Save a choking city with "Sea Tree" …

Save a choking city with "Sea Tree" save the planet …

Dutch architect Koen Oltius Waterstudio.NL developed a way of increasing the green areas in cities. He created the "Sea Tree," which will improve air quality in urban areas and become a haven for the wildlife. Design can be placed in the river, lake or coastal cities.

The shape of the tree is similar to the rig. According to the author, the project sponsor can be a major oil company, expressing thus part in greening the environment.

To implement the project does not require the commissioning of expensive urban land.

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Residents complain of Light smell of hydrogen sulfide


7.06.11.V edition TV2 news agency received a message from the people pos.Svetly.

"Hello. Help, please. Bright village for 2 weeks choking on the smell. It is simply impossible to breathe. People have increased pressure, allergies to tablets. Unbearable smell "- wrote us villagers.

As we were informed by the head of the territorial department of Agriculture Svetlenskogo Vladimir Makarov, the problem for more than 20 years.

"Right next to our village are large enterprises — Mezheninovskaya poultry and pig farms. Winter scents from these enterprises hinders frost. Now is the summer, it is hot outside, and so the "load"

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Non-allergic asthma

Called non-allergic asthma, growing without contact withsome allergen. More often than non-allergic asthma occurs on an underlying airway diseases. Patients and their relatives are usually no propensity to allergies.

The causes of non-allergic asthma:

chronic airways infection (chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, maxillary sinusitis, etc.). Asthma attacks are the result of acute or acute exacerbation of chronic inflammation of the respiratory system. Even between attacks in most patients cough persists. Some patients first attack choking occurs after a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, including influenza, and sometimes the disease in such situations becomes very hard for. Neuropsychiatric load.

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