Lukashenka-2006: You will live in Western Europe

Society As during previous election campaigns, on the eve of the presidential election authorities start to raise salaries and pensions. What similarities and differences can be seen in the election campaigns of Alexander Lukashenko in different years? Or applies the ruling power in this year the same social and outreach methods as during previous election campaigns?

"The main objective for the next five years — to bring the quality of life of our citizens to a level comparable with the Western," — this was said in the election program of Alexander Lukashenko in the 2006 elections, "State of the masses."

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Collect a hundred thousand signatures will only three

Society Co-chair of the organizing committee of the BCD Vitaly Rymashevski met on August 15 in Grodno with their fans. The conversation was primarily about the upcoming presidential election and his plans to personally participate in them.  Rymashevski thinks of opposition candidates will be able to collect the necessary registration for one hundred thousand signatures of no more than three people. Already we can say in advance, that elections will be illegitimate if they would participate Lukashenko, Also notes V.Rimashevsky. "So little time before the election — agrees chairman of the organizing committee of the BCD, and also a small chance

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Opposition to coordinate the preparation of the elections

The Company participated in the session Anatoly Lebedko, Statkevich, Nyaklyayeu, Vladimir Kolos and a representative of the Belarusian Christian Democracy.

According to one of the participants, the chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, at the round table "have decided to reduce the documents to a minimum."

"It will be said that we, the representatives of such and such structures, agree to create a joint structure to coordinate preparations for the campaign and will coordinate the nomination committee, naglyadanne, organizing international and domestic pressure to change the law, the mobilization of the people on the street for

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Count offers master's lottery

Society An original way to identify a single candidate for the upcoming presidential elections offered Count Alexander Prushinskiy. The very flamboyant figure in 1994 tried unsuccessfully to register as a presidential candidate. The reason for refusal was the absence of his Belarusian citizenship. By the way, today, exactly two years as Prushinskiy became a citizen of the Republic of Belarus.

In a statement released by the Count Prushinskiy proposes to determine the procedure for election single candidate the democratic opposition by … Toss with the lottery. And adds: all politicians who have indicated their desire to participate in the elections,

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Medvedev told what will not be on the 2012 election

Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin will not compete in the 2012 elections. This statement was made by the president in an interview published today the British newspaper The Financial Times. The meeting took place at the St. Petersburg forum, and the main topic of the interview actually was supposed to be the economy. But first question, that the journalist is not referred to the most unusual was Medvedev's plans for the future year.

His first page of the British The Financial Times interviewed than for instant theme. But stunned why, does not appear. Citations later sprawled on the global agencies,

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Poettering I urge the opposition to choose a single candidate

Society The representatives of the Belarusian opposition has not yet decided on the procedure of nominating a single candidate from the democratic forces in the upcoming presidential election. European experts attribute this to the change in the mood of opposition politicians more pragmatic, as well as the reluctance of consolidating.In an interview to "Deutsche Welle" German expert on Belarus Sean Martin notes that the opposition is not attached to the upcoming presidential campaign of great value and more work on their image in the future. Most opposition politicians to soberly assess the situation and does not expect to win this

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Grandmothers Belarusian independence

Society In March 2006, the second day of the tent city, we stood on the steps of the House of Justice, waiting for the fate of the first detainees while children, fathers, husbands. We were few — a few women — and no one knew what would happen. Have been with us and two grandmothers, one of those who often see at the rallies, and find out in person. They did not wait for anyone, just kind of human intuition led them to where they felt their place now.

Past us in building pragrukala many-armed, many-legged creature from the black

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He fell asleep on the combine, fell, and is now in intensive care

Society Review calls for August 2.

Pages in the official media these days filled pavedmlennyami on harvest reports about another rich harvest and samaadanay of farmers.

On harvest report in their call and listeners of Liberty — but on a completely different side of this company:

Man: "In the farm" Glory to labor "Dyatlovo district hired a minor. Worked until three in the morning, he fell asleep on the combine, has fallen and is now in hospital in intensive care in Dyatlovo!"

Man: "Tolochinsky district, SEC" Glorious. "We harvest is nearing completion: no salary, no pay — nothing. Unclear what

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For the opposition, the pro-Moscow candidate such as unacceptable as Lukashenko

Society "Western governments should understand that the Belarusian opposition prefers the values of patriotism to the short-term political calculations," — writes the American analyst Paul Govbl analyzing the electoral dilemma of the Belarusian opposition.

Yanukevich, chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front, said in an interview with the Russian newspaper "Novye Izvestia" that his party called on his supporters to intensify the fight against the strengthening of Russia, even if does their allies, Alexander Lukashenko, whom the Kremlin is attacking the last few weeks.

In a statement, the BNF states that "Europe and the United States during the campaign will

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Mogilev Democrats call to choose a single candidate

Society In Mogilev in the local community center "The Ring" was held today a regional conference of democratic forces. 59 delegates called her prominent opposition candidates for the presidency to unite and nominate a single candidate.

At a meeting of the Democrats of the region attended six of them — Yaroslav Romanchuk, Ales Mikhalevich, Alexander Milinkevich, Yuri Glushakov, Gregory Kastusyou and Vitaly Rymashevski. At the conference, delegates summed up the local council elections. Have rated their participation in them. Elected a new governing body of the coalition united democratic forces in the region — the Board. They included nominees

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