Genocide of Humanity (2012)

What is this movie? The fact that on the surface, so close and so obvious, but no one sees. The leaders of the so-called higher-level officials, have long since become of "public servants" servants of other forces, the purpose of which — the use of mankind in their own interests, with its stupefying and turning into a tool for their evil designs. Many people now reject his choice, because the level of their intelligence drops sharply.

And many believe that they make the choice, not even realizing that there is a chain of actions by the government, forcing them

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With only candidate does not agree. Took up the strategy for victory

Society Rada of the Belarusian intelligentsia at its next meeting on August 3 may be composed of the powers of a mediator to determine a single presidential candidate from the democratic community. And in the first half of August, the United Democratic Forces of Belarus will present its own "strategy for victory" in the elections.

Chairman of the Belarusian intelligentsia Vladimir Kolasa very concerned about the lack of concrete results:

Vladimir Kolos

"We do not hide the fact that the process is not nearly as much as I would like. And there is a big concern and

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Bagdonas: Minsk no NATO Information Center

Society Future presidential campaign in Belarus will not be easy. This was stated in an interview DELFI Lithuanian Ambassador to Belarus Edminas Bagdonas.

"I think it will be a very difficult time. I know that by law, elections must be held no later than the beginning of February, but when they are in fact, I do not know. Present situation, relations with Russia, statements on the one hand and the other I think that will have an impact on the final outcome of the election. most important that these elections were fair, open and adpavyadavali criteria of the OSCE.

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When can a presidential election?

Society According to the decree of Alexander Lukashenko extraordinary session of the House of Representatives is to open on September 7. Or assign this session date for the presidential election? Whether they take place in early December? What motives guided power, appointing the election date?Members: the chief editor of the online newspaper "Solidarity" Alexander Starykevich and political scientist Yuri Chausov.

Or assign this session date for the presidential election?

Valery Karbalevich"The official explanation of an extraordinary session on September 7 unconvincing. Like, urgently need to adopt the draft budget for next year to make changes to the Tax and

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Lukashenko wants to report

Society Man: "For the sake of the elections. He's always at this time passes. This self-promotion. Advertise election. They will be announced, possibly this year. In November and December."

Man: "Well, elections soon. And he wants to say something to that effect. And what exactly — I do not know. Time will tell. Pursues he, of course, some their interests."Man: "Soon will start the campaign — will treat this issue., You understand that there is not only steers Lukashenko, but also his team. She will do anything that might have a greater legitimacy to remain in power. And, most likely,

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When the King is not real

Since then the company when this idea sounded, it took almost 20 years, the Belarusian authorities are now quarreling with Moscow, which once reported, was not it more stubbornly and persistently than with other foreign "enemies." However, the remark Adamovich can suddenly be very relevant in the current Belarusian situation.

Until recently, for all the quarrels between Minsk and Moscow, Russia still considers Belarus and Lukashenko personally, as an ally, and also a variety of financial support has always recognized the right of the Belarusian leader to power. Since the confession was absolutely certain and indisputable, and it was

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Rendezvous in the dark watch online

Three guys and three ladies who are ready to start a new business, make your own choice specifically in the program. In order to find a more suitable mate, men and ladies strolling friend other on a date. But the most intriguing fact that the meetings take place in a dark room. After the participants have plenty filled with discussions in the dark, maybe even danced or played in entertaining game, it's time to choose. Right choice participants to help make the psychologist and painter. After how choice Representative reverse floor was done, each party sees his own team-mate

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The MPs will meet on September 7

Society An extraordinary session of the House of Representatives will be held on September 7. The corresponding decree was signed at number 364 Alexander Lukashenko.

The desire to hold an extraordinary session of the House of Representatives expressed on the last day of the spring session — June 30. Because they themselves can not assign an extraordinary session, the were forced to apply for permission to the head of state.

The agenda of the extraordinary session of the five points. Four of them relate to finance, and the fifth is formulated as follows: "Other questions if necessary." This item

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Rhizome Rod

Our embodiment in the manifest world — not that our lives, which we perceive as a certain linear sequence of events.

Being here in the phenomenal world (the world Reveal) is really determined by the image of Rod, the tree, the root of the rhizome, roots, who is only a thin twig on earlier branches. Moreover, each new branch (the root of the new branch) forms like its dimension, its tilt and bend the space in which new opportunities, new perspectives, new realities.

In fact, when we talk about the original Deity, which is called Rod, we need to

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Gulak: The government creates a climate of fear

Society The Belarusian authorities are deliberately creating an atmosphere of fear in the society on the eve of the presidential election campaign.

This was stated by chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak at the round table "The situation in Belarus on the eve medyyaprastory Presidential campaign: Realities and Prospects ", BelaPAN.

"Freedom of speech is necessary for the voter to consciously made the choice. However, the authorities are not interested. "

According to Gulak, limiting freedom of speech, applying repressive machinery, power create an atmosphere in the society in which "scared to be independent and active."

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