Kastusyou the Supreme Court to contest the election results

Society Gregory Kastusyou filed in the Supreme Court of Belarus to reconsider the decision of the Central Commission on recognition of the presidential election. The statement contains a list of violations that have been committed by observers, members of election commissions and trustees candidates.

"I have no hope for a fair decision of the Supreme Court. Maybe my application is not even will be accepted for consideration. Nevertheless, I am convinced that apply to reconsider the decision of the CEC with the violations, I have to. A decision on my application will let the conscience of Belarusian authorities "- Said

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Quebec separatists against the economic crisis

September 4th in Quebec — the second largest population (nearly 8 million people.) And the first province in Canada by area — held parliamentary elections. If in recent years, the province governed by local Liberals, three times in a row wins the election, this time most of the vote won by the separatists — representatives of the "Parti Québécois» («Parti Quebecois»), which advocates for the separation of the province from Canada.

In the past, this party has twice suit referendum on separation: in 1980 and 1995. In the first plebiscite against the secession of Quebec voted 59.6% of the voters,

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Polish universities are willing to accept Belarusian students

Society About 50 Polish universities are willing to accept Belarusian students expelled from universities after the violent suppression of protests that began after the presidential elections in Belarus.This was stated by Minister of Science and Higher Education of Poland Barbara Kudrycka, According to Polish Radio abroad.

Kudrycka noted that this situation has occurred four years ago when, after the presidential elections in Belarus in 2006, 244 students were forced to go to Poland to continue his studies. At the same time, notes Ms. Kudrycka, after the presidential election of 2010, the number of Belarusian students who need to continue their

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The split society

All of the Company's policies concerned people (and politicization of society is very large) are interested in a simple question: how to actually votes won the election Lukashenko? And no answer to it. After canceling all independent mechanisms to identify public opinion. There was no pre-election opinion polls, that would be credible and were not part of the war by means of sociology. There was no independent exit polls, which were conducted according to the rules. In Minsk, in some parts of the observers have made a fair counting of votes of those voters who voted on December 19. There

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How would the West could help Belarus. But it will not help …

Immediately after the election of the Company, a journalist, a few years ago was deported from Belarus, has written an essay about the fiery Belarusian heroes who saved the honor of an area of the nation. But I share the enthusiasm of the text only in part. Belarusians words of admiration in his essay interspersed with curses and accusations against the West, especially Europe, which betrayed the Belarusian democracy left the Belarusian opposition and are cynical game with the dictator. About the author Russia said two or three sentences, they say Russia is not yet sleepy raskaturhalasya and language of

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Medvedev congratulated Lukashenko on his victory in the elections

Society Press Secretary to the President of Russia Natalia Timakova confirmed that Dmitry Medvedev congratulated Alexander Lukashenko on his election to the presidency.

"Given the officially published figures Belarus Central Election Commission, the report of the head of the Russian Central Election Commission Vladimir Churov on the conclusions of the observers, this letter was sent," — said Timakov. This is reported by all major Russian news agencies reported.

Earlier today, the message of congratulation Medvedev Lukashenko repeatedly appeared and refuted by various sources.


Russia, elections

In Moscow rallied for and against Lukashenko

Society Activists of the movement "Defense", "Solidarity", "Change" and "We" — only about 50 people — protesting the official results of the presidential elections in Belarus and demanded the release of Russian citizens detained during a crackdown campaign on December 19.

The protesters demanded that the Belarusian authorities to release the leader of "Malady Front" Dmitry Dashkevich, on whom a criminal case, and a citizen of Russia, Anastasia Rybachenka, which is serving 15 days in jail in Minsk. Also, according to the protesters, be released detainees in Belarus activists "Defense" Dmitry Ivanov and Maxim. The protesters chanted "Freedom Rybachenka Anastasia,"

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Tbilisi is concerned about the situation in Belarus

Society "Belarus — a member of Georgia. These relationships are very important to us. We strongly support the Belarusian sovereignty. "

According Bakeryi, "the current situation is worrying and Tbilisi hopes that those arrested in including Candidates will be released. "

"At the same time, it is important to continue the dialogue between Belarus and the EU, Belarus and the United States," said Secretary of the National Security Council of Georgia.

Officials in Tbilisi to still spoke about the presidential elections in Belarus carefully. It was expected that the position will be formulated after the announcement of the final

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What to do after the Plaza?

Society Well-known Belarusian makers and community leaders at the request of the "Freedom" talk about the causes and consequences of recent dramatic events in Belarus.

Marochkin: Lukashenko provokes resistance

Artist Alex Marochkin was a member of the regional election commission, he knows how rigged the vote. He was also a witness to the events on Independence Square in Minsk on December 19, personally rescued a woman who became ill during the Special Forces attack on the demonstrators. Mr. Marochkin decided for themselves that the results of the election, he does not recognize the attack on Vladimir Neklyaeva said the

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Victory announced. Where congratulations?

Society Belarusian Central Election Commission announced the final results of the presidential election. Tested another "elegant" victory of Alexander Lukashenko, who, according to official figures, scored almost 80% of the vote. The other nine candidates, according to the authorities, all have less than 13%. However congratulate Lukashenko to a fourth term of its foreign counterparts are not in a hurry. With the exception of some politicians with a particular reputation, who sent a telegram before today's wrap-up.

The day after the election, on December 20, the state news agency BelTA reported that to the head of Belarus received "hundreds

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