Appeal of the Belarusian public to the European Parliament

Society A number of Democratic politicians, as well as relatives of the arrested per share on the day of the presidential election on December 19, made an appeal to the deputies of the European Parliament on the situation in Belarus.

"For 16 years, both in Belarus dictatorship reigns. December 19, 2010 in Belarus took place the so-called presidential elections. The number of representatives of opposition parties who were allowed to enter the precinct election commissions, amounted to 0.25% of the total number of commission members. Independent observers were not allowed to monitor the vote count. On the few polling

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Decided that area?

Society On these issues in the "Prague accent" talk publicist Semen Bookchin and the head of the Internet publication "Belarusian Partisan" Pavel Sheremet.


Drakakhrust: On the eve of 19th of December, a leitmotif in many

politicians, journalists and even analysts was the idea that the election will be, of course, rigged, but "decides Area" and that "the 19th and never again." This magic formula is sound, even when the column of demonstrators in the evening of the 19th marched to the Government House.

Maybe forecast, or hope, and indeed has come true, and Piazza decided something?

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Supreme Court rejects appeal of the election results Kastusiou

Society The Supreme Court of Belarus rejected the appeal of former presidential candidate Grigory Kastusiou to review the decision of the Central Election Commission's recognition of the presidential election. In response, the politician who received today, says that the reason to open a case against the CEC not. Kastusyou: "What is written in the answer can hardly be explained by the judges themselves. C one side — recognizes that the election results can appeal through the Supreme Court, within ten days from the date of the election. This right is granted to the presidential candidates. And in the next sentence

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2010: YEAR

Society 2010 was one of the most information-rich in the history of our website, this year we were joined a record number of new readers. Presenting the results of the year, we offer you an overview of the materials that caught the viewers attention. TOP-2010 Video-2010

2010 in pictures

Belarus in the rankings — 2010

Election of the President. Online coverage

Area 2010

Video: Elections, Square, Square after

After the Plaza. Online coverage

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Azubalis: We suppress the pockets of democracy

Society The decision to further relations with Belarus with the European Union will take into account the "wrong actions" of the Belarusian authorities — said Minister of Foreign Affairs Audronius Ažubalis met with representatives of the Belarusian opposition in Vilnius.

"In fact the wrong actions of the Belarusian authorities are continuing, and the European Union will be account for this in the end of January, when deciding on future relations with Belarus — quoted Ažubalis of Lithuania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. — We will not be able to safely pull the plug on it, happened in Belarus on 19 December

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Washington: Possible new sanctions against Minsk

Society Deputy Press Secretary of the U.S. Department of State Mark Tovner said on January 6 at a briefing in Washington that the United States does not rule out the possibility of new sanctions against Minsk in connection with the post-election situation in Belarus.

"I think all options are open" — said Tovner on sanctions.

Tovner gave a briefing in connection with the scheduled meeting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the Belarusian human rights activists and U.S. Belarusians, which will discuss the crackdown after the presidential elections in Belarus.

"Dyarzhasakratar shares their concern about the recent Belarusian elections,

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When the lower classes can, but do not want to

Once again, most overflowing in Moscow last month — December. Weather in this matter — is not important, but we must admit that December we now have a warm — its role as a catalyst, of course, has played.

2010 was a "nationalist" — a chain of catastrophic events, murders in which victims are Russian, and murderers — the Caucasus, to the end of the year resulted in a storm of protest on Manezh Square. Well, then, year today was much more "liberal" and brought in as a new sign of a snow-white ribbon.

At any scale barricade

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If you do not stop, he would go to the polls-2015, for the election of 2020 …

The Company is little doubt that after the 19th of December, Alexander Lukashenko will maintain its absolute power in Belarus. But hardly anyone thought that the price of this saving would be so high.

Hundreds were arrested and beaten, house searches and confiscation, destruction of independent media … The four main contenders Lukashenko and many of his political opponents celebrated the New Year in the KGB prison, they face multi-year prison terms.

On this topic — almost all of the letters that we receive in these early days of the new 2011 year. Our listener Anna Paszkiewicz of Ivie

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German-Belarusian society: Freedom of opinion — it's not a crime

Society German-Belarusian society, the organizer of the international conference "Minsk Forum", addressed to the Belarusian authorities to immediately stop the violence and harassment of the opposition. German-Belarusian society demands the immediate release of all political prisoners. Chairman of the German-Belarusian society and the conference "Minsk Forum" Rainer Lindner said in this regard:

"Those arrested should be able to exercise their rights. That has been damaged, it is necessary to offer immediate assistance and medical care. "

German-Belarusian Society estimates the event on December 19 as a failure in the development of the country and in the rapprochement with

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The Chinese authorities have warned Putins friendship with America

As part of a U.S. anti-China principle, that Russia did not get to the side of his opponent's head

On the days of the main paper (more precisely, the official printed edition of the CPC Central Committee) China "People's Daily" published an analytical material on the development of the Russian economy. "What Putin's latest and sophisticated Russian Federation?" — Ask the leaders of China, worried about the prospects of the Russian Federation. According to their view, the country is faced with six major neuvvyazkami, conventional solutions are not. And, according to the views of Beijing, at Fishing season there is

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