Birth of a tandem-Sannikov Nekljaev

Society "We Sannikov agreed to coordinate in order to win the elections," — said the head of the journalists'Tell the truth"Nyaklyayeu."Primarily joint fight against fraud and agitation, international activities. There will be further consolidation, "- said the coordinator of" European Belarus " Andrei Sannikov.

He added: "We do not consider the possibility of removing one in favor of another. We are for the implementation of a strong company. "

Written agreement of co-ordination is not. Sannikov and Nekljaev said signed a friendly agreement.

They said that the joint actions aimed at the removal of Alexander Lukashenko from power and victory

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Grybauskaite wants Lukashenko won

Society Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite said that the victory of Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential election would help ensure stability and would limit the influence of Russia in the post-Soviet countries. Agency reported Reuters, citing diplomatic sources.

The statement reflects the views Grybauskaite in some European capitals that the continuation of the Lukashenko regime, despite the poor record on democracy and human rights, is still better than the expansion of Russian influence — writes Reuters.

On Reuters, Lithuanian President at a meeting with EU ambassadors in Vilnius this month said that the victory of Lukashenko is more desirable.

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I do not want transparent ballot boxes because they do not want transparent elections

Society Mr."I do not know, why do not they want. Perhaps, the additional cost to the state. I'll vote for me there is no difference where to throw — in a transparent or closed. "

Mrs."I think they want to make it invisible to their lies — who's there and what will be done."

Mr."Apparently, there's a reason. Glass urns are, if someone has doubts. I believe that the normal and glass. "

Mr."Perhaps you could not see the public as currently vote. It is necessary to have everything in sight. "

Mr."The authorities, led by Alexander G., playing

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Kastusyou in Shklou, Michalevic in Moscow, Rymashevski going to Paris

Society Engaged than November 11 possible candidates for president?

Gregory Kastusiou Wake found in Mogilev, where BPF nominee for president gather information needed to submit a package of documents to the CEC. After Mogilev Gregory Kastusyou going to go to his native Shkloŭ: there he stayed checks "Property", the number of which is necessary to specify in the declaration. Does not prevent the election of collection of papers?

"For me the biggest problems have arisen, because I have everything clear. Declaration of income will apply for himself, for his wife and son, and my two daughters live separately

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The formation of election commissions: Progress or familiar scenario?

Society Participants: Head unregistered human rights center "Viasna" Ales Bialiatski and lawyer Vladimir Labkovich.

Valery Karbalevich

Ales Bialiatski

Vladimir Labkovich

The results of the formation of precinct election commissions

Valery Karbalevich: "European politicians have pointed out that members of precinct election commissions will be one of the tests of the Belarusian democratic elections. And here they are formed. At the precinct election commissions have included 183 members of opposition political parties, representing approximately 0.25% of the total number of their members. Li Belarusian authorities have passed the test for democracy? "

Ales Bialiatski: "There have been minimal changes for

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Georgia: a point or a comma?

Yesterday at 20 pm in Georgia over the vote in parliamentary elections. If the last election (2008) overcame the party "United National Movement", in today's elections involving 14 political parties and two blocks, and Bidzina Ivanishvili already considers himself a winner. Speaking at a meeting a few days back, he announced"We have already defeated. Victory only need to make. "

"This regime is necessary to put an end" — said at the last election rally in Tbilisi favorite opposition coalition "Georgian Dream" Bidzina Ivanishvili. The rally was attended by 100 thousand people.

Billionaire Ivanishvili, smogshy thought of the latest to

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White-headed Duck yes Grisha: I go to the polls



White-headed Duck:I go to the pollsIn beautiful sviteryI, Popov and Ford —We go to the polls.

Grisha:I go to the pollsIn facebook, twitterLet indicate nick:I went to the polls.

White-headed Duck:Ghawar me Sidorov"In 100 grams of electionsWe would drink nyaploha.We do not have Kinder. "

Grisha:I go to the pollsIn the middle of the crowds.Nepotism and bribery …Say "No!" Dictator.

White-headed Duck: Elections burybury …Where Popov, where Sidorov?In the eyes of hyperboleExcess etat letters were.

Grisha:I go to the polls.Choosing a leader …Oh, what am I going?Before the election is still more than a month!

White-headed Duck:Elections

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The Georgian authorities, bad Our homeland will win the election

Not far off the parliamentary elections in Georgia, and so the voices coming out of this very odemokratizirovannoy Washington former Russian Republic, becoming louder. Vociferous Georgian authorities, realizing that in future elections may fail miserably, use old, but tried and tested method that looks something like this: if you can do positive things to discover on the part of the electorate by economic units, then you should look for the enemy, so that the electorate this enemy scare. You can just guess who the Georgian authorities to scare people of their own country. The list is the same: the Abkhaz

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This is not an election — is a fraud

Society Mrs."No movement, no. We see no alternative candidates. We do not know the names, do not know these people. Other than one name, can not see anything. "

Mr."I saw that the signatures were collected. No one no one interfered. Everything was normal. As long as no one speaks of the contenders. I can not hear them, and I do not see. "

Mr."I did not see any activity on the part of those who choose, either by the Commission. Do not feel them. All have long defined, everything is clear: Alexander G. will continue to rule. "


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Language ultimatum officials realized

Society A few weeks ago, residents of a house in the village of vasmikvaternaga Malech sent a statement to the executive committee with Berezovsky requirement to solve the problems of their community. If the requirements are not resolved until December 19, people threatened to boycott the elections. Repair work began, but not all done.

The very next day after, as the inhabitants of the house number 36 on the street in the village Soviet Malech sent an ultimatum to the local authorities, there were workers housing, which carried out work to repair sewer. About this says a resident of

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