Elections in Moldova: continued political stalemate

Society On the last Sunday in Moldova held early parliamentary elections. According to preliminary data, the Alliance for European Integration has strengthened its position slightly, but hardly enough to choose the president. The results of the elections will not solve the situation of political deadlock, for which they were held.For the third time in 2 years in Moldova held parliamentary elections. On the basis of processing 95% of the vote can be said that the Communists have lost a little representation in parliament: they had 49 seats out of 101, will now have forty-fourth unit "Our Moldova", which was part

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What will remain of the election?

Company's unlikely that I'll get a secret if I say that the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko will remain. This conclusion is not only predispose general considerations, but also the course of the election campaign: the ratings show quite tolerant of, say, the level of electoral support for his opponents, the manifestation of November 24 — rehearsal Square, demonstrated the limitations of mobilized street support alternatives.

So the question is, in my view, is not whether there will Lukashenko and

The question is not whether there will Lukashenko and Lukashenko will remain.

Lukashenko remains, what changes Belarus, thanks to

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What have the candidates' speeches?

Society Participants: analyst Leading, chief editor of the online newspaper "we" Cyril Pozniak and the head of analytical projects BelaPAN Alexander Klaskouski.


Cyril Pozniak

Alexander Klaskouski

Valery Karbalevich What general impressions of the speeches of candidates?

Valery Karbalevich"The beginning is the most dangerous for the government during the election campaign speeches of the candidates on television and radio, and in the air. What is the overall impression of these shows? "

Leading"While these actions do not look like a threat to the authorities, as well as a positive thing. TV undresses policy. There's nothing to hide. The power of

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Imitation elections — it's better than nothing

Society Our listener shared his opinion about the time on the radio speeches of candidates.

"I live in the area of" Khrushchev ", home to the elderly. Today, out into the yard, which shows the window of eight houses. The time was 6:30 am this time speeches of the candidates for president. Among the hundreds of dark windows lights were only single. Substantially all of the elderly population in this time sleeps. And in the evening, from 19 th to 20 th — time series, which has already got used, you do not want to miss a single series.

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Khamaida special forces detained

Society Vitebsk opposition went to campaign for a boycott of the elections with a banner: "No legitimate Constitution does not present a legitimate election result."

In the center of Vitebsk opposition stood for about an hour. Later, Special Forces soldiers arrived and ordered the roll poster. Boris Khamaida refused, then the police accused him of insubordination and taken to the police department of Vitebsk Railway.

November 21 Boris Khamaida and member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Jan Dzyarzhautsau also went to the center of Vitebsk, calling for a boycott of the elections. Then they were arrested and sentenced Khamayda

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While not a dress rehearsal, and the holiday disobedience

Society Tsigankov: On October Square called to come in their two televised presidential candidate — Vitaly Rymashevsky and Nikolai Statkevich. Perhaps to be expected that this call will respond more to people than the ones near the thousands of people who took part in this action. In your opinion, possible rate this rehearsal?

Klaskouski: Just the rehearsal Square, this action does not pull as corny was not enough participants. But the action was a success as the next "holiday disobedience." People marched from October Square to Independence Square, pamityngavali even on the steps of Government House — have not had

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In Talachyn spent rehearsing elections

Society The Vitebsk region have begun training for the members of election commissions. They were taught how to count the votes, and how to deal with bullies and how to deal with the media.After staging certain situations commission members were taught how to act in case of force majeure circumstances: for example, if your site appears drunk bully, or a citizen wants to vote other countries, or members of the press will want to take photos of the electoral process. In the latter case, by the way, it is recommended to give permission, but only for a few shots, and

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The European Parliament adopted a resolution on free and fair elections in Russia

The European Parliament recognized the election RF unfair. Representatives of the European Parliament voted in favor of the resolution on the presidential elections in RF, a comprehensive analysis of what claimed irregularities during the election process, report Economic News

MPs expressed regret over the fact that the candidates were clearly disadvantaged, the voters did not have a free choice, according to the website European Parliament. In turn, the new president Vladimir Putin called on MPs to soften the tone in dialogue with the opposition and to begin an "open and honest dialogue."

According to the views of European Parliament,

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Khamaida unexpectedly released from detention

Society After yesterday, he was sentenced to five days for organizing a picket calling for boycotting the elections, a decision the prosecutor's office appealed the district court Railway. Vitebsk opposition leader says he did not appeal to the prosecutor.

On Boris Khamaida, exemption from arrest was unexpected: he was visited by members of the temporary detention, where he was serving his sentence, and read out the decision of the regional court. From this document it is understood that the regional prosecutor's office on his own initiative protested yesterday's decision of the district court judge Railway Helena Tsygankova. And the Regional

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Monitoring BAJ: Elections remain marginal

Society The Belarusian Association of Journalists has reported the second stage of monitoring Belarusian electronic and print media in the coverage of presidential elections in Belarus.

The monitoring covers the period of the election campaign, when authenticates signatures for potential candidates, as well as registration presidential candidates.

The main findings of the media monitoring:

In the state of electronic and print media theme of the presidential election remained marginal, despite the fact that some media have increased their attention to it.

The overall picture coverage of the campaign was also not significantly changed. Its main actors were the incumbent president,

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