Nekljaev written on the ballot for election without Lukashenko

Society Nyaklyayeu voted at the polling station in a school number 54 on the solar street in Minsk.

Nekljaev made a number of statements regarding what These elections not free, people force were driven to vote early. Nekljaev reported that today detained him in the morning trustee Mikhail Pashkevich.

At its ballot Nekljaev flyamasteram wrote "For a new election without Lukashenko." Lukashenko Nekljaev deleted from your newsletter, noting that with this he spoiled ballot as well as the government made void These elections.

According Neklyaeva, "For the new election without Lukashenko" — it will be a new platform

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With the ballot boxes guarded by sloppy

Society Observers of the campaign "For Fair Elections — 2010" notice system error — in violation of article 53, paragraph 4 of the Electoral Code of the commissioners, the save function for early voting urns commissioned police officers.

By 221 of the 250 stations, observers of the campaign "For Fair Elections — 2010" recorded that from 14 to 16 am and from 19 pm to 10 am the next day box were under care of people who are not authorized by the legislation Republic of Belarus. Observers point out the facts, when, after the commission of the room where

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Foreign media: the first free elections under Lukashenko


ORF: the first free elections

That in Belarus elections are held, it is difficult to see, reports the Austrian broadcaster ORF. On the streets of Minsk and other Belarusian cities will see a few posters with the words "presidential elections on December 19." However, this is the first free elections during the rule of the country Alexander Lukashenko.

At this time, there was the usual censorship. On the contrary — every candidate had access to television, in the course of which had the opportunity to express their own opinion and to criticize the incumbent. While this is, of course,

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Observers have blocked telephone

Society The opposition politician Helen Skrigan said, "Freedom", which on Saturday night were disconnected incoming calls to office phone Party "Fair World" in Minsk.

This office has brought together representatives of the campaign "For Fair Elections" Sergei Kalyakin, Valery Uhnalou, Elena Skrigan. Turned off their mobile phones. Thus complicated coordination of observers presidential election.

"Those allegations of violations that we could get quickly, we get to later," — explained Elena Skrigan.

Tomorrow at 10 am and at the headquarters of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Avenue Masherova 8 in Minsk will host a press conference of the leaders

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Ethnic Poles in the Grodno region: We're fine, whoever governs

Society This was said in an interview with the German edition of the correspondence «Neues Deutschland" her companion — ethnic Poles in the Grodno region.

30-year-old businesswoman Grodno Natalia carries in his car German journalist to visit the mother — to the village, not far from Grodno. Speaking of elections, Natalia shows his skeptical attitude. They do not care about her. She herself is not very dependent on what is called the "system." Her seven year old daughter is in primary Polish school, where "there is no communist ideology or pioneers or Komsomol here celebrate Christmas and learn the

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Westerwelle expects the Belarusian leadership performance of democratic standards

Society On the eve of the presidential elections in Belarus Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle called for the implementation of democratic standards. According to him, the elections on Sunday will be "an important indicator of the future direction of the country."

Speaking in Berlin, he said:

"We expect the Belarusian leadership performance of free and democratic standards in the conduct of elections."

"Only with the progress of democracy, the rule of law and respect Human Rights possible improvement relations Minsk and the EU, "said German Foreign Minister.



Lidiya Yarmoshyna criticizes instructions ODIHR Election Assessment

Society Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Belarus said, meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE Kasym — Tokayev the instructions ODIHR Election Assessment are "nepragresivnymi" and substitute national legislation.

"There is a lot of paperwork that truly define the rules by which should live state, and, including, to hold an election. Unfortunately, these documents are often substituted for thorough instructions that create these or other agencies, in particular, the OSCE, "- said Mrs. Yarmoshina.

Now the international standards document provided by the ODIHR. "The last option on the I think, —

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Western observers: Lukashenko took care of everything

Society This conclusion makes observers influential German, Swiss and Austrian media.

According to Austrian edition "Oberösterreichische Nachrichten", all testify to the fact that tomorrow's presidential election supervisor, who is known as "the last dictator in Europe", will win again. Opposition politicians for the first time did not pursue before the election. The elections Lukashenko secured himself through pressure on the opposition with intelligence, through a mandatory compulsory voting public employees and lack of control. Not without criticism from the West, there have been some changes, but, as before, the opposition is able to control the election, only 5% of the

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Provocations less all the right opposition

Society TsigankovOn the eve of presidential elections in 2006, the then head of the KGB Stepan Sukharenko said the opposition is preparing a series of provocations, including going to throw dead rats in the water supply. In this election, at the beginning of the power of such statements did not. But over the last few days, statements about possible provocations by the opposition made by the head of the presidential administration Vladimir Makey and now — the chairman of the KGB. Why did the authorities do not maintain the "liberal" scenario?

Mushroom: Let me think, who needs provocation. Opposition

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On election — less than sports and weather

Society The Belarusian Association of Journalists has analyzed coverage of the campaign in the Belarusian media, electoral programs of candidates, and compared the Belarusian electoral realities with European standards.

BAJ is monitored 18 media — electronic and print, national, regional and non-governmental. The main conclusion that expert voiced BAJ Ales Antipenko: In the state-owned media attention is focused on only one candidate for president — Alexander Lukashenko.

"The time that gave him the state electronic media reached 90%. Alternative candidates or opposition candidates were represented much less — around 1%. "

Andrew Bastunets

Subject election does not become a

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