Opposition gathers observers in Night Watch

Society During early voting in the primary and regions will watch over 1500 pro-democracy activists. All of these pre-accredited observers from political parties, public organizations, and through the collection of signatures. As the opposition will observe the voting, refined regional correspondents of "Freedom."  

Gomel Oblast

At the 39 monitoring stations will be open around the clock

The Gomel region for observers conducted 14 special trainings. Education received more than 200 pro-democracy activists. This was announced by the regional coordinator of the campaign "For Fair Elections" Vladimir Katsora:

"We have already sent the first observers to the land. First of

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Eugene Myronovych: At the crucial moment the West is not provided Belarus with hands

Society This conversation with a professor at the University of Bialystok Eugene Mironovich we begin a series of programs that will make interviews with scholars, political scientists and policy-makers from Europe and America, to which Belarus has been in the past or continue to remain the object of professional interest and attention.

Eugene Myronovych (Eugeniusz Mironowicz) — Polish historian and political scientist, professor, ethnic Belarusians of Bialystok. Directs the Department of International Policy Institute of History at the University of Bialystok. Engaged in the research of ethnic minorities in Poland and Central Europe, the recent history of Belarus and international

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Do not go for early voting — means the session is not passed

Society Man: "Probably go to vote on election day. Prematurely? God knows, I can not say. Each has its own policy, it is like" raids "as say — then go vote. Said — went to vote, and did not go — the problem of what- then it will then be ".

Man: "Naturally, it is necessary to vote on election day, but as it is-ahead?"

Man: "From this anywhere. This is us, the workers, have the time — went to vote. A student, military — everyone can have their own problems. Those who depend on. Not go — so the

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Even today, December 13



Snow and freezing, icy places — a classic winter.


In Belarus arrive about 400 short-term observers from the OSCE presidential election. Will go to the polls on ballot (the day before the start of early voting), the police and internal troops will go on high alert.

In Brussels, will bring together ministers of foreign affairs of the countries belonging to the EU initiative "Eastern Partnership" is involved and the Belarusian delegation.


In Catalonia, the autonomous region of Spain, will be a referendum on the possible declaration of independence.


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Yet as a week to decide and choose

Society Or decided for whom you vote in elections? What influenced your choice? Meet people on the streets Ivatsevichy.

Mr."I still can not even tell you, and for whom I will vote.Yet after a week of time to decide and choose. "

Mrs., "Who will vote — it's not necessarily articulate.But I made my choice. I can say that I am satisfied with the existingleadership. "

Mrs."I will vote for Lukashenko. Believe that my well-being atrecently improved. I listened to the alternative candidates, but I do notlike the fact that they said. "

Mr."I will vote for the father.

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In Krasnoyarsk Ski Track of Russia was attended by more than 5,000 residents

In Krasnoyarsk "Ski Track of Russia", which was held on Saturday, February 11, was attended by over 5000 citizens. Sports Day this year was held in support of the Krasnoyarsk as a candidate city to host Universiade-2019.

Sporting event was called "Good choice!". Krasnoyarsk and guests were presented to winter sports, which can enter into the program of the World Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk. In addition to those species which are already mandatory in the program of the upcoming Student Games could potentially get freestyle skiing, Nordic combined, winter orienteering, hockey, north-round, winter triathlon, jumping ski jumping,

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Over Vitebsk again waved the national flag

Society On Saturday late evening aazytsyyaner Boris Khamaida national symbol seen on the street Zelenagurskay in Vitebsk. However uranni when he went there with a camera, white-red-white flag, fixed on the heating duct, was not there.

Boris Khamaida says that the flag could see not only the late passers-by, but the railway passengers who were traveling at night from Vitebsk in the direction of Orsha.

From reliable sources, the opposition knows the contents of the note that elusive Myron attached to the flag. In it — again warning about the dangers of the election and call for a

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Dzikavitski: 19th Election night watch on Belsat

Society On December 10, International Human Rights Day marks the third anniversary of independent broadcasting channel "Belsat". Guest "Night of Freedom" — the head of editorial information programs "Belsat" Dzikavitski.

Hanna SousAlex, what are the three main achievement of "Belsat" in three years?

Dzikavitski: Since I am the head of editorial information programs, for me of course the main achievement is that we have a stable network operators and journalists. The fact that we go out every day, and our program lasted, and we started from three minutes, and now our newscast "lens" stretches as much as 25

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Former pro-governmental observer D.Nyahay: How to falsify elections

Society A former employee of the district executive committee, Dmitry Maladzechna Let addressed an open letter to the public, revealing the mechanism of the rigged elections in Belarus. Mr. May was for many years an observer at the election of the President, the House of Representatives and local councils, and constantly received special instructions about the surveillance. What is the pro-government surveillance?

By Dmitry let in the function of pro-government observers include:

First, the "assistance" to precinct election commissions in getting the results you vote — in other words, the "exit" to bring the interest rate; secondly, observation

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Only in Belarus need permission to exit polls

Society License to conduct exit polls in the presidential elections in Belarus have three organizations: the analytical center "Ekoom" Belarusian Committee of Youth Organizations and the company «TNS-Ukraine". Or they tried to get permission from the authorities to the exit polls independent sociological service? Is there such a practice licenses, permits in neighboring countries?In Belarus, permission to conduct sociological research in the election gives a special committee of the National Academy of Sciences. Website CEC published a list of nine polling agencies that are authorized to conduct surveys on the election. Special license for exit polls were only three companies.

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