Easter — when love overcomes everything, even death …

Woman: "That we prazdnichek? For us it is, for sure, new discoveries in our soul. Preparing for prazdnichkom: post-Thursday, Friday, Saturday — certainly."Lady: "We waited and waited for a whole year. For us, for pensioners it is very prazdnichek large. Try to fulfill all the commandments of God. "Youth"It prazdnichek in the soul of every believer. He Tipo itself undergoing all the experience of Christ and feel the significance of this action. "Reporter: "What do you first Easter mean? How do you prepare for it, how will you celebrate? "Woman: "paint eggs, bread bought tomorrow will sanctify. Now I wish

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Belarus celebrate the Resurrection of Christ

The temples have been solemn worship, and in every church in the afternoon the celebratory procession.

"All I wish for you happiness, joy and abundant grace of the risen rescuer. Risen Christ: Christ is risen! Christ is Risen!"I talk with people who came to the procession and the first morning Mass:Reporter: "Why did you come so early in the church?"Lady: "We come every year — so we have a tradition. Our fathers walked, and we go. "Reporter: "What do you prazdnichek this?"Lady: "Greatest prazdnichek" the most fundamental. "Guy: "Very much reverence soul when we go when the bells toll. It

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This is a unique event in the history of mankind

In the book of Genesis is a story of the patriarch Abraham, as he at one point in syadev own tent in the heat of the day, and suddenly saw 3 pilgrims that approached him. He quickly ran out to meet them, saying, "My lord, if I found favor in thy sight, then pray, not mine thy servants. Suppose that bring water to wash your feet for you and Supachai under the tree. I bring bread to you refreshed and later go for myself because of the fact you went to your servant "(Rhode 18:3-5). In fact, it was the

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Christmas: What are we celebrating?

With the second half of November everywhere feel the pre-Christmas bustle. See and hear the annoying commercials, Christmas trees everywhere, "Nikolai" sound carols. I understand — at what time live. I read that rabies Christmas purchases yielded even further cultural Japan. Reconciled with the fact that in England, so as not to offend believers of other religions, is discussed seriously question that, that at the official level completely abolish the very title Christmas and replace it with "Snezhanskim celebration" (December celebration). I understand that in response to the demands of the local rabbi, so close to the Christmas tree at

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To the sources of Russian dissident: Andrew Kurbskii correspondence with Ivan the Terrible

Andrew Kurbski

FIRST MESSAGE Kurbski Ivan the Terrible

Diploma Kurbskii sovereign king of Lithuania

King, preproslavlennomu from God, but even more so in the Orthodox yavivshusya Most Bright, now for the sin of having found our soprotivnym. Razumevyay him understand conscience lepers haves, Jacob, neither is acquired in a godless town. And more than all of this glagolati on a number of not wasting my language, but for the sake of persecution pregorchayshago of thy power, and many of the sorrows of the heart potschisya little izreschi minute, about the king.

Mail, the king broke the Strongest in

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Minions of Satan: the Jews — an absolute evil. From the book by Jean Delumeau — Horror in the West.

XV century engraving depicting the scheme Jews of ritual murder of a Christian child Simon of Trent. The artist has signed the name of every Jew and portrayed the infamous signs — round yellow patches.

2. The role of religious theater, preachers and baptized Jews

Religious theater, at least in the cities, has been a powerful tool of anti-Jewish catechism. Mysteries and morality, especially in the XIV and XV centuries. Give viewers plenty of reasons to hate or ridicule Jews. The charges against them are particularly common in dramas about Christ. The Israelis appear in the foreground in

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A week ago, went to a wonderful place in the mountains — Arhiz. Arhiz … What lies behind this name? In the forested mountains of the Western Caucasus stretches fan uniquely beautiful gorges, leaving a snowy ridge of the Greater Caucasus mountain range. With sky-high peaks and glaciers flow down crystal streams and rivers. Some of them are not in a hurry: the blue eyes of lakes they have long considered the broken world of the wild cliffs. Others, impatient, just hang in the gorge tinkling waterfalls. Gathered at the bottom, not stopping, run them through alpine meadows

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Weeping Virgin Mary warns




And she says the language of the Bible and the anti-globalization

Melor Sturua

Statue of Virgin Mary in Bethlehem, injured in a shootout between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

The nuns of the Order of the daughters of Charity in Bethlehem saw the weeping Virgin Mary. This

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A criminal case against a clairvoyant




In the police department of the Perm region opened a criminal case against Elena Alexeyevna Boyko, a resident of Ukraine. Since June last year, she said, sounding like a fortune-teller Christ, offered to residents of Kama occult services — divination, the removal of damage, fortune-telling, etc.


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Tomorrow morning — the end of the world?

Apocalypse Code in our

At least it is sure of the California preacher Harold Camping, hung with the entire capital billboards "The Lord is coming on May 21." President and general manager of both the religious media companies FRN («Family Radio") has calculated the time between the Crucifixion and the Second Coming of the Savior. Received exactly 722,500 days, the last of which just comes tomorrow. Personally, I am much closer to another "prophecy", according to which the world of the resurrection of Christ to the end of the world will stand for exactly 2000 years and ended his

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