesis of his intention to run for a fourth term. Seems that nothing sudden politicized public is not here. Contrast, would cause a sensation, if Lukashenko said something otherwise. Yet, this first public statement on the matter. As Lukashenko said, "expect the worst." Like you could to

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Lidia Yermoshina resting in Egypt

Such earliest vacation due to the fact that in the fall to be held parliamentary elections, Preparatory date is seen as September 28. Under Belarusian law, presidential decree on electoral must be signed no later than 3 months prior to the date of the elections.Recall two year reversed Yarmoshina indignant — say, the second year I go to Turkey, since Europe is closed for me. "And deprive me of reason, incidentally," — she said honestly while journalists

Or expedient boycott?

Ph.D. Vyacheslav Orgish remembers that eight years ago, most of the opposition boycotted the parliamentary elections:

Boycott itself for itself hardly makes sense

"While the boycott would only make sense in this case, if the democratic forces aggressively raised the question of democratization of the electoral process. But then a question bluntly — boycott all. And as I remember, then only the" People’s Hulk ", headed by Nikolai Statkevich, participated in the election campaign. During that of other democratic parties, which did not participate in the election, received strong obstruction. At that time it was necessary to more flexible approach

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Offer opposition to boycott the upcoming elections

According to Bondarenko, transition to the latest strategy based on the fact that "the authorities have put on dialogue and democratization, and opened a real terror against political opposition and civilian society." Dmitry Bondarenko called "a solid confrontation dictatorship in all directions." He said that the opposition is ready for a dialogue only in the case of real power steps to democratize the country. Z. Dashkevich: "It is to discuss the modalities of the boycott"Favorite "Young Front" Dashkevich said that before the parliamentary campaign very fundamentally seek authority from transparent electoral process:"If the government does not wish to provide it,

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The elections are over, punishing fines last

"I do not know how there in the capital — says Victor Ahramchuk, — A system as in the province and set up before the repression against dissidents. I work as a mechanic in the union "Khimvolokno" earn 700 per month thousand rubles. I need two months to not drink and not have to pay such a fine. "It was reported that police detained activists in town the other day parliamentary elections. They are all members of a group supporting a candidate House of Representatives United Democratic Forces Sergei Dayneko — Were his proxies. Their confiscated the newspaper "Comrade" also

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In the parliamentary elections set point

It came after, as Central Election Commission not found a reason to accept the results of elections in the vicinity of 5 election invalid. And this particular sought former candidates for Chamber of Deputies representatives of the fourth convocation of the United Democratic Forces Alexander Fur, Valery Rybchenko, Viktor Khomich and others. Now the CEC could see the last 5 complaints. And in all cases considered confirmation of former candidates’ personal and imaginary. "

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Prostitutes will plant one day, as the opposition?

Department of Drug Control and Combating Human Trafficking in the Interior Ministry "educational measures" planned introduction of administrative arrest for prostitution. "Man must sit and loaf — what he does," — explained at the press conference said Acting Head of Department Sergei Koltun. Sex market in anticipation of change?Or after these words strongman or more of any circumstances, but mobiles Minsk "online stores" that offer sex services do not meet. Zazyvno offer rooms with "dumping" — $ 50 per hour and 200 per night — currently inaccessible masse. According to some non-stationary outraged that there live "decent family" and no

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Brand new political reality after March 25?

Tsigankov: "For the first time in recent months has come to power so harsh repression to the participants of mass actions. Would you say that the situation has changed radically, and formed a new political trend?"Chausov: "Of course, it can not be called the latest political situation, because everything takes place in line with an old schedule. Authorities currently lose very many in the foreign policy field. Simply was not an order to use force, and the Belarusian police, ruthlessness which perfectly known, acted in its own standard repertoire without taking into account that this action will just be

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Tribunal — Correspondence, fine — real

Now UCP and overseeing elections UDF from Kalinkovichi Denis Rabenok received by mail Yale District Court ruling.One arbitrator Let’s jump off ruled in absentia — fined activist violation of election legislation by 1 million 50 thousand rubles. This is the equivalent of $ 500.The court ruling states that Rabenok Tipo specifically refuses to appear in tribunal. This made him very astonished:"I even asked the postman when I come any summons from the court, the police or even from that she did not throw in the drawer and gave me or my family in his hands. Myself I really wanted to

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People walk into stores, as a museum: you can look at and buy the unreal …

We continue to receive feedback on the scandalous incident that occurred on March first Slutsky highway near Minsk. To detain a drunken driver who did not respond to commands from police inspectors staged from their cars, "human shield." With all this drivers and passengers, among which was a 3-year-old girls, the police were ordered to remain in cars.That’s what thinks about this davneshny our friend Konstantin Syrel with Ushachi. In his letter to the "freedom" he writes:"The incident with the traffic police — it’s only metastases, no more. Manifestation of malignancy, which is a totally different place of the municipal

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